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 I have something tell you about but I let you now in the morning why I think that no one had no training in the right of autism is because I am taking my own blame for myself I do feel very guilty after taking very long time on how their is stress still out there for many people I am very sorry for teacher more likely having to have bad news negative complaint from parent about their daughter and sons well that is no going to affect non of your life at all teacher believe me I care about so many people who went through the moment of placement to placement this is why I will update more on this in the morning some point. 

Just confirm that I am trying my best to get something sorted out with videos and I am going to be back bit later one okay with a few more update on this blog okay guys. 

hey guys 

I am just creating a new branding called healthy living style in autism so let just think how hard working did the goverment said that every schools  colleges / youth clubs / homes / university student need to start eating healthy food let me  tell you more tomorrow afternoon I think I might have something going tomorrow but I shall be on this blog updating more okay guys.   

hey guys 

I am just taking all my time to get back to th topic that were talking about  a week okay but let me finished doing what I need to do first then I shall be back with soon 

Just letting you now that I shall be updating more about me and my social mixer other things and also next one we are going to be talking about how I manage to be shy  nervous scary thing about making new friends online dating site. 

Just letting you now that I am still going update this blog bit more but I am two busy looking for trips for me and my friends that I made I tell you more about my shy and nervous from confident in making new friends. 

Hey guys I shall be back for a very good chance for some world new topic ideas in school college university youth clubs training and also making the building site lot professional better and improvement for young people as well guys there is possible chance for me to be donating money  as I shall be coming around  about donating towards the world had  the largest autism expert on the internet  

Hey guys I have some feel question that are related to friendships and relationships do you every found that when friends are not treating you well does that make you feel unhappy sad tearful angry moody those the things that I want to talk about in my blog about how I respect my friend when he or she have a single problem but staying calm for that reactions take place. 

So later one during the day if I have time for it is we need to take further look into a image that are UN-treating friendships and related  to respecting friendships and relationships matter tips and tricks advise from the real truth guy.  because yesterday I was so friendly to my friend liam who is my best world mates and I help him out with he headaches and worries he might have I spoken to him about it and he said felt really much better for it. More story on this very soon after experiencing in difficulties in make friends.  

Hey guy I can't believed there is some nasty ones out there can you believed it really is bad nasty people out there I hope they have there lessons learn from the real truth guys I hope those nasty people will learn there lessons by now because I will not put with anyone who in this whole different country going been  rude nasty to other this blog is about to be going to blow your mind about how you should be treating other with lot of respect not some not a little not a small bit of the your mouth lot I huge massive large xlarge xxlarged respect to the world if you can do that then that is very well done  to those who can do that for god sack it hard work when I get annoyed about things that guys. 

Hey guys 

My new standard website is coming to the next stage of getting the company to build it for me been so it different thing for me has I haven't got the tools for it at all and also they have the right equipment for the layout the page content. 

So my new website is a website blog that is a standard website that it will make easy for customer like you to navigate around easy. 

Hey guys 

I am just going to say that I shall be promoting in Birmingham city town  very soon so prepared for the real  truth guy will be taking some serious look at the my new branding that will be taking of this year ebay top selling so get ready for the truth guy that have the power in myself with branding that is taking place this year on ebay truth guy what can we say truth guy in the world is now taking serious action.  

Hey guys 

I have some new ideas now it the time for everyone to be happy positive things will happen everyone for those who have been through this goverment issue will no longer looking back to there anger I am now going to be setting up more youth clubs across the United kingdom I do not care about what David cameron think about cuts I am going to get my hands on few company who will be working with em very closely about complaint letter to the prime minster badly enough has it is guys so no more stressing out because I am on the aboard for real strict action take place in united kingdom for me  that I shall be announce some few ideas in my own words of mouth about there clubs to the fab and only one person who is going to be fighting for this year more youth clubs in Birmingham all over the uk. 

List of them that I shall bring in action for people to be positive not negative anymore  

Clubs ideas 

relationship / Friendship clubs sessions 

Behaviour clubs sessions 

Following the rules clubs sessions 

Autism club sessions 

Healthy lifestyle in autism clubs sessions 

Money budgeting clubs sessions 

School / Colleges / University / Youth clubs / Environmental issue and improvement clubs sessions 

So those are few ideas there is more of them very soon coming in your life time guys. 

Hey guys 

I have been busy doing a complaint letter for Jeremy to read out to David cameron  so I can get rife of him I hope everyone has done the same more people complaint the better the life will be without guys. 

