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( 500,000 Kids Have Autism )    

Hello, my name is Ashley, I am the real truth expert and plan to be going into schools and college's supporting the establishments with the correct training in relation to 'Autism/ADHD. 

Talking about the correct education,  we all need education but we also need to raise awareness with the different kinds of school problems for someone living on the autistic spectrum.  The main aim for this programme is to offer the right training to the designated education facility this is what I am here for. I will offer advice and support quite thoroughly due to living with Autism myself and help raise awareness to the problems that can arise for someone living on the autistic spectrum. Offering advice to teachers, pupils, support workers and the general public. I have a variation of activities currently in place to offer this support, such as: Blogs/video diaries/website(currently under construction  LinkedIn and Facebook fan pages along with a twitter account.

Throughout my life I have struggled in dealing with my autism and have been placed many times within different education facilities, never truly having the main issues/problems correctly dealt with. I am now 25 years old, living in residential care and have learned a great deal about living with my autism and now feel that I can offer advice and support so others on the spectrum don' have to go through the same as I did. We are all entitled to an education, so lets get the truth out there so 'EVERYONE' understands on how to live and learn from autism!!!

Over the past several years I have had lots of struggles in my life with  living comfortably, dealing with issues at home, in schools and even at times dealing with the general public. Things have improved now I'm currently living in residential care - It has been hard adjusting over the years but I feel that I have improved my life a great deal.

Every child  has the right to be educated, this doesn't mean that everyone in the world needs to be sent home for no reason highlighting negative behaviour! They still have the right to be educated, everyone has their ups and downs - but someone living with autism can have various issues,  
educated  kids and professional people may operate the simplest of tasks that someone living with autism would  struggle hugely in doing.

Over the years in my personal experiences, I have found it very frustrating that understanding my needs hasn't been met in schools, colleges, home life and other various walks of life. This is where my 'Real Truth' programme will take full effect, hopefully going into different establishments and offering training and support in relation to Autism and ADHD to staff/pupils and anyone that wants to learn the difficulties that someone living on the autistic spectrum goes through.

The real truth about autism in schools will offer an effective insight into challenging behaviours of children in school's, and what can I do? Offer a better understanding of autism and how to cope/manage people on the spectrum correctly, this it to include:  Teacher,  Headmaster or College Principal as well as pupils with my main goal to leave no stone unturned...the general public will know, THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT AUTISM'

Thinking about the real world and what I am going to say to every teacher about autism! Ashley Davis is here to offer understanding about different facts with living on the autistic spectrum and one of the most important things in your child's life in education! just below are the answers to autism issues affecting school kids behavioural problems in the education setting. The general autism moments  that everyone will go through in their lifetime, the real expert is now rolling in tons of information about my story and how I have coped with past experiences.

Hey teachers lets talk about the four reason that kids will start  having problems with their behaviour and why you can't manage. I will now give you the truth about the real side of their behaviour issues and there is very good reason that kids will start misbehaving in the classroom and outside, below are keywords that's essential in dealing with their behavioural problems.

some kids will have bad feelings, creating anxiety leading then to poor behaviour.

  The reason you might hear lots of swearing and bad language, is that they have a problem that they can't pick up correctly and it might be a harder task for them causing reasons for bad behaviour to occur.

1. If there a health issue that might be the cause of them to react to their condition not because they are just not doing what they not been told or they might not understand what can affect their bad behaviour in some ways another just like me and my name is Ashley Davis and I had a few problem that I really do like to share my story to the world and it very nice to teachers and other to understand what my behaviour can cause me to lose my anger towards the public some time it can affect  my body issue and also it can comes on a massive challenge for me to understand about my health issue that never cord on my own problems in the year. 

let's talk  now about my health issue and why I have been through bad difficult times which some words are going to affect  your kids school life not been in the world and think about how I feel in the last few past months  and I am wondering if  ever teachers are going to believe what your school kids going to go through a hard lifetime facing their behaviour in school environment health issue and having the effective ways to deal with that health first before taking   anger towards school kids or colleges student life  so let me tell you few keywords about my health issue and its nothing like a bad horrible shocking news that I have to put up with all this life stressing out and frustrating  time of the year. Here are some keywords for everyone to understand this truth about autism affecting to all kids across the UK and across other countries school teachers. 

