Parent advice

Hello parent It time for parent advice already well I am not just ready for giving out parent advice but I am going to be saying that few things for parent 


Parent violence and abuse behaviour child abuse from parent bad behaviour bad behaviour does not take you anywhere no more than court okay understand parent  I hope so because I am hoping to be supporting the child-line  company I am hoping to be supporting the police on this so if you see me around I accepted good behaviour not negative bad behaviour if I think parent is not worth a hassle baseless to me a favour you either stop abusing your kids or you stop think and do before you end up sending you kids to foster care homes childcare homes childhood homeless homes where they do not want to be sent there they will have parent looking after them at all time anyway.

I also accept more good behaviour when looking after your child make sure you feed them other wire's you are going to be in jail for a long term per terms whatever the police say or not you either listen to your child matter issue or you are ending up in court as well if you do not listen to what your daughter sons trying to explain because of the communication difficulties they 're facing at this time thank you parent not professional but unprofessional indeed from the real truth about autism guy. 

There is more information about this parent advice when i am able to have the time do so okay I will hope every parent does listen to your daughter and sons you better start taking some responsibility before the truth guy see you in bad behaviour abuse violence I will be working with the police and government bodies child-lines other company who is always annoyed about this I will be working with the school about this how the kids are feeling when the problem not been solved at all parenting advice.

well parent look at my life is all about  next after the first topic will be looking into video that I will be showing you about abusive so is good to be an abusive parent we will be finding out very soon indeed is good to be abuse then ending up in jail court well let me ask you very soon when I watch or finished watching every video I saw on YouTube anyway parent I tell you if your abusiveness if you one of them okay parent.

Well welcome back to my list of things that we will be advice parent do not to do when it comes to issuing that is going to be affect by child stress and emotional problems that core on many things ago in the past tenth we will be looking at a video or I will be watching before I say what I think about the video okay so basically I am here to be teaching many parent to understand why you think you are doing to your own child life that child will be affected by their social life and education life as well also it will affect them to be going to foster care home childhood homes social care home any form of social care home anyway 

so the list of things that I will be watching a video on for parent advice in real truth about parent advice not the wrong side advice to the truth guy side of things okay parent.

The first topic in parent advice will be hitting kids that are completed no no no no no no no no no no no no out of order we will be looking into this very shortly just give me a few minute to finding the right few video first guys. 

We are looking at this video if you watch this video please see what action it takes to be a parent that does silly ideas to your daughter sons then ending up in jail for lifetime depending how parent react on the bad behaviour mod the kids miss behaving  

 So I will be thinking that in the video I think that video so  two parents which will be only going to be showing that wife husband  how cool is it to be abusive the child of for no reason this what I think in my own word of mouth guys. I think it is terrible to suffer the child to death is not good enough  but then it not good enough when you can't understand their autism needs or what the problem might be having or they might be a single affect how why they are been
publishment but publishment the child just because wetting a single bed is that a good thing or bad thing it might the a single problem kids wetting bed sometimes they refuse to be going toilet or they might refuse to be taking themselves into the toilet but that does not mean that parent shouldn't be abusive by getting them to be suffering in  hot room with the heating on that will also affect the way the behaviour goes also it will affect the way they are suffering in the bad heat inside the homes parent stop minute think before you even take yourself in jail if you think that going to jail is good enough to  learn your own lessons more than it ios good to be able to get into trouble with the police because you might think it is a fun way to attract kids and then next door neighbours will think why is the parent been abuse aggressive towards kids for no reason. So let me say that in this image is a child I will say what will affect your life more than your child okay let get start on the real truth about parent advice in the real world of advice no fakes grab advice or lies advice I mean completed out of order that the real truth guy has twice more understanding caring than it is been a nasty abuse aggressive to any form of their child issue okay.

Question time to parent only at first before we will move on to teacher advice?

1, Is it good to be a abuse to anyone in the world wherever it is friends child animals anyone in the world no I will say that it is not good parent to be abuse to your own loving caring child wherever they playing up or not if I had a wife now I had a  kids because my wife said Ashley can we have kids please Ashley I said okay but then my wife will have to deal with lot fo things in the nice calmly way not abuse aggressively but then that will mean that I will not be able to deal with whole I have so many things going so we are having kids the very first thing to do when you have a born baby let me say this one baby is a toddler some people will call them in thence way, not aggressive way that the toddler might not put with it but then someone might think something differently personally I think that baby is a nice friendly kind wherever they miss behaving  or not miss behaviour it does not mean anything to parent or nurses homes to be abusive aggressive and also putting your body language to show that you are that kind of people who think everything is always an abusive aggressive they will think what a waste of time baby say.

2,  Why does parent have to be so nasty abuse to their own child what is the problem with this guys stop abuse child life time it is not making you feel better if you got a single problem with your child please take my advice to say this in the way I will say it to my self-employment or my wife or I will say it myself to m own kids if I had one which I am not going to get one but let see the future hold for me instead of me not treating my self-employment that if I have a single company that I own indeed thanks guys.

  > Can you please stop wetting the bed without giving them a single publishment?

That is a nice calm way to say it not yelling at them not arouse them  for no reason for no reason why.

> you can say it again the same question or you might want to say something like this are you having a single toilet bladdy problem or not sometime when things does get on the wrong sides of things they aren't doing because they might be habit but sometimes it might be they might be struggling to go to the toilet or they might be a single problem with them if they are not going to the toilet more than wetting the bed at the same time sleeping through it means that they refuse to be taking further action to the toilet seat more than thinking  how well let me think about another of doing.

so I do get better night sleep let me wet myself in the bedroom is that the right way or the wrong if I wet myself in bed this morning in my bedroom at Aston traditional care home or when I do move in next six months is that my fault or the is because I have a single problem well who know this is a single problem that everyone needs to understand about straight forward but don't get me wrong I do my best to give how I think about things but I am right in a good way when it comes to abuse but kid refuses to be going to toilet more than wetting the bed at all time.

But I am not talking about babies at all I am talking child no babies I can really say about than why they might be different topic on this soon but I am saying all about the chidl side of things okay guys don't worry I will not be making this all up I am telling everyuthing that I can see on the image okay. 

letting parent advice topic for parent only I am going to eb doing a new topic after I had my first topic done and dusted okay so new topic i am sick and tired hearing anxity from parent of my own i am sick and tired hearing moaning complaining when the kids have the right freedom to be doing what they want in life time as well as stick to the law be safe om the road wherevry you alla re in lfe time.

I will be very unhappy if the parent can't control there own anxtiy stop the abusive agreessive  no one in this world has the trth more than I do so therefore if I tell the truth more than lies of the 50% of grab they can give out then I am the right person to listne anyway guys.