Can disabilities learn advice

Well welcome to can disabilities kids, teenager, young adult, young ladies, can they learn well some people not understand that yes they can learn yes they can have the support to learn the skills that they are welling enough to put the effort into action for what they want to learn about if I can learn new skills what  every the skills take kids, teenager, young adult young, ladies they can they will leanr somethign in life if the issue face omn the mattrer of not learning then they are not able to have the learning new skills in place what every  they are doing in life time so please stop making things that is not true I have the truth in  me I cam sure that autisitici people can leanr they muyst have support to be able to carrying out a single task when they are learning new skills or they are not a taks while they are leanring anywhere in the world.

So whatevery the sisue with teacher carers parent then why are you wishing for a life changing the only way that make the life much better when the kids teneager young adult young aldies does start to leanring new skills it is a matter of fact that no one is going to be left behind  if they are not up for leanring like me I am up for learning all the time that why I am going to college that does better course better understandfing about autism but that not going to end I will be facing a biggest challenge in setting upo a autisitic cooking sessions for any young people with autism don;t worry they will be learning from me ahs I am clever man who know how to cook without cooking session or going on the course for it but I might ending upo going on that course to achieved even more of my cooking skills so whatevery the excuises refuses to teacher any young people then  i chest that yoiu start ttkaing your action and your behaviour from refuse this is going to be teacher who refuse to teach any one whereevery with people with autism ADHD specail needs or non specail needs they are up for learning new skills don;t every even dare to copy what been said on youtube the teahcer who been filmed by stiudent in school has no understanding about not to refuse to teach them so sorry if i am having to blam teacher carers but you know that is true it truth about that you need to get them to leanr something not refuse all the time if this contiuning refuses then you are not in the right job why don't you go to a job that refuse job where you keep cantinally refuse every time then you will get paid for it in that kind of  job but guess waht no suit thing has a refise job.

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