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Well, big huge massive welcome to next topic in my real truth about autism one of the most reliable menu bar on my website that is going to give you the best shot of the improving and understanding about autism.

Well what is improvement means to people is means that people are not been given the right education training or they are not been able to get the education they need in life to help kids or young adult into things like if I was now in the same precision was been in my old placement then I will be struggling to be able to help other with their services at this moment time been but now the past is over and done with I can now able to help people with improving which for another kind of words it can be improved improvement improved so those are other few words that have same word but made up in different words.
I like to say that if you are taking non-understanding why that you are not improving your own service and seeing lot of your school college university youth clubs so stop getting the CQC they already got told by me has they are doing this to shut down the placement for everything because they are not been doing the right job at all so here is the truth guy who is taking further education so please allow me now to give you the right tips and tricks for improvement services in what you all obviously need in the placement services to be more professional in what you are doing and not unprofessional but I will give you a little bit of a note down on this page.


what everyone problem is stressing out and worrying too many time in the year thinking about something that is not really is true thinking about the training you had over many million of years ago thinking about your daughter and sons gone to another school college university worrying about they might be going to get kick out of this placement because they are not able to be pick up mental health issue and understanding about autism not able to cope with challenge behaviour  this is why this  page that will help you to lease understand about how the service should be improved so you lots  be able to get a certificate from the real truth about autism guy behind this computer please do be honest that I have gone through this moment of autism I like to know improved this to everyone all over globe, the only way that service can be advice and improved is that they need to start taking a serious matter of 

Here we go now for the tips and tricks

1,  Understand about autism!

2, Understand about human rights in autism!

3, Pick up mental health in wherever you are in placement or places! 

4, stop thinking that you know everything when you do not!

5, Please be more understanding when someone or something is wrong with kids with autism based on mental health or cancer or any form of illness! 

6, Please do not ring police up even I know that it a law rules for people hitting kicking smashing things up that does not included picking above message I told you about it right now everyone! 

7, Please do realize that you are messing parent life around please do think that parent have anything does with everything come one common sense that the truth guy says to anyone in any form of service placement pick up is a word for people task to keep saying those words over and over again pick up mental health that tasks that goal to go around achievement this goes to picking up cancer illness! 

8,  Please do understand that if people think they funny and clever about things because they just loved to get away with anything to everything then try and start acting your service age then you might be able to learn something new from the real truth guy without making mistake which will do learn sometime but with the truth he is now checking on the path side of who is getting the certificate first to announce the very first  few service's!

9, Look, everyone, I do not know why people went through the moment of 50% of lies which I do not understand about at all that would be better if people just listen to me instead of  stressing and anger losing your jobs losing your wack all the while thank you!

10, Well I surprised on many of the service has not been improved without the real truth guy been there it not impossible for anyone to be taking the blame for other when they are not hard the right training for autism is this going to be continuing or isn't going to be continuing the bad service to good positive feedback services! 

11,  I would remind everyone to start thinking about the ways they are going to be able to improve the service better not better!

12, I will be given out one for the top most of best understandable service with most understanding about autism honest about not ringing the police even it might not include mental health cancer illness to anyone with autism or non-autism!

 In the meantime is that we will look into  ways to deal with challenge behaviour affect mental health / cancer / illness. 

What I shall I say about why is my heart is broken already and shock on many placement has been lose few kids young adult is this going to take you anywhere or is going to take you to the bad name of the placement you have to call yourself the company name what is the point in working with young people who have many issue problems and mental health and cancer is this going to take your careers anywhere to bottom to top no is not going to achieve you own lifetime at all people. 

I will be inspiring much placements who has follow my advice in improvement if you do not care about my advice because it rubbish and it not good  enough because I need to work either side of other autism expert or shall I work on my own autism expert your choice everyone start taking some notices from the real truth about autism expert here. Or are you going to think that I shall not say no more to any of you all out there or shall I move topic to another topic related to lies of the lies?

Let give to the real truth guy is going to get this rolling with the start point in this action now we are taking further invite  in what is issue with the placement that we are talking about this today topic as well.

1, Sometimes you might think that more you face the issue without picking the right autism  training educator which me then the problem will not be solved into this at all if something goes wrong with miss understanding about autism or they just continuing in lies which take the amount of stress anger and speech in the anger way is show me a good example  of why they are doing this or why are they taking no notice from anger from the teacher headteacher's principal managers.