1. Bodies can some time course some bad reaction on the school kids health and it can make them to lose so anger without having a single heart attack some kids will have problems with blocked systems in their bodies which I can't say no more that that because I might put of everyone life miscible as I accept to be unhappy people out there so that is one of the things kids might be having problems with their own life's  behaviour with  bodies issue that cause  them to misbehave and send home without parent permission of their education.  

2. My body is very annoying and very frustrated and that also course kids to lose their temper because of their health issue always course some people problems and there for that teacher needs to understand that kids are there to be good in lessons but if the school teacher not been trained to understand about the health issue that causes them to lose their temper then well I am very power node about that then teacher and colleges teachers.  So think before you ending up shouting at the kids behaviour think about their bodies reaction and their bodies might be  making them to lose their own anger towards the classroom rules.   

3. What if I was a school kid but no I am a adult but if I was back to square one again and I had a problem which I didn't realizes that I been told by my NHS  hospital has been saving my life so badly after I been explaining to them what was courses me to lose my temper anger which is the same whole thing   and if I was back to the bad life stressful time then you might thinking  that NHS does not helped me then I will be back to the threaten life and also I will be back to normal colleges that didn't cater for my special needs without one to one support with a member of a staff with me supporting me all around the place and helping me out bit better in life future no they won't be there to supported me at all specially when something didn't pick up and didn't pick up with my stories life telling the world about this issue might be courses me to not have the right education instead sending me home for no reason other people think before you are going to send your kids home without education need to be important to every kids have the right to learn there have the right to be teach by the teacher in school or colleges. 

I am going to go further onwards with the health issue which might be causing school kids to lose their temper lot more last year since 2002 /  2003 / 2004 / 2005 /  2006/  2007/  2008 /  2009 / 2010 /  2011 /  2013 /  2014 all the way through the kids hard lifetime especially me but how well let not think about the past month  let think about what teacher could  do without losing anger towards the kids behaviour shall we talk about the first health issue yes we will. 

Tonight is the night when I am going to talk  all about the real truth about the autism everyone get really excited about this year is going to be the real truth about the autism and I meaning what can I say about the real truth about real truth about the autism in school and college kids life not been going to be affected school or college kids in bad state and when it comes to the real truth about autism I have to tell you that you are going to be shocked about my real bad story that I will now share with you about the autism. 



This is a image of a boy getting very frustrated and this what I went through because of the college I went through was not listening to me secondly there are not professional but unprofessional training lacking down of training in the college which is a residential college you now who I am talking about and I will not say there names other things will go bit further anyway people. Sometimes what makes me very annoyed is my skins and I had a bad skin reflection issue with my health and what that means my skin was ripping of skins and it really is very scary when you think about the itching skins and what can teacher to do about that, yes teacher you need to start learning about the truth about the itching skin is very annoying than anything else in the world that might be affecting kids health and their behaviour issue.

I will say this I have to have 3 time of shower and longer shower for my own health risk body issue skin problem and each time my body start to each day  is that your school kids might have sometime your hair get very greasy and it  can affect their behaviour problems in between their attraction.  but there is a very professional expert name Ashley Davis who is going to give the tips and tricks about those bad feeling that kids might be facing big time in the year and some time it get very hot and warm and stuffed shell I say about that outside of the room or outside in playgrounds some time my hair always getting me down and losing my temper all this bad lifetime I have to put with 24/7  7 days week all through the month of the year if you understand about that there is some  fab ways to helped your kids to go back to normal good kid and your kid will be lot more better about their health issue anyway teacher if you just think about sending some home but don't send them home because they are nutty just explained to them that they are going to be home to sorted out their health issue and if I been home since 6 and 9 months then that is not my own fault from.

 Losing my own rake  towards the student at my own old college last year ago anyway teachers think before anything else get out of hand with the school kids been there.  How annoying when you think about the word called itching skin then what is the matter with the kid on the image making himself fill bad because of the anger and temper and frustration he is facing because it not he's behaviour what is the word teacher kids are having trouble time to get angry with their skin problem and all this health issue has been getting the kids b down to the bottom of their anger and wished there are likely to not missed behaviour they are likely to get angry and very power mode because of their skin  problems and there health issue let faces teacher are angry could that kid going to be if he is not been supported in the right school because of the biggest problem that names to be no one is going to support that kids health problems at all are they no Ashley I agree with all the things you gone through wasn't making thing better but making thing worse like hell in one hell good day not bad hell day shell I say teachers. 