Hey guys 

I am going to get something sorted out with having skype calls to everyone in the world so I am going to besetting up a new website on wordpress.com or weebly or a free website that let me speak to people mental health cancer the reason for I am doing this is that I will help you all out there specail the education training in autism for those has beem through the most diffcuities time fo the year last few years ago so we can get something sorted out with school colleges  university  youth workers anyone who really need to be spoken to by me the real truth guy I am asume that everyone is going to be calling me hey truth guy how are you doing.

So I am sure that everyone will be getting the chance to speak to me on skype but I really do need to ask if everyone who really like to chat with me on skype I mean I will be able to chat with everyone who like to talk about things that went on in the issue you have faces. 

I just like to say that I am very sorry for those who have been through this attackers I'm deeply sadness for those who has been attack  who have been shot very sorry about that I am sure that those nasty gunmen will be no longer of in the country but the place called even hell or jailed for life I mean they are no longer going to be see anyone again they will be in jailed for rest of the country life.

I just like to say biggest huge caring person in this world I mean I am assume that Ashley will be hoping to be taking a very serious matter look at the country and when it is time for me to be spreading the news for the nasty people I shall be got to say those nasty people are not even friendly enough they are just not the type of people to be friend with at all I am sure that on my new good website their is lot of things that. 

I like to be telling the story that is not do with autism but it a mixer of things that I am interesting in looking over in next few months time anyway that the real truth about autism guy will be taking his self to the next level I am going to be on the radio stations news channels all over the globe talking about nasty people to nice people I am sure that I have few words in common about this country and how things will change people lives in next few month from the truth guy. 

Also I just though with the autism training for many of the school and colleges and university youth clubs many more to be training in about autism  is that I really quickly like to finished to my pat of my history life before my bed time so ahead over to the menu bar that says my history life if  say that guys. 

Hey guys 

I am very sorry about that I didn't do anymore of my log is because you all think god sack Ashley why is you keep spending hours and hours writing up things on your own blog so that might be why i am not done anymore because I am start to creating some few video on myself first before I go deeper in other action anyway guys.

Hey guys 

I am back on Monday but I am going to have to think of some more but I am on other business for a few hours okay.  

Also I really few condiments to be taking on onboard with my few new ideas I bet you all out their has been thinking come on Ashley we are dying to know what is your biggest achievement plans for your new ideas well I shall tell you full story about them on my history life let me just give me few minute to calm myself and get ride of the upset I am upset about David Cameron at this time. 

hey guys 

Just a preview about why this is ads on my website for okay I will explain to you about this on monday as well why their is ads something might be related to many reason for this okay so don't worry their is no chance that this blog is going to be giving you the anti virus on your computer because i do not accept myself as well anyway the ads are safe to  click on when clicking on the right company advertises 

Hey guys 

I have a new topic that I really like to share with you about nice people to nasty people this is simple story telling about who have freedom or does not have freedom because the manager of people are unacceptable way to act like this way anyway guys more on this topic on this some point after my breakfast so we can talk and think very hard about what the real truth guy saying about been nice and nasty people out there. 

Hey guys 

Parent advice website will be next stage on wards for getting the  right not the wrong advice about getting the understand  abusive and totallerying behaviour parent do have behaviour sometime but kids and young adult teenager also get affected by parent behaviour first for those who can't bother to understand my autism blog. 

Also on today topic will be talking about how parent should be understanding in what my blog say that goes for anyone included teacher youth workers childcare staff all those are going to be part of the parent advice that the real truth about parent advice in parent information on another website very soon indeed. Also I am here to be given out tons of advice to young people as well if you are not interesting looking my blog then do me favour come of it not bother come back on to this blog again if you are not willing to be listening what I think in my own words thank you people I appreciated your understanding that I am not a truth guy but lie for those who think I am lie to towards you all out there.


If you are here to take action on what I think about the truth then do me favour your very welcome to my website blog that give out the real truth information about autism I am very glad to say at least that you al out there's agreed with what I said on this blog so thank you for those who are taking advice from thank you for those who are taking very serious about what I said to you about autism in real life not fake autism advice from the 50% of the grab of the lies ogive out this at this moment. 

Hey guys

I just want to tell you the few reason why I want to come famous and also other reason why I want to be internet millionaire in 2020.  

I do think everyone understand why I am doing this for everyone famous don't you out their I hope so because the reason will be is that I have over millions of ideas and product to be created by other companies anyway so those the reason why I shall be coming to be a internet millionaire anyway guys. 

