Education skills

Educating training in autism adult service cooking lessons to teach to stop the lack to boost yourself up again, everyone gets the service better again thanks! 

Check out what I am doing washing my hands it very important that every time you cook need to be washing your hands.

So check out this image. It's crazy to think that I went from not being able to cook to be able to cook my own food at my care home. That is teaching me more than I ever been taught by the last unprofessional care name Heidi who was unprofessional indeed but my new care home is a very good way to be able to teach me in a professional way. However, the biggest problem that I don't get shown any respect from the staff. when they are working with a resident user at this time but that they are not doing what they were told or shall I give them a while good telling off from not understanding other that they missing yes that right everyone. This is what people post be teaching do not refuse to be able to get your resident user to be able to get teach how to give them few month or days with the support then take off the support they been given then give them the space when they are feeling brave confident enough to be able to lead back at the side learning how to cook their own food where every making a cake or normal food cooking anyway thanks guys.

for what I think about the staff their property is it important do exactly  does not need to answer the phone when someone is calling you in an advance emergency appointment call out to their own property what I think in my last care home is silly ideas does not mean you are a perfect manager or not a perfect professional manager more than unprofessional indeed when it comes to silly ideas that do not take you anywhere does not make you think you not now anything to everything exactly Ashley.
I think that the staff should be allowed to have their phone as long as they are supporting and then sorry for the distributed but I have to take this call very serious true or false true it is the answer guy.

So ask yourself when did you learn anything about cooking  in any form of service when did you lease get the achievement for the adult service to be achieved their goal's no 0% of the service all over the country that has bad repressive for no teaching the adult how to cook their  own food so it is time that you all start looking back to many years past tenth say to yourself as a teacher in cooking lessons care home cooking teaching from the support worker anywhere you ago that goes to parent start taking your responsibility for what you aren't doing look at me guy look at me guy look at me guy look at me guy that how the real truth about guy does it achieved it without supporting me at all so that how it should be done I swear to god that if you are not willing enough to be able to take any further field on how the cooking  skill should be teach in realm lifetime then you aren't very good teacher support worker parent at all.

Is it important for many young people out there  who haven't got enough support to be able to cook their own food not even a single making a drink making sandwich well this is proof of me cooking my own food in one step  baby step that take me some to bad start of the non-support to having a good achieved in my life it is going to be taking me to next level onward where I will be able to achieve my goals then start going to be living in the flat of my own in next 6 month time very strange how sometimes people don't think before they see that unbelievable adult or teenager, if they are achieving anything to everything about the cooking skills they haven't been tech many years ago it is so unbelievable, as if I got the right support then why is no one else getting the right support at all everyone think about that one or two minute again. 

I like to announce that terrible  manager in care home do not do well according to the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn saying that good company does well but bad companies do not do well so what can I say nothing much bad manager from previous home name Heidi everyone do not get you a job working for the precious home care home bad manager over there not doing very well indeed. 

Let give you fact about me how I am building that extreme to another extreme  all about how this educating skill learning to how to be more independent skills in the way stand back for it watch the resident user watch your kids start taking off in the sky  with cooking talented next master chief will be next British cooking got talented show, everyone see how they will keep themselves safe while standing back to the side watching them grow more  freckling in the way they do need the power in cooking baking the power that they need to take on board understand how I managed to come from the long to short road very quickly growing myself in the way educating by someone who more professional about it to unprofessional about how they think the ideas of them taking them anywhere to nowhere at all. 

 Let moved forward little bit but we will be back on this next topic very soon indeed thanks everyone for understanding keep changes yourself a good favour listen to the truth guy, not the 50% of lies they are no Good they can't-do what I can do anyway thank God is here to save me thanks to Ashley to be saving amount of stress educating people is also here for the advice tips and tricks anyway.

(We will be moving on  forward on the fact side now)

1, FACT: Do you think that if I can achieve it so can education placement care homes university college?

