Positive And Negative Advcie

In this topic, we will be talking about positive and negative thinking

Positive is a word that everyone used to say. It also a word but not just a word it also a way we think about positive though in our brain sometimes it can be like I don't for an argument sake let say positive make you think more of the good side is where we all think of something positive achievement it could be like I achieved something really positive in the way dealing with someone behaviour or dealing with complaint positive feedback is a good sign if you had a complaint but that can be negative but also it can be  achieved so much been so you done the right about it by staying calmer so you don't lose your placement one job loss so yes it is all can be negative when something start going wrong way with the complaint but of course you have achieved solved the matter issue as well so don't think that complaining or someone complaining about something they are not happy to think of how well you are doing when solving something really negative for a reason negative is bad thing but when the issue solved it turn around your achievement to positive let me take further on a positives good side of thinking so below is the different things that everyone is going to be thinking positive for many reasons.

1, Thinking positive is a sign of very well done in anyway of achieved so much in your own lifetime  it is very biggest things for all of used to start achieved positive things in life wherever you achieved solving issue outside of the community or indoors solving it  calmer way makes you feel so much better happy the stress will go away afterwards.

2, Postive is also good thing when you think about getting something solved it also make me feel good when I achieved something in life not achieved life at all I am always going to be achieved all the time when that makes me feel positive news  when I solved something achieving it very well indeed that what positive achievement went when achieved something really good that makes you proud of yourself for it.

Let me give you many things that will make many of us who can be achieved it well let me tell you by the image  so this is a  girl angry but have behaviour issue this is how I could deal with girls boy behaviour so one best things about dealing with challenge behaviour is that you will have to think about wherever you going to be achieved it by staying calmly or are you going to be getting the same state angry frustrated stress my idea which is sensible idea is dealing with challenge behaviour is by.
Staying calm you will be able to think that staying calm will not lose your job if the keeps going on with challenge behaviour then the one thing is that give then 5-minute warning  will be kept  understand why they got the five minute warning also it is hard when getting stress frustrating about kids behaviour is it I completed understand that challenging behaviour is hard than dealing with it calmly but strategic  techniques  will be able to give you idea what I will teach you without having to be stress about this I have very good understanding when you do not know how to deal with challenge behaviour so you can be proud f doing this yourself without you getting to the point where you lose it then that all you lose your job or you lose your plots  because you have done something that breaks the law in the country.

List of things that you can do in the way that I deal with behaviour when I was at Mencap volunteering.

When kids start to play up or call names to each other this what I think about my volunteering work as well as thinking how shell I deal with it well this what I did in the very positive way not negative.

Staying calm 

Staying strong 

Stick up for yourself 

be brave to deal with the behaviour 

Tell them do not call each other name other wire's that is been a nasty rude horrible thing for you to be calling another person names so I said stop it right now you are not been nice I said well what are saying to him something you are saying to that kid if I hear any more of this bad name calling I will not be joking I will say stop calling that person name I mean it right now stop calling names it not taking you anywhere so that how I keep thing steady and nice and calmly easy to think I have achieved that by keeping myself calm while that person is been calling names so you can see why I have best ways best to challenge someone behaviour it not just about how stress you can have little bit angry stress emotionally not raising it higher off the ground that is not the way I think about stress goes higher to 100% anger more than lower anger stress but telling you are making em angry when you call someone names.

But when you think about achieved that in positive you say do you what I learned something very strange I can't believe it that I kept myself calm while someone is angry or having  temper tantrum so I said well do  to myself for been very strong about it as well been calm about it then even I know that challenge behaviour is good thing when ou main calm no losing your own jobs or volunteering work placement it shows that you are doing well with the ways that I can cope with kids anger or temper or tantrum paddy  so I keep myself calm it was making me feel so less stress angry when I keep myself calm dealing with something to be proud of dealing with it calmly nicely feeling like yes I dealt with it very calmly not angry lashing out at the kids you can lose your work placement or volunteering work placement that how I can control myself than I every done before that I deal with challenge behaviour as well.

But also with challenge someone behaviour if they are not facing mental health cancer anything you name all part of life everybody to have to face every single day every year affecting the world affect our lifestyle so let get back to the challenge when I was around about 18 years old I challenge little youngster at Midlands Mencap but their name has changed to midlands enterprise hub  very well indeed enough to say. I am so proud of myself I didn't hit someone I didn't shout or scream at them I didn't tempted to yell at them at all staying calm while waiting for the behaviour stop if they are not faces mental health affect behaviour then it will call on  behaviour affect behaviour if they not facing anything they need to express to someone about it so yes behaviour affect behaviour when you think about it and  give yourself a minute to say well that is strange behaviour affect behaviour which okay then if that the case if behaviour affect behaviour which means that it time for take of when the behaviour does start turning into nasty behaviour but remember calmly has you do it will make you feel better when you start achieved something behind the behaviour side of things when kids young adult playing up so that all from me but we will now look into other things that is positive things.