So more on this coming very soon excitement or what because I am extremely excited about it guys. 

Hey guys 

I have more update so I am going to update more about the keywords based on the real truth about autism thinks anyway I will be with you very soon guys. 

Hey guys 

I have some more updated in online dating and other site I will do a story on those things about me trying to get people to meet up in the community but it better if meeting up in the community because then it is safer than online anyway guys please understand some people do not understand I understand more because I see more on this dating site how people are telling me that they are not welling to meet up because money well that will bestop anyway by Jeremy because David cameron is no longer going to be prime minster anyway I have all expert in this nowon anyway guys. 

Hey guys 

I am working on my web store been so I am not able to afford to get the company to pay for it anyway thanks for your patient for waiting to see more update but for now I will be back soon don't know when but I have lot of busy life ahead anyway guys. 

Hey guys 

Sorry for longer waiting thanks for waiting parlent more further updates okay guys sorry for waiting I will be back very soon god know when I am busy man doing so much looking for things getting my college education sort out anyway. 

Hey guys 

It a good positive year for many of us been so I am still continuing writing up my strict letter and writing them towards the parliament   strict rules so god saver here is the best god I every seen in the sky looking after all people and treating them nice but that not me I am god save truth guy that is making the parliament very strict strict strict again and again and again people how good is this going to be this before 2020 elections time are you all with me or not been so everyone is going made on my blog updates for tonight updates with my strict rules and letter for the parliament. 

For many of us sorry for all those who went through the flood time but this is not stopping non of you because now I am going to say it again the real truth guy is going to save everybody in the world the best of our heartless and hardest time I shall not been refuses from my parent not allowing me to donate to floods when I come has a next internet millionaire  before 2020 I shall be out their helping people out with money comparing to David cameron exceptions for been refuses to not fund any form of money towards the public because he is n longer going to be having the parliament very strict from the real truth guy I mean  that my name the truth guy is going to fund towards new projects because that the way I am been honest about kids been on the street damaging lot of things that affect bordom in life time.  So believed or nit guys you have me to deal with ideas in floods me coming to be a onestop internet millionaire how cool is this  awesomeness truth guy is going to be absolutely awesomes that is right no more me thinking that other rich internet millionaire is offering this kind of internet millionaire guy giving out the money for the those who was promises from the goverment big time guys agree yes I bet you all agrees with me on this one. 

Just letting you now that I am going to setup my real truth about young people club I am not happy with David Cameron based on the community project been cuts so I am going to challenge him now to see if I shall get the fund from him and then I am going to be able to get the youth clubs going back to normal again also I am going to be direct youth officer

Hey Brussell  please stay indoor I care about all those were on my blog coming police and security and armies said that all people need to be safe indoors not outside in the any form of euro building society thanks just letting for those who is hamming to be going today and tonight.

Hey guys 

Just a quick update before I can finished my landing page to take of to the most wonderful success and most of all I am thinking about building a affiliate systems that you will be able to join me where no scam no upsell no front sell nothing like that I am not want to have be pulling out any other people money but you will be gaining money from the real truth guy sound good not to be true start following me on google plus and twitter so you all want a earn extra income  but prepared I might failed at first but I am going push the pressure on this systems very soon guys. 

SO just let you now that I am bit busy working on the landing page so please do let me get this sort out before I can show you the result of the money 

Hey everyone 

Just letting you now that next year I am not going to behaving a single social life at all I am going to be building a youth groups project for young people so let see what David Cameron say when it comes  to agreement anyway shall we see next 2017 well let see how it all goes around about that then guys yeah kids teenager young adult with disability 

also for parent who are not listening to no one or your own kids please tell them two stop playing fight because I heard back many years ago people who think they are WWE wrestler think they got the power to play fight will be automatically going to get hurt if you are nt aware of the announcement then I will be contacting one for what wrestler for thee advice for me to tell every young people across the world please do not play fight please do not accept any form of real fighting in the community to you understand the real truth guy does not accept it after i seen lot of young kdsoi y teeanger playing fighting in people gardens and people inside houses and outside in the community will no longer be allowed to start course any form of troubleshooting to other respecting WWE wrestler said that they are not allowing no kids from all age allowed to fight gunese anyone at all it does mean that you can watch but no action need to be taken at this time thank you understand me young people if you are bored go and found something do to then siple has I can found lot of things do go on courses go to youth project! 