2, FACT: What is the limited of lacking does the cooking skills has been well over 0% of young people wherever they are has no understanding in cooking properly without killing them self or food poison themselves as well  of the many people who has not had the skills for what they think of supporting standing back from the main kitchen at back side of them watching the safety of these skills behaviour when cooking in danger kitchen either school's college University when it comes to trying to make sure that they can be safe indeed like come one teacher in cooking lessons all over the globe how many of you who can't even see what I am doing to achieved my independent skills to least achieved my education history when it comes to looking after yourself by eating food at all time in the world of living with food not dying like Africa but I will be helping Africa out very soon indeed as I am about to be taking further action to the Africa donation to help them to get back on their hands and knees so the moan complaint anger will stop completed straight away guys think about that one or two minute this completed goes to school I will do a little bit story about me at school when I was a young kid I mean it never fair on em having so much support in the lessons showing me but I wish they could be better felt the kids teenager adult to be able stand back watching them with safety of them cooking in the oven microwave so no one get hurt no one get the blame when they just focus on the one thing at the time not even rush into lot of things like me I will rush into lot of things because I am not careful enough to be able to be safe in the kitchen anyway but now I am learning to be safer in the kitchen than I ever done before.

3,  FACT: what if you could have more assistant with cooking with the kids so the behaviour does not generate kitteh  that might hurt someone who might be fed by the way another person been extracted by the person talking that of that could happen well in mine owning my own company that will happen soon as I am not wasting my hard time lifetime in the way I think of supporting company that any assistant  anyway of the assistant support in schools with cooking that cool I will sure that cooking lessons might be a struggle to have a just a single teacher doing all the work without more than a single support in school to help achieved the kids six from in the way they need to be achieved so I will be getting a company that I will be able to send out emergency support to school all over the country in each country I will be setting up my own company that will support everyone with cooking so they can be able to achieve higher educating with more college and school assistant okay.

4, FACT: what kind of cooking lessons are you going  to give your kids teenager young adult young ladies the right cooking skills so yeah so there is it all cooking skill for what they need to achieve in lifetime wherever you are in life they need to make sure that they understand safety rules they understand about danger in the kitchen when messing around the kitchen areas they need to be aware of any safeguarding that should be been took place in all school college university.

5, FACT: what is the most freckling does the cooking skills need to be when achieved when they fancy living in their own flat house bungalow depending on the budget of the government budget that might be lower or high budget anyway so please make sure that keep getting them practice  their skill slowly smoothly so they be able to understand for those who have problems with process information as they born with ADHD autism special needs learning disability difficulty spectrum  disorder so what the most annoying thing when taking information through heads trying to understand about how oven works how microwave works how baking works cooking food works how to be more careful on food dates and outdated food that goes off all the time in the year which is so annoying but that life wherever the food goes off after came through the farms animals anyway.

6, FACT: what name of the love this cooking going to be taking any young people to be able achieved their education well over many years ago I mean going back to the side of lacking down without support in cooking skills lesson is annoying because when did you hear anyone mention that no one has not got a skill for cooking but then they are more likely to be trying this at home themselves without safeguarding in place well I am not happy with how this country has been run by the government after we need to invest more funds into supporting young people all over the country with their cooking skills as they are able to cook for themselves not the slave for them instead they doing it themselves more than parent been their slave all the time cooking the food for them anyway.

So many problems and issues with no one able to give the young people the right skills in the right sense of human getting them to feel safe in the safe they will feel safe in the community living in their own flat house bungalow even those Richie's dream homes as well.

So that all fact I can think of at this time but I am not stupid there is always more of those very soon indeed everyone building this as a real fact about real side of things in the country that no one has even had before that they need before they can go to homes of their own choice anyway so start listening to me get your kids grow really slow step by step in the cooking skill so they are safe when they choose to live with either housemate on their own depending on how they make them feel convertible with doing anyway thanks.

