Storyboard Telling

I am going to be sharing you my new ways of storyboard telling which is means that you might think it not storyboard that you might thinking of it a guide that tell you what could happen when something goes wrong with kids i schools student college student university okay I will explain further below this page.

Well this is what I created in word document myself so talented you all might think so  I have created this storyboard for many reason one is teaching kids teenager adult lessons of not understanding to control anger which will affect behaviour affect fighting if you look at the storyboard it should tells you all through the step by step guide what could happen if this does not do a right thing.

So in this you can now explain to kids teenager young adult what could happen if those does trickle to affect their education in school colleges university.  

sorry about this it wrong anger management storyboard sorry I will upload new soon some point today.

I just like to point out to some of the new coming soon storyboard I will be creating a new storyboard based on picking up mental health in school colleges university so I will be creating more on those things when I have the time okay sorry if I am not quicker enough at all.

More storyboard telling coming soon don't worry I have been very busy lately with looking for somewhere to live be honest has I have been in this care home over 12 months that is enough for  me to be upset about be honest everyone.