So if your daughter and sons playing fighting back garden at some else will be now getting out that been so some one is going to get hurt I shall not tell you again behaviour affect behaviour when  playing fight or a real hang fight you all know me now the truth guy is looking out for some horrible people that need a good lessons learn from me at this time moment watch out people. 

hey guys 

good news I am thinking about building my new youth project soon so no one is going to miss out anything I am going to be fighting with my hang to get the money for building more youth clubs in the uk I mean David Cameron is not going to be messing me around he will be doing what he been told at this point I shall be calling the shot of money from the goverment soon about building more than one youth project for my own business I have all good plans into this action anyway everyone don't worry I am looking into moving my life forward even further field with the money and the money  shall be  coming out my own pocket who cares I am having my own money where it will goes towards trips residential  place   holiday places you name it all people for the age groups will be 11 to 19 on tuesday night session then thursday it would be between for this one young adult thursday night groups which i am thinking about doing at this time I shall be a youth director setting up all the youth groups in UK  to stop  the bordom happening all this  last five years ago guys. 

so young adult will be  age between 16 to 25 years or it will be either way to make it even fairly true it might go to 14 to 25 years old then other groups will be children age will be 

also for the saturday groups between the 6 to 10.5 years old on the saturday group so it keep everyone and everybody happy and the employer director will be employing staff to work  and have training  from my autism other training from somewhere else. 

the wags will be spending my own life to see if I can pay my employees well enough good paid in thee job also the volunteering will be included as well. 

hey everyone and young people I have a good news I am moving forward to be thinking about setting up my own real truth about young people project please think that you might not going to miss out I am getting hundred of support from all over the united kingdom to get me fund for setting up my project 

hey everyone 

I though a idea for  me talk about my own brain topic well I am very glade to say that I will be talking about more of my own brain  how my brain works when next topic coming soon 

hey guys

know the this isn shocking moment fro the real truth about autisms service a parent has been jailed for life trying to keep a single baby calm well this is all going to be  stopped by me parent so believed me I am telling the real side of everything to anything believed me people this is all abuses  and violence I am deeply sorry for every child has been through the most of horrible movie style never say never warning sign alert to everyone parent in the world please be honest with your child before the police will be called to send parent jailed for life which means it will leave you from not having kids when you come out the place of jail it will impact on your social life job loses and also it will impact on your government money  please do think this one over again parent stop controlling nothing is going to be worth taking any single controlled over kid freedom life stop pecking thinking that you are boss of me now when the kids should be boss of you instead parent okay stop it right yes yes yes ye yes before the later date turn into anger abuses aggressive parent.

I accepted good behaviour  from parent lately before the real truth guy does start taking things serious I talk to you about my own parent controlling over my own life and as well as getting told by the police parent understand what would you be rather be in jail or social life holiday job earning money paying of all excitement bills which i found it son dame excitement believe m it with looking at jail to living in somewhere that is not so boring 

hey guys 

what up people I am reporting this guy today this morning around about after 9 today so that good en it I hope so because i am going to achieved my life today 

just let you now everyone this man has been report to the action fruad now has the police will be dealing with from there own hand and knees  

I like to say to everyone in the world I am really stressed at this time I need patient I understand that the world has been through lot of hell problems with government lately I understand why David cameron has been refuse to be taking no notices of caring about the world how we accepted the world to be respecting understanding issue and problem wit each other hassle they have to be going through I understand boredom in kids and teenager young adult is always going to court for nothing and many reason that would be government issue  money related to do it  I am feeling ill already because of afican want money i understand the government over there is refuses to be giving out money to many african country it is stressful for me has I am not going to be making the money unless I am able to work hard which I am please be patient thanks guys. 

Another question that I am going to be asking about is what would you rather be when it comes to friendship or relationship or boyfriend and girlfriend anything related to those topic which that a new one goes to social life topic okay guys I will update you more on that question to see if people understand that one soon. 

just a big shout to everyone start changing the password on facebook so you will not be sorry later when  it comes to losing your friend or can't get access to the facebook i am going to be changing my password now so it prepared for the action ready in case thanks guys for taking my advice from me right now. 