Well keywords point in the cooking when they cook with support without support depending on their level of support they haven't been given many years ago 

1, Be safe in the kitchen at all time is very important other wore's the behaviour in cooking lesson will really Court lot of harmful damaged in the other people contraction when someone is talking and disrupted in the lesson that will affect problem with anxiety to other in the lessons anxiety behaviour all go together but anxiety goes first before behaviour does anxiety does take few minute for those who think differently;l in the lessons time then course knives danger to others affecting their learning cooking when those who keep things private and able to talk to the cooking teacher will be able to understand what the matter with that person that goes to young kids/teenager / young adult as well in the cooking lessons      

2, Make sure that they learning something new with different types of recipes  every time they do cook not the same whole boring recipes Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay BBC food recipes if they cook to learn how to cook different types of meals each time they have cooking lessons or when they are having lunch tea super then the problem will not matter to anyone everyone will b happy at the same they choice something nice I understand choice something nice is hard so I will be given you a simpler and sweet task on what my easy ways of cooking with recipes sometimes cooking without images more text it will build lot of contraction in place then it will make thing's worse for them as well indeed with focus on cooking skills lessons learning how it all goes to not having a single image with them for the process information autism for those who have process information  then yes image will be useful anything like cooking lessons teach for them to be able to help themselves so they understand they will process it nicely smoothly with image stop the anger at the same  has behaviour. But sometimes the is simple ways that people need to start learning about process information  when   focus on cooking skills in the cooking lessons is that images will help me then it shouldn't be a single problem with images and few  sentence help process information for young people with autism at all no reason why that they can't have that at all.  

3, Learning is good but when the behaviour get away from teacher stress then that the problem with my school many years ago I had classmates that did done soemthing naughty things be honest but you now it the way the teacher does not pick up the way they are thinking be honest 

Most of the friends that I am not sure about when it was cooking session time is really hard for to remember all of them but I had few of them in the cooking session so when the cooking session started at first it nearly ending good positive behaviour in my old school cooking lessons but then someone did said to another person about that they are gender calling someone who got under a gingerbread man ginger biscuit ginger hair is horrible color I do not believe someone has gender that is called name calling to someone else personality lifestyle so basically I had all that fuss  all about someone got ginger them another word for it so basically in cooking session.

 Alex did say something back to Shayne who start of this in the first place but if there were assistant in the class at all time controlling over kids bad mouth languages then they will have more supporting in teacher but then you will not have to deal with all the stress like I had a lady who has nice face nice blind hair colour shiny hairstyle it was teacher who was cooking I am not sure what the name of that main cooking teacher but she was okay but sometimes she can not be more understanding in respect when someone is going  through the cold mental health anxiety behaviour issue needs help with anger management indeed so basically I am very nervous shy on cooking food in  the cooking session at all time because of the heat danger of behaviour between Alex Shayne name calling each other anyway I now I can remember about that Shayne had name called by Alex in the cooking session fat man you American fat man but then, of course, you do not need to be saying things like that if you are in middle of cooking I rather just leave it to get on with it  focus  what each other doing without extracting class session in the cooking but sometimes they both had issue and up sand down later with mental health issue most of the time they are not express how they are feeling to the teacher so they can talk to nurse to get them send home to be check oversee what they might have anyway indeed. 

 So if the cooking session was not devouring each other behaviour affect behaviour if they have not had the time to think why they are doing this then well I was the only good boy who has managed to keep under control myself with shy nervous as well anxiety of Alex Shayne other who was involved in the behaviour challenge behaviour session in the cooking session but most likely that it was Alex and then Shayne then Kerry Maynard  so it all goes to show that teacher should not be delaying any form of teacher assistant not even delaying how they can manage to control over the cooking class session without  form to help me please I am struggling to get someone to come and help me with the cooking I am struggling with kids been in there I am very annoyed angry over the weekend in case the behaviour start impacting the stress of the teacher I ending up thinking if the stress of the teacher not getting enough support in the session because no one is willing to be able to support the cooking session so the cooking will not be running if they are not enough teacher assistant supporting the teacher while the teacher teaching in class is that true teacher no one just like you have no teacher assistant well do not worry I will be thinking about the company that I can setup myself where everyone get support from emergency alert warning sign for more support in the school college university to help the kids achievement I cooking control over the behaviour like my school has no for,m of understanding about getting funding to get more support in the schools no understanding why it takes too long for them to get support in cooking session because of health and safety regulations in place for safeguarding. 

