My Life History

Hello everyone 

Welcome to my life history 

I am Ashley Davis  I am a real truth autism service company and I lived my life a bad style past tenth and I am a person who will be supporting millions of you out there and how did you now that this company service going to be useful for everyone and I will have to say that this blog is going to be a useful thing because you now how it feels about me going through the bad style last past tenth and with this service will now get everyone to less understand the autism side of this and it a time that people start understanding about how other are getting there effective life's going 
through bad state. 

I want to give people the right support and supportive as much as i can give millions of people and I liked to give everyone a huge massive thanks for those who has visited my blog and my service is one the biggest number 1 service that bring the truth about autism and it will make a life changes for millions of you out there who been through the same thing please do understand about that this is a why that you all out there will be coming to my blog  I want to give all of you out there who has not been support for many years and I loved to say that thanks and I mean thanks Ashley for the support that I am giving everyone life to their future holds from there health to good loving style and I an  sure that everyone across the world has not been support that fine because I am here to  support has many people has i can to get their life back to normal style again and have a happiest live together without any problems with been extracted by their health issue course there anger losing their temper the same thing. 

I really  think sometime in my history been an autistic person is harder than you think it could be and a very frustrations thing for me to be an autistic guy that designed since late last few  months ago. 

It hard when you have to be special needs and you might say the same thing anyway people and your kids do so what I want to say most of the times that everyone in the world who diagnoses late last few  months is a  strange thing and it strange thing for me to be special needs young adult anyway.  

It is a harder thing for me to less to get my life back to normal last past tenth really need to now that in my real truth about autism it take a further standard on helping as many as I can to  get your life back to good style not coming back to the bad style anyway people. 

Well, I like to take a look at the key point in this time around about me and my awesome amazing blog  everyone.

1, I am caring policy person I mean a huge caring all way to the god from the bottom of the ground of ground.

2, I have a very huge positive things in my life about been a such a caring person  that really does matter to you all out their special when it comes to training about autism not knowing from the last start of the months which was 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015.

3, One is that I zooming this blog is, of course, helping people out which is my thanks from the truth caring guy I am  though something really cool that if I am caring huge guy then why can't the government does the same thing guys agreed about that with me.

4. I am just one of the most wonderful caring guy that you never see before is that true guys I hope it is because I am sure that I am not one of those nasty ones out there but I am nice friendly amazing cool guy in the world so what can you all say out there.

I want to say biggest huge thanks to everyone in the world who are now starting to following my blog also following me on twitter google plus business fan page  

Just a quick one I am just starting to set up my facebook fan page  for anyone to like my fan page so that something to be looking forward to seeing very soon anyway guys oh yes who is up for the September election voting for labour I am going for labour this time around I am sticking with labour now on  cool is that Jeremy is so cool man. 

but I shall be  updating more on my history page next time around okay speak soon guys 

The few reason I am saying that is because I seen lot of behaviour abuses attacker  and drugs dealer and also I seen lot of the behaviour getting affected by this I am sorry if I am taking it to serious about this but you know the real truth guy is not having this kind of behaviour in this country I will accept the massive huge behaviour over the millions of years and over  last few millions of year is that we are not taken anything unless you behave yourself like I am in my new flat enjoying my time away from one reason. 

Ideas Brand 

Hey, everyone, I back now have I might as well start doing it tonight as I am going to be busy during the week creating the video for this last year on my blog so what I am going to about give out to everyone is finally answers to my branding Ideas.

But first I like to take a journey last 2014 to 2025 when I start  thinking of everyone not just myself and I mean thinking about everyone in the world that faces ,lot of behaviour in teacher because the amount of training they haven't had is coming on the kids behaviour as well I will say this again for last of my life there is not a single 50% of the lies that has never seen to be understanding about autism company I am very annoyed over the last previous years when the world has been lacking down of the wrong training to the right training in autism I do accept something on this blog is going to be improved more and more with tips and trick from the real truth about autism guy here. 

(But now I am going tell you bit about my branding ideas)

I am very proud of announcing this first of 5th of December brand's ideas in many autism ways the way I want to but it onto the whole wide world.

I have been very busy guy lately so I am sorry for the delay in bringing in my brand ideas everyone so here it is about time that I shall be taking this has my top role model when it come to be famous which lot for you might understand that you have noticed that I  am going to come famous in 2020 which will four more five more years to go anyway guys.

I do understand a lot of stresses has been scoring on everyone mental health cancer but I will not talk about that has I already talks about it on my one of the pages in my blogger.  But I will like to talk more about my loving in my own branding and how I have been  very clever indeed I am going to be sharing with you some of my few best ideas items that goes for personalizing them as well so let me just tell you that I have worked very hard on how many ideas that I think I delivers the biggest appreciation from people when it comes to 2020 expert famous no one is going to be expert than I am okay. Has you will notice that this T-shirt I have for real it called a promoting advertising t-shirt what is I have my own advertising t-shirts that I go around advertising the t-shirts to spread autism awareness so some of you might think this is rubbish when the final answer is that it not rubbish it very clever idea from me and new way of spreading autism awareness it very good designs I have my own logo which it on the t-shirt above right hand of the shirt. 

So let me explain further on the side of the blog I was thinking about a new business for myself taking this has a challenge for me never score on me after I ending up been at my own residential care home anyway after that I came up with a solution for everyone to be understanding autism is that well I am now going to be sitting in my bedroom and think once again to be bringing my own logo designs name of the company which is called everyone real truth about autism. 

So yes that the first title that I came up with to stop the 50% of lie who been never give the right training for autism and because of that they have damaged huge training in autism issue with stress of the teachers all over the world so this is why I am doing this for your favour not my own favour like I said I will give my promises to myself so you all can have the right training in autism to believed me I do understand everyone needs I meet everyone needs realignment on this  while hassle salle around the world here we were gone  lies never going to be telling the truth more than the truth guy will be telling the truth about autism. So my huge answer will is that with best of my heart to the  world of autism I do care about autism more than anything else in my own life so I am very proud of myself from having this kind of massive tons of ideas in my head writing them down on paper telling you all out there what next young man with tons of ideas coming to the reality in my own reality life history.

Here is another kid's  of designs that I have been creating on Picking Up Kids Mental Health In School's so what this is so many teachers has been train in unprofessional wrong with understanding about autism anyway so what is the issue with 50% of the lies that really don't understand about autism in the first place well the issue was that they been doing it for many years not knowing how the training in autism to the teacher all over the country never had the right but having the lack of the training so many years back teacher been stress and anger will be issue with the training they haven't been having the right training in the first place do not worry anymore teacher or anyone in the world you will be taking this first step to being able to see what brand sI shall be doing to get the formally on what you need to have in excepted to have the  right training for autism 

So I like to talk more about this product and say that this is one of my favourite t-shirt that I sure this is your good t-shirt in your good book yen it everyone.  Well if it then the T-shirt will be made to be telling the world to pick up that kind of mental health behaviour issue anyway first before say why they are behaviour badly in school colleges youth clubs anyway it does not matter which one at all guys. 

Hey guys 

Just want to say I shall be back soon this week with more updates on thus branding talks I am looking forward to updating more on this t-shirts brand before any other branding goes on the website blog.