Symbols for Autism Advice

Getting to understand about autism for kids also for young adult this is not meaning for a none of parent and schools or colleges that they don't understand how they do not support without one those things and when I first started been at my new placement I used a symbols for me to help me to understand how it makes me feel about having the right member of staff and with symbols are very useful for your school or college kids it will help your child to understand how it will make things better for your school kids and colleges and any form of education placement out there and one thing it makes me happy when I have a different symbols to help me to understand who is the staff working and what staff are not working at their own 9 to 5 jobs.  

here feel things before I get started with the right about symbols and one thing I liked #about symbols is that it will help me in future.   

oh what have been going on with staff who works with school or college kids and what have they been doing to make things life so much hard without any symbols is that one most important thing 
about having symbols is that every kid have the right to learn something with signs and symbols and without any forms of signs and symbols it is a harder life for the kids to explained what it is and what would it be without  any forms of symbols and signs specially with those who can't not communicated but having trouble to understand what they are trying to say about been in a wrong school or colleges this is not mean that some kids might have a better understanding without images for their future life but some school kids and college student might have a bad life without any forming of images with them and imaged that classical works for their life ready for their future terms ahead.  

So makes things life so much easy if every school or college have learned there hard way from not understanding about kids problems and if this is just a smashing thing for kids to not have the right  have any forms of images to help them to get them understand about their own behavioural then things are not going back to normal life in the way we all need to start taking care of the kids health issue and the kids understanding about how they are feeling without any forms of images with them.  

here are the fill reason that kids would liked make things life so much easy is that one is helping them to understand their behaviour and also helped them to realizes what they are been doing when they are missed behaviour so my advice is that explained to the kids why they are been swearing in a nice voice tone and explained what they are been behaviour without  trying shout at them please do it has you are acting like there school friend anyway everyone. 

Let talks about non-communicating in young adult and kids some time with the non-young adult  that can't communicating which means that if they are not been treated the way they are supposed  then things will make things will get worse and now worse in the day so my best bet is that you have some couple ways to dealing with autism.

how do we not understand about non-communicating person to a communicating those who can talks and who have the ability to communicated with others outside of the of school or college well one thing another is that if everyone not just included teacher or college teachers also parent can also understand why symbols are the best thing for me to less make things easy and less stressful for kids parent-teenager growing to adult age or older age.  So it best from my own point of view is that every child does matter in their special needs with symbols so my respect to every teenager young adult as well old people might want to have less some support in their problems health in the ways that we all need to understand the one to one support might give their life the better future in them. 

So let going to the right answer from the right images for kids and how does that will affect their behaviour and with the kids behaviour images does work for me specially I am at my new placement so what I can say about my last support worker has been supporting me one to one support at my new placement and my Arthur house  which is called  Arthur house precious homes Ltd they have been helping me all around last few  weeks and since I started on my first year I shown myself a good behaviour and it seems because the images and symbols  have worked very closely on my half of my problem that last time my symbols was helping me all these bad things the last college didn't even understand what was my problem than acting there unprofessional  autism trainers.

We will now be talking  about symbols and how I manage to keep myself in good state and not in bad state and I am going to be talking to you in this blog tonight about how many things that could get your child to change from, been a  struggling life without  image to be shown especially non-communications speakers that can't speak at all other who can speak that also needed to have image with them anyway. 

Well let get to the bottom of this we all going to common and effective ways to help your child to understand what is image about and what image to help them out with the things that found them harder and even harder in the year that goes for school or college residential school residential college or residential care homes foster care homes childhood homes any forms of educations that give the child a single and simple image that help him without having to give out tons of information that make them angry best of their hard lifetime.    

Feeling's Faces 


Here is a example image of boy who is feeling very angry start at number 5 angry face will effective there angry face to be angry about something or they might have an  autism moment in them or they might be having some problems with something that might be fact of their health or they are angry because emotionally has course it all of in less than 2 minutes for some might be a struggle to calm someone down for this angriest sometimes it could be a problems that they have health problems that need to be checked over and over again to make sure that person does not need anger tablet which is ADHD  tablet.
So in the mean time  while let get back to the image about anger and frustration annoyed power node faces in kids or young adult let faces teachers and college staff and other people who need to understand about this kids anger and it might be a huge problems that functionally course them to less be annoyed about their health in their body lacking down in some bad things that make them be moody and with the moods it makes them come has threatened someone or threaten to hit someone when they might be a little bit angry they might not stop less than a fun day at less in the day until home time or I can explain to you about my anger and how long it take me to calmed down anyway everyone.