So let take some keywords from my own good  advice experts about the autism truth way of it teachers. 

1.  is your kids been through one of those horrible feeling about the way kids not been treated the way they should be treated in the first place could you say that Ashley got to go through the same whole  poor life again when he is the right place and that is meeting the self needs because of the Ashley going to the right placement for the first time ever that is true and it agreement best of time anyway teachers. 

Has your kids gone through bad hard life and was your kids had enough with the stress they are feeling right now and was it is hospital   fault from not treating your kids right the same they can treat me a good lovely respect  and did the doctors  pissed everyone of because they are not doing their job properly  and why does kids have to but with their heat  issues and what is going on with the kids suffering I am power node and.

 I understand how kids go through their hard life and don't worry parent I am here now save your kids life from been in bad state and not been in the right treatment  as you need to now that the more you get more do with your kids you are going to be in shocking world if your kids is in the bad state and I am a right expert supporting parent out with their education school and there are some ways to solve the matter issue if your kids not in the right education because of the teacher bad teaching or the headmaster is just messing everyone around the place best of time. 

Nose Problems 

here is a biggest problem that kids will have some issue with their nose is that they are more fed up with health issue with their nose then I will have be fed up with getting angry about all of my own health issues and all this bad time i end up going through in the months time is not a chance for me to getting more of my own health issue back and some of those health issues liked cold a pretty annoying well they are some things that you might wanted some fill tips about getting ready of the kids problems is that one is drink healthy drinks and other thing is that a nesespray is one things that lot of people who's to getting there things sorted out with their problems and if there doctors don't give them the right product that means that they are not bothered or caring about kids health issue but don't worry. 

I am here to  show you the right product items for those problems that can helped without having them back from the same whole problems again teachers and best thing from me is that kids will go home and they are more than to be in school I will say that they go home and have some medication before they can come back to their education until they are lot better that what happen to me in last past tenth is that it works with me when I spend some time getting my body recovered.  If the there doctors not give them the right treatment then thing means that those people who post be caring for kids health are not doing their job right at all they are not very good doing their job unless they are coming down illnesses.   


Sore red  nose 

Let get some more important tips and tricks about autism what can we all say about poor  kids has been suffering without my adviser experts in this and please headmaster get rid of the lies and say to them bye for now because you have the real truth guy here and I am Ashley I am the real truth about autism experts guy and that does not lied or lied to anyone of your employees in school or college.  

Now we have the changes to what we are understand about autism I will be going to higher deeply level of autism and say what you think about autism and say that kids does not miss behaviour because they are going to do it because they are had enough with themselves no that is not what the real thing for kids will miss behaviour if they have a problem they are there for couple reason and they are there to speak out about their now health problem teachers no more this anger shouting and screaming like dame whole girl like you see girls doing anyway teachers you must be taking after the kids behaviour if you act the same way another.  

One more thing you have the right to teach to the kids some lessons but one thing I will say is that this autism is not about who has the right training and have the rights about who is the fault from sending kids home without the parent permissions no one in the world of "Special  Needs" kids who needs to be supported in school and colleges have the right to have one to support in school or colleges best of their own benefit teachers headmaster.    


Lets look at some ways our kids and young adults exhibit  misbehaviour one is that they are suffering with the health issues or they are going to  misbehave because they have had enough with the way they are not been supported, like  I was  bad when I was two unprofessional colleges I ending up been sending home for two years and no education's at all and one thing teacher or headmaster or anyone who is a teachers in school or college never send kids home without parent permissions best of time anyone who thinks that sending kids.

Home for no reason think they are going to get way with everything in their own bad life and no that the way to do it the way it is that they are stay in school or college and been educated and that is simple as 1 2 3 4 56 7 counting upwards   let just see this carefully between the autism and the health issues and one more this is going to helped me and the world back to the normal education in school or colleges and stopped those lies and I meaning stopped those lies I meaning stopped lies from lies to every teacher who worked hard in school for the education reason another bit the dust college teachers worked hard in colleges trying to get the colleges student to get higher level of their education.  


  stop those lies means that they can quit there unbelievable expert about autism pair to me I am better than anyone in the world.  I will now get something in the right training skills and giving the right training so everyone is happy to believed me in a real  autism real truth about this autism website blog.  