2,  I will say that if you ever  have seen most of your life going
through to good positive time then going through bad time  again and then going to positive and bad time again well this is why the amount calmness in this world made a huge different to everyone life well done to many of you lot out there who has kept it calm while you have been waiting for the right educator in autism trainer to train up everyone thank you so much everyone for your patient and time consuming so  I want to recap now how we will start looking into improving the most of your service to get the most of your chance been in understanding about autism.

Are you ready steady for biggest things that will improve and impact your service changing life to next life making the miserable placement the good happiness happiness happiness in our lifetime history so we can have positive feedback not much of negative feedback making the service bad enough has the anger stress frustration will lose everyone service now we are going rock and roll from  go viral in the respect of understanding positive feedback comment feedback no more swearing negative god sack comment on any service that does not have the right education in autism for a long time ago parent.

well, let's get cracking this now people because my time limited about time for this yen it let think about negative comment feedback complaint forms.

1, We will be thinking about what is more important to you is making a negative comment feedback complaint forms we will look into when I come and train everyone up it does mean that business school college university  youth clubs social clubs and much more in the country  

2, Do you think the negative feedback comment and complaint send forms is going to be able to take your life to the next level or isn't going to tackle  your next  level onwards n life history service

3, Well let's hope that the less of the negative feedback to the world top most inspiring positive forms and comment and feedback is not going to happen and lose your school college university cares homes foster care homes childhood homes day centre anyone in the world I will say be honest youth clubs even it private one or not a private one at all

4, I will wish everyone a best of your feedback comment and complaint forms but just remember the service of your own life hey managers principals teachers assistant head teachers 

Well let's think about talking about improvement bit further questioning times  so just remind everyone that the only way you all can improve is to make a better service by giving out my blog URL at first then  start thinking about images of your face and name under and a written description under enough the image also with autism people might lose who this person who this when they will be point to the right direction to the image frame of person in that work for what they work anyway.

I submitted even further questioning times for everyone service base on childcare and adult services create a name badge that will have your company name on it with  neck strap  so people with autism ADHD special  needs learning difficulties disabilities because it sense the law if you do not have it and a stranger ask the person who has autism but they can't say the question that the stranger has to  think side this person because it not worth it if you wear the badge and tell them that excuse me this my child in positive nice way not in a negative way that will score on the anxiety issue with this thank you guys.  

I also want to come up with some good few things about how people will not be able to lose their job lose their own minded about the CQC coming to investigations what bad service to the best reliable good service them will be out there any way guys. 

Can ask everyone will you stop ringing  the police for every care home need to start challenging the their behaviour wherever you are like it or not stop ringing the police I am going to be forcing myself now to be getting into other care homes about the challenging behaviour if you are refuses to be listening while I am there with you I will be taking further action to the CQC I told them they need to start watching themselves in case they will be coming aft you all out there okay stop ringing the police they got enough on their  like I have to stress out for many reasons okay guys service care home.

I am amuse that everyone is understanding about my advice in autism so on this new page that I am going to be creating is what service has been achieved in last few months which I know one of them is youth zone the way project scheme has already made my feedback saying that I just can't believe that I am listening taking onboard what Ashley said when it comes to someone who got autism on them at all time well I am going to start listening to those who has their life change.


I will have an award certificate from the real truth about autism I will be award best service in the UK who say what they say please work even hard to improved your poor standard in service thanks I will not accepted non-poor stand to good stand in any form of service if you are not willing enough to get something prove then you are not a good placement at all so the best award announcement I will be doing myself has I am also a good at what I am doing right from this moment onwards thanks so keep the promises to yourself let the promises meet every young people adult kids needs thank you so much indeed from Ashley.

So will accpeted more of this service to be completed improfed this country counting if this not the right service no point seeting up any form of placemt if yoiu can't say what you say in the placemetn lot pof the information i found in placement is not true at all I will not be happy when I co,me to you if I am seeing lies information does not take you anywhere I will have to stand abck say no thanks for the placement award cerficate okay listne to me very carefully when i do video as well as that guys.

So I am looking forward to award best service in the countru even you haven't had the right training then I still will be award the ebst college in birmingham best outstandimng school as well outstandi g college care homes any placemertn i do not care waht placement them are i do care about how they are not been cater for many young people eneds at all.