Here is little bit  story about my anger and how long it take to calmed myself down anyway.

Hello everyone

I am Ashley Davis

I am a young man and sometimes I get very annoyed when things change at my new placement and even I am bit annoyed about staff rotor I need to learn that in life I have to be with other and some time when I am older and past my kid age I still have to go with a flow of been with other that are my age and it harder when you think this is a simple annoying feeling that makes me angry and it all down to not enough employees to work for  Arthur House - Precious Homes.

And it very difficult when things change at my new placement and   I am sure that other kids and young adult might have the same problems has me so what can you say nothing none of my staff can sort out about staff rotor and that is just life and when you think about this we all have to live with the people you work with or school kids have to put with the kids that they cater for their needs best of time and also college student they also have to put with the student that to college they all have to go out with something in lifetime.

So  that what my angry course me to lose and it take a whole day to less calm myself down sometimes it does sometimes do not take to long unless I am with my favourites staff I liked working with then no it does not take to long to calm me down at all.

In life kids and parent and other that need to understand about my angry anger issue I have a tablet that is a real name I can't think of but it is an ADHD tablet that helped me to feel better about myself than not be better and have bad dreams in my bedroom in bed time.  So that what I will have to be calm and also tablet help me to keep the anger back which is a good thing because been so angry and not speaking to some the problem it tends to be a huge problem for kids or young adult might set off anger and losing tempers throughout  pier of the day.

The name it called is pregabalin which anger tablet that helped me to calm and keep calm for the rest for of the day long ahead and it really does help me with something that I never had before in the last few two colleges going to be an issue with the problem that your kids might end up having if they can't control their own temper at all anyway people.

( Here is the list of things that might be why kids will get angry and  stressed and frustrated very serious thing for their life been miserable )

Someone calling you names and how are you going to deal that issue if someone is very annoying  if a teacher doesn't solve the problem any minute now.

If someone is misbehaving in school but they are not doing because they wanted to cases a problem in school environment health what would you do are you going to say that they been having difficulties time in school or they might be going through the problems at home or they been through some sort of a hard lifetime. Just think before you react or their behaviour actions.


 Well let talk about sad face in kids and young adult what In I am about to say that in this picture is a boy who is sad and it could be anything from another kid calling names possible might be who knows until you see what up with them or other options are that they might be sad because they might some who died last night that might be bothering them a long time couldn't stop thinking about that love ones.  or they might be sad because they have a sad feeling that something might happen last fill weeks ago but does not want to speak to someone about or they might want the tonne to speak to some that they might be more comfortable with a member of staff in school or college. 

Sometimes they might express feelings in some other kids of ways below is some useful list of things that they might be expressing himself as a sad person with the sad face on their face. 

( here the list of thing that they might be sad for some reason another ) 

Someone says to their parent they are either fat or ugly or they are saying something even rude to their parent that might take a single fan on their feelings in sadness.  

Or they might be sad because they have someone who has broken up with or falling out with someone that they really want to back together again.  

Another one is that might be sad because they have cold problems that might be affecting their sadness levels. 

Or they might be sad because they have  dreams problems at home that some people will express themselves  has yes that can affect kids sadness and sleep in bed problems. 

Or they might be sad that they really want to make  new friends but they don't now that how to make new friends because sometimes it happens to me and everyone we all can't just make friends in less than 1 minute 2 minute 3 minute 4 minute 5 minute 6 minute or either longer minute. 

It might be they are sad because someone who they loves has past way or they have been hospital longer enough and yet might be worried and sad together because they might be their granny or mummy has been in hospital longer enough but they can't do anything much about what they are mummy or daddy or granny or nanny or daughter or son's been in there life long and not come out of hospital which did happen to my friends the last friend was past way in hospital last fall months but some kids will still think about this past tenth day anyway teacher and college staff any staff in the world. 