Let's think about developing kids autism and their behaviour issue that not just because they are missing behaviour it fact of the most common thing that will ending up course them to go  from been relives about their health most time the health will affect kids behaviour and the health set of the kids anger and come on teachers and college teachers don't understand how kids or young adult will start feeling if they start hearing voices and you know how that will affect kids or young adult life in some ways another.   


Right let talks about fill things about autism and how we are going to learn something very serious about autism and couple thing we need to start this year before 2015 year comes is that we all need to understand that I am not here to give out lies to anyone headmaster who thinks that other are lies to your teachers and I am a very talented young man who known what he is talking about in autism and something in life we all need to understand about the hard way about kids effect health issues and I am sure that teachers going to be aware of that one anyway so let talks fill things about autism health issue so we yes we will teachers.  

Let me tell about my health you might have it there but there is some fill nasty reason that kids are not even understanding and how bad I was and I could classically die since I didn't been treated from old two nasty college that didn't think my health affect my behaviour and one real fact that this causes me to classically I am going to tell you the truth about this and now it the time to get your young adult and kids back to their healthy style again.

 So tell yourself you're that you are going to sort out kids health issue and  young adult as well please be aware that this is most upsetting blog but the past tenth has just now gone and it a serious thing for you to understand about my voice in my head that bring the the wrong side of this behaviour problems.  

So one thing about the voices in my head there was 1 voice thats been going on some time in the day and and night and guess what there is still things that I have not bothered to listen to because of my voice in my head was going to through the one person talking through my head going out my second heads and it seems to be a and news but the point is that anyone would start having voices in their heads and one more this is going to be a upsetting but guess what I did do is dealing with other kids threaten at my old college  but not that.  

Right let get back to the normal start of this health issue and what is the good ways to get some advice from me is that one I will say to you that one very important thing is that please listen to me don't listen to any other on the internet because you all wanted the truth about autism and I am going to tell you all out there yes it going to be a sad thing but your kids are in a bad state you needs to realizes how the kids will affect their behaviour not because their behaviour poor it a real of that the health will cause more hassle than you the kids will start threatening teachers kicking teacher or even worse some will have different problem they might have guns in school that headmaster really needs to understand watch out for kids bringing  guns knives and any school are out there is mostly to affect their behaviour with the fact of their health issue courses for them to lose their anger to start going through the bad stuff. 

one more thing about talking way to next level of threats teacher by kids behaviour also in between there health issue please do understand the kids are not there to miss behave there there to be look up to and look at what the problems  lies coursing the kids behaviour. 

I am now talking bit more about the long terms of kids or young adult going to at home for long time and please try those advise  if you are trying to get your daughter and sons to get school or college and those goes to the school colleges any forms colleges education.  

here are fill more tips and tricks that kids will not be in school why would that not surprise my attendance on other kids in the country.  Not been in education for a long time no seen I will give the warning to the education department teams and school headmaster college boss managers and other form education placement.  

well I have to say that I liked to really say to the hospital a biggest thanks for save my life after what treatment I never had in the past tenth at all everyone.  So I really liked to say those hospital thank to the goverment for agreeing me about but me in the right place and also I liked to say to NHS Queen Elizabeth Hospital thanks for saving all my life and supporting me with the my health issue and I am very glad to say teachers and parent that I am very glad that I was in a good lifestyle without annoying health issue and bad treatment that didn't happen big time but that was just a years ago now anyway and I could say to the Birmingham council that well I just have to really got to be in the wrong but when I am going to e working with those I make sure that school or college residential college goes back to normal again anyway and make sure that everyone have their treatment as they need to have the right treatment for god's sake parent give your sons and daughter the right medications.  

So I really do get my life to normal style again and I am very well in my health and guess what that means that I have to have 4 time in the weekdays months a shower everyday does not what a earth my body going to next I have to still have a shower everyday that goes for anyone needs a shower everyday with their health issue problem that kids might have needs to be back to the right treated as a kid or young adult.