Hey everyone

I am now getting prepared for the world challenge to see how many schools will start taking my advice this it is a huge challenge for me to see if teacher headteacher start training  some serious advice about my autism education training well let see how I am going to be able to handle all the hard work and all the effort into training the teacher up in school let see if the behaviour stop from my point few  see if the bubbles stop in the toilet outside on the playground let see if I am able to handle all the those bad behaviour like life threaten let see how I will be able to get the education out there for school let see how I will be able to change the schools from non standard to out standard with my expert advice let see how we will keep the negative complaint back to the side of the things let see about the positive feedback from parent when I start taking further action into schools well guys you are on my own side special teachers parent government bodies I am on the side of the world with less less to massive huge truth guy who is happy to be taking further on the road side not on the field.

Well kids teenager young adult sorry to let you down but I am no longer taking no more nonusers behaviour in schools anymore when the truth guy see someone I know that the person is just making things up sorry teenager kids young adult I will be in my own hand sticking up for the teacher point few about the behaviour to the good challenge behaviour more of those will make a single different to the schools education engage not engage .

Just a quick message that I am going to be uploading my document file as it will help people to understand how it all goes anyway guys o it looking good to me I am prepared to be of tonight to my youth zone getting the ready for September I am so very excited about coming into school I am so got to be smack copped on how my adventure is start in September I am so can't wait to be changing the school behaviours hey let see if teacher get less stress when I am seeing kids behaviour or is more stress teacher we do not know until the real truth about autism guy comes into action soon.

well guys I have some very good news that my youth zone project has had there massive huge life change in them I am so happy that I am now taking up to the next level who is ready for the smashed to get ride of the lies to be bring the most caring supportive man in the world who is ready follow me spread this blog to get more happy people on board to my blog guys so now I am very proud of the youth zone has been trying there hardest to get what it take learning from someone who got autism believed it or not I am over moon I can't stop smiling I think I am so proud of myself like I said life is all about happiest not the unmissable for the teacher at all youth staff from the youth zone.

When I come to visited the school I will accept the good behaviour while I am therein school I accept good behaviour other I will think this school has not had the right training at all so I will be hoping for the change to be improved before I come down to the schools I am not sure which school at this time still thinking about it anyway.

I can tell you guy that been a autistic young man with autism having no education it hard bad enough ahs I am sick and tired with waiting for a long per terms from now I hope that I am just giving you lot enough information that will teach you all out there single lessons included my old college which was Derwen College it will better give you the one chance been lose Focus on the things I was doing then coming with my own brain it works like if I hadn't had no education at all since 1 year at college.

Just a quick message grammar spell check it will be done by my own help by my own support staff or the youth staff or someone will be helping me with this okay guys has I am still building and looking for someone who is capable to understand my own budget then i will be taking this even slower but something you might be reading is course going to change the way everyone had training believed or or not after the CQC shut down many school I warn them they are not listening to me secondly they are wasting people time for not letting the service have even longer to be able to understand someone who have autism so they might get there service back to normal again so everyone get a single outstanding award from them.

Oh boy everyone I am must be living in a teenager care home  what I am doing in this Aston traditional care home in the first if this is another teenager care home / adult one person in the care home it so nice to see someone who is acting like a teenager girl who is playing up soon as she walk in the door broken something welcome back to the teenager care one for those who is thinking teenager worse than adult true adult got more commons seen in them at all time more than a teenager girl i am now having to put with for good until i move into my own flat nice bounce is that going to i be making me feel like living in this care home any longer.

Just a quick message to those people in the France I am sorry deeply sorry for what been happening it is a huge horrible feeling after I seen it on BC  video it is a unbelievable thing for me I am really shocked about what happen in France I hope you all didn't approach them has the police is dealing it before worse only get to worse guy yeah I am sorry but I can't stop saying sorry even i haven't done nothing wrong but sorry guys in France I am afraid that if I am doing my journey then I will not be going  France until the things are been settle down sorry to hear this guy for those who been killed who been injured.

I am also will be for my health safety secuiyt pupose for when and the when time comes for my webstore I will be asking for document proof ID document passport driving Liences I will be asking whre you work for  what company you work for because been a young man it is hard to tell if you are friend of mine fake person scam acting me for personal detail which i am not going to be going further than taking it to the police instead if you area scammer telling me that you make money online or if you a whole company that is fine has i will know lot of the company that have lienced anyway but for my safety and and your safety I will have to ask for you updateclear image of yourself so I can progress this has ait a  real not fake person anyway I will also ask you to tell me if you are big fan of autism big fan of my marketing all those are importnat to me has I am not  going to be safe on theinterent other wire's I like to protect my safet bunisess while doing that anyway thanks for reading my message.

I have more coming soon when I think of more everyone about the secuity reason okay speak soon.