Or they might be sad because they are facing sad time because of their worries and stressing out with exams in a classroom or sports hall for exams think about those useful tips that might help you to understand about how other might be feeling in those days. 

Just recap on what this sadness got to with worries because has you might now that people tend to worry and sadness at the  same time and if you can't see that feeling of the kids problems and been so sad and the kids have something to be sad about then there is no point that you can't be quantified for child care  sessions at your old college. 

so please be aware that the feeling a most important thing to look up for kids and young adult feelings emotional feelings about their sadness angry. 

Talking about worries in kids problems and what can we all accepted everyone worried about something especially kids or young adult so let get more on the worries side of this now everyone.

Worries is a big thing for everyone and when the time is coming to a worried part of their the first year of exams school or college kids and student tends to get worried about exams and it is possible that your school kids or college student need to have a chat with them about exams and especially when they having something liked exams it start to get kids worried so much over the fact in cases that they are going to fail in exams result in test sometime we all worried about something but not let them to worry about it too much and can we all help that no I don't think unless kids go and talk about not worry too long in the day because it not good for their health  worrying too much about things on their minds.

Here is fill things that they might be worried about exams to be the wrong result and the exams might get them to be worried in cases that they have not had their exams in time for them to be happy about not worried about it at all anyway.

Also in this part of the worries is that kids some time might be worried about moving on and not getting the right support that they needed to give their life future time and also with the worrying is that sometimes there might be worried about how they are expressing in worried in some ways people.

( here are fill things that they might be worried about )

exams are one of the things and over the year I was very worried that I might not to really well in school educations exams that might be the same thing for other anyway.

the parent getting separated from family at home that might be making them lose their temper and anger start courses big issue with them.

They might be worried moving school and they might be losing their friends and ending up meeting new people and new teacher or new college if your student start college or if your kids start school since last months millions of the kids and student start some other place that will get them worried if they don't have the chance to speak to there friends because they always want to be in the same place all the time when we need to move on.

Sometimes kids might parent have cancer and they might be a problem in case that they might die and it a positive thing about worrying so much through the day. When my mum  had cancer and I was worried in case that she might be gone and I be left home alone with my brother and sister which my sister grew up the lady that have kids off he owns and her own boyfriend.

We will be talking about scared in a good way and bad ways with kids might be scared for some couple reason another and sometimes kids will get scared quite a lot of time because there is a lot of things that be very scary for kids in school or college placement. We will be taking some advice from me as experts on the scare.

Let talks about scary and what scary and what can we all deal with kids and student share problems and some time  I am scared in case that I have to go to court for what I been doing to my support staff and some time I have to be scared because my support worker has to phone the police because they just make things worse, not better liked they think different ways pair to me will think the true ways of this scary thing about the police coming to take me way hey hey hey hey hey hey.  they are coming to take me the way that why I am scared because what I been doing was not making anyone better but I am just making things worse and in danger toward to the staff threaten them too much.

So let talk more about what kids might get scared about something that they might be scared of something that we don't know what they are scared when the expression themselves has scared of something.

( Here are a filling thing that they might be scared of something )
Kids might be scared if someone is going to hit them one

kids will be scared something might be happening or they might do something that they did that what the kids expressing themselves as scared it take a lot of feeling to pick up why kids might be scared or angry or worried and it might take some time for them to talk to you about their feelings anyway.

they might be scared because they broke a glass or they might be broken something that was an accident in the way that wasn't their fault but that just was broken because they are feeling scared about something that just cord  on them some point in their life.

 Fed up we are now talking about fed up in faces and this is an image that will get people sometimes fed up with a lot for things they are fed up about and sometimes it might make them feel so fed up they do not know what do when they fed up with something that I don't what kind of fed up people might be feeling inside them anyway.