This is me washing up well one thing that no one understand when it comes to washing it another safeguarding is the temperature of the water I am sure that everybody who has sensory sensitive need to be aware of the amount of hot water has been generating that will be a killing when it comes to hot water is the wrong not the right to around about lot of people problems is that hot water in washing up bowl is very important to make sure that the water is not so hot that it is very annoying when you think about the water is been very hot but sometimes lot of people moan and complain about other like it hot but then other who have problems with hot water is feel like they have another kind of sensitive with skin is very important to be more understanding g when the temperature is getting quite hot but then the resident user or kids teenager young adult does not understand why the hot water is burning like if it going to burn there figure they don't really understand how burning boil water is steamy water that the flames which are like sort of a colour but don't know at all so I am just assuming that with sensory sensitive is the biggest margin so let talk about the holding the dishes mugs knives forks how can we solved when the dishes mugs forks knives is hot but they are scared to hold it while washing them up by hand is the problem but what if they are able to afford to have washing up gloves that protect them from been scared that one problem-solving stress matter issue nothing will course them to be stress for no reason getting stress over but I will explain to you even more on this.

So what would we do when the problem is facing anger frustration stress inside out body when it come, sorting, hot water indeed we will solved it has I said gloves that used for washing up to stop the hot water getting into the skin of those who has sensory sensitive issues or you might say that I have those issue but not anymore but I still have problems with sensitive sensory more of this anger / anxiety frustration stress the same thing is continuing doing with the hot water then no one is no longer more understanding in what I am saying about the hot water does make people not aware of the temperatures  when it comes angry face on teenager young adult kids or anyone that have hot water issue more on standing back from them doing their washing up making things look nice shiny clean to have the next cooking day food to be able to used the dishes other things other wire's if that washing up skills drying working on their own  learning makes things more calmer when they are not been approaching all the time let them think say  do you what I can't not leave the washing up for someone else do instead of me been lazy or another person in your care home parent house school college university residential schools residential college so if you are the only person who wash dries all the time well this is me I am doing all this on my own  I know that when doing something like this with having your own tap to stop the water getting hotter it will make you feel less sensitive also it will stop everything g thinking the skin is burning your hands of to death  so if I am learning without support worker helping me that means I am coping with time fly's by as well keeping up with the time flying very quick  if pigs fly with the time flying with it when you are busy cleaning up your own mess which is boring job but resident user and anyone living in care home in your own house flats bungalow any service that are here they need to able to get the person to be cleaning after themselves when finishing cooking and preparing food does not matter if you at home it also included cleaning up make things more tidy as well as less untidy  so in this matter faction is that if you are leaving it and pot untidy then you are asking for another person to be doing the work this not why I called  learning your own  housework is important to keep on to of things at all time.

This is me putting my food with oven gloves on to protect me from burning my hands 
to be willing oven gloves at all time not willing oven gloves is protected the hand of the skin sensory sensitive sometimes when kids teenager adult is scared to be able to use the oven I am scared using the oven when pulling out my nice yummy food that I made I am very likely that oven is dangerous when you are not doing it right but when you are doing it right it will be less hassle oven gloves is there for protection and protecting your skin if you are scared because of the sensory sensitive before I was scared using the oven to be able to be brave enough but because I had so much sensory process issue with oven lately it was frightening  stressful because I haven't got the hang of it it this might be why lot of young adult kids teenager who really want to learn how to cook but having issue with going through the sensory sensitive to the skin of their hands this is why I am having issue problems with using the oven because you don't know if they could burn themselves or  they might not want to do it at this time  so oven gloves are best things for keeping everyone who got sensory problems safe from oven but right now I am very brave using my own oven getting the sensory issue out of way so I can not be scared enough to be able to use the oven with gloves when taking it out of the oven while the oven hot boiling hot so it was very brave thing for me and my sensory sensitive skin on my body hands to be able to use the oven carefully indeed. So carefully it does it with using oven gloves it also carefully does it with using the right gloves that can fit your hands indeed.

This is me again carefully  does it taking your food out of the oven this how I protect myself from getting burn from the oven under the lid opened so this is what I am doing is wearing gloves oven to be protecting myself from the heat of the hottest oven just hottest sun heat burning your skin given your a hot tan this goes to oven when you are kids teenager young adult are very scared of using the oven it means that they not willing enough to be doing it unless the teacher care staff college staff help them out that goes to parent at home so it is frightening thing for them do not laugh at them because putting them at risk of losing their blog as well losing the nervous shy if using the oven they are scared don't force them to not put it if they are not well enough to use the oven thinks it is  scarer stressing thing for kids teenager young adult trying to be able to stay away from the oven which it okay for them but the problems is that they need to be able to ask teacher-parent college teacher I cooking session to be able to say Miss  Sir can you help me out with getting my food in the oven if they ask the
sensible adult then don't ignored them help them out make them feel less scared shy nervous about using the oven so they can learn from someone who is not scared frightening nervous shy about using the oven this all happening to many of services when someone is not asking they need to be able to ask the adult who can help them out bit on the oven side of things. 

This is me putting my washing clothes in the washing machine well let talk about how annoying if leaving them out on the floor is it good thing or bad sign of things well sometimes we all leave our dirty clothes on the floor sometimes but other times it is annoying when t course so much hassle anger stress frustration so leaving clothes for someone else to do the work not really that is wrong sign of and a bad attitude for not putting in your own washing dirty clothes in the washing machine so let talk about washing machine it very useful nice way of saving time it good to have a washing machine it good to lease have one than not having one it good that washing machine in out life's not in our life's it really Andy to have a washing machine it is so less stressful when you think not having washing machine to having a washing machine so I loved putting my own clothes in washing machine it make me feel so much better when you learning to keep on top of things when you put your own clothes in the machine sometimes that what make me help even better else stress worries is just chuck your clothes in as soon as you be able to get in the washing machine so to keep them on top is good thing not bad thing it always good sign of the washing machine when they are done then you will be able to put them in  the dryer machine so it is good to be putting them in dryer machine but what about summer spring you can hang them to on the outdoor line when the lovely summer comes one best thing me I will be able to get them out on the line without issue hassle with summer so it a nice bright sunny day to be able put out your washing out on the line it is good way for the sun to get things dry early does without you having to wait for it to be dried indoor line if you put them outside on the outdoor line that will means that the clothes will be dried quicker faster in no time at all. 

Okay let talk further on her field side of things I will give you a fact about summer right now anything I say it is fact it will be fact for good 

1, FACT: Summer is good because getting your washing out on the line not in the dryer machine that the real fact.

2,  FACT: Summer is great because we get the sun shining through our wake up sleep waking us up for morning sunshine through windows affect our sleep in the morning that is real facts about summer.

3, FACT: Summer is great than winter because you got the potential to get out and about in the sunshine getting your washing done on time quicker than the drier machine that is what summer is all about fact.

4, FACT: Summer is also better than rain-thunderstorm is okay now and then not all the time god sake don;t it make any feel down  in the dumps when we all have to have rain thunderstorms all through the summer then ending up complaint after complaining to God saying what is hell going where is summer gone to God listen to me god real truth about autism guy doe snot need to  look back to anger frustration summer is better than thunderstorm fact.

5, FACT: Summer is good because your clothes are done ready to take back indoor to be able to out them away in bedroom pull out draws fact. 

6, FACT: I love summer it makes me feel like I want to to go for summer holiday I want to go for sunbath in the lovely nice sunshine that is fact when we all love summer for those who do for those who love winter we  all have different session in our opinions we all have different opinions all the time fact. 

7, FACT: Summer having a summer break getting on with the gardening washing cars cleaning the drive path away is fact. 

8, FACT: Summer is in our heart it will be it will always in our summer hear fact. 