So let recap on the this image at the left side of this page so what could some time kids or young adult might be fed up about are they fed up because they are showing their face but just playing character thing to less pissed some other of for the action them are taking no that not true some time everyone get fed up easily and they don't now why that might be who knows well everything might be boiled down to the fact of feeling fed up with things they are doing right now in classroom or college classroom or them might be fed up because the work is too hard for example Maths some time might be a huge problems with hard work and hard sums to in classrooms or the maths money handling might be too hard for the kids to think and contracted on the work they are doing right now.

Most of time we all found things very annoying and fed up with the work that kids or young adult might be facing them into this routine so my best is that repeat the same question over again until they have the information in their minds and then hey might think to wait a minute I think I got it now anyway.

When I was at selly oak trust school I was very fed up with the work so hard and not so clever last fill months ago I was in a bad state trying to think what is 1+1= is and then after I think the answer it was 2 has my mine answer to the question on the maths sheets in maths class lessons. But not all kids or young adult might think the way I think slowly in their head and say that was the answer and sometimes people or kids and young adult will struggle to get the answer from there head until there think the right answer.

That might be the biggest issue when they fed up and working too hard to put them in a lot of problems with stress and anger and temper mode.

( Let me tell you all about my maths skills in my old school at selly oak trust school and this might help you all out there )

Once I was started been at selly oak trust school since I was a young kid I was founding things very stressful and hard and annoying because the work did not make it easy but made me a very fed up with hard sums and hard adding up sums and it was a possibility for me to less think the right answer at the right time before that.

 I asked a teacher who was a maths teacher and when  I was putting up my hands in maths classroom I was waiting for the patient until a teacher is free to help me with the hard sums and adding and counting sums from that time teacher manage to say yes Ashley what can I do for you Yes miss or Sire I need help with counting up coins and putting the coins to be made up a £1 coin and when the adding start miss or sir said right Ashley can you give me the right change for buying  bar of chocolate.

So I add up the coins and I gave he or she a right change for the right amount of bar of chocolates that cost on the bill so that what maths can cause stress if the teacher doesn't repeat or kids do ask the teacher to repeat three times until something does get the kids understand then.

So when you think about the story I was telling you then you have the answer to the question and especially in the maths lessons when we have to think about times which is this sign here

with the image that is a sign that will time and when you think about the maths for kids or young adult it a massive thing for kids or young adult to less not have one to one support in other lessons and supporting kids throughout the day doing maths sums and adding up taking way sign and such and such of the maths lessons that flip kids or young adult over and then getting fed up stress because the maths work is too hard for them. So maths will be hard for kids if they are not doing it because of the hard work and a lot of pressure goes into to the maths sessions tine. 

Or other options is that they are fed up because they are not going to work or they might be fed up and in a funny mood when something that they don't want to do but they have no choice to do them things. 

Sometimes I get fed up with the amount of hard work I put into my website blog and tonnes of information but I still have done this so I can help you all out with something that everyone needs to understand about autism.

A lot of time it can course lot for stress and fed up with the thing when someone is calling names and saying something about other people lives.  it depends on who calling names to other to get them fed up an pissed of about things in a classroom. 


In this image, you will understand how other people might found in those days coming to school or college they might be happy and smiling because something is very excited and happy time of the year.  sometimes when you think kids come in different feelings and different moods or them might be showing them are happy or they might be showing them are feeling worried sad upset fed up stress angry feelings so when you think about happiness it all depending on the moods the kids might be coming and sometimes when I feel different kinds of moods it because my constipate because  eating too much junk food and too many chocolates that make my body feel body constipate so that  was not eating the right healthy food fruit.

Let talk about more about happiness and how I feel when I am feeling happy been at the right place at the right time of the year.

Kids can be happy when they are happy about something like for an example only for example is seeing their friends at school or college.

Kids also can be happy when they are going out with their own friends with the school or college or outside of school or college.

Kids can be happy when someone says something very nice and that would make them happy about the things that someone said to another kid.

Happiness is a biggest joyful fun thing and I liked when everyone is happy when they come to the real truth about autism website that what makes some of you out there happy about so it a possible thing for you all out there to be changing your attitude moods and changing the kid's moods comes to the happiness. so happy is one my best thing for me to be happy when I am looking forward the first education in the new college hoping to get into a new college locally with my one to one support staff at Arthur house.