9, FACT: Summer is always good thing good sign  of summer has it is our summer session because we will go youth clubs during the holidays breaks it also a good thing that we will have break now and then when the summer comes it good to get out and about doing activities also it good to leave your  clothes on the line as well saying that while my clothes are drying by the nice wonderful sunshine I will take kids young adult teenager out and about doing shopping themes parks  that is real fact about summer holidays. 

we will be talking about standing in front first before we will talk about standing back 

We are now talking about the word of mouth standing in front I am sure that every one of you all out there not really understand or understood this one when it comes to standing front is means that you are supporting them with lot of things based on cooking skills educating them getting them to lease understand about cooking lessons cooking session. 

When it comes to standing in front that does not mean that your staffing teams have to do all the work for the kids young adult teenager. It means helping them to be able to understand how to prepare meals. If you are in a cooking lesson you learn how to be able to prepare meals to take home with them. If you are in care home prepared meals for themselves or for the whole house I do not know how it should be done so let give me give you a simple straight forward answer right now below this page.

 If I was a  teacher in school college support worker care home  this what I will do I will spend few month or years depending on the disabilities they all have with communication only to help them to learn engaged new skills to learn how to put on an oven microwaves because you don't know if they may not understand how to used them at all at first. When I was kid I didn't know how to used an oven or a microwave so I got help from my parent they help me with it all then afterwards I got the hang of it as it all build up slowly for sure so if the lacking of understanding in how they post be using oven then explain it has well you can do so say to them this is a oven this is a oven that you used to pout in your food or cook frozen food in this oven so the best thing about learning how ton used the oven is greater than you think it looks but I think you will achieve something in life when kids young adults teenagers knowing how to use the oven safely so, in fact, that will make you feel like they are listening to you when showing them how to be able to use the oven for the future.

They will be very proud of using the oven when they achieved it in schools colleges care homes so I will go further in more of the supporting them with it using the oven well let start then everyone lets get this cracking on with supporting them with cooking using the oven.

Supporting with them is margin big thing for them as it is big for me to be able to stand in front at home schools colleges university so supporting them is  key start point for them to say what they need before they start using oven microwaves so supporting them with those skills is challenge using oven for there first time in life history it not easy to able to used the oven  it quite a difficulty thin been so it hot steamy oven flames coming out of the oven so what I will chest is that show them what the oven does how it works before getting into a routine of know how to be prepared for a good nice meal so in few my tips and tricks I will explain even more about the oven side of things how you should be standing in front  with them helping them lot before you help with little if it is a young adult who is grown up like adult then there is possible chance that you may still need to help them out bit further before thinking about standing back from them completely.

I will now go into further detail on how your staffing teams need to be supervising the resident user school kids cooking lessons college student cooking lessons standing in from with them helping is a achievable for the staff as well for the resident user teachers so it all biggest achievable thing for everybody is good sign that you are supporting them while they learning from the professional expert or from professional teacher in school college university  care homes so one thing. 

I like to point out never say never remember  never say never give up on supporting resident user kids in school colleges university you are doing well indeed working hard to get the achievement for their goals to be able not to lose out of that achievement to engaging their achievement with understanding how oven works so that why supporting them in front preparing for meals for anything to everything is what we all need to be proud of all the time been so they're are not losing out of supporting  bu the support work or  teacher assistant teacher main teacher in class so never say never don't every give up supporting them every you are rubbish at your job don't say that been so you are doing great ground job for it all if you are a support work teacher who refuses them that kind of professionalism is out of 
order for the sake of it.

If you are given up because the many reasons but don't every give up say to yourself never given up on a bad time but don't give up on a good time serious is the fact when given up you are losing out of supporting the resident users this goes for care homes support worker teacher in schools colleges so if you are given up then no point working for any form of companies simple as that if it hard work coping with helping and supporting them no point been in that form of companies okay simple as you even keep trying until you get the resident user teacher schools colleges university then what is hell point been there in first place then simple as that okay cool as that everyone.

Make sure that they understand about the oven will be  hot and  it will be scaring at first but you will get the hang of it next few months but just show them how it all work before they think how well I didn't know how to us the oven  before but when you teach or support them with the oven the think it is  that easy not really it will be hard at the first time using the oven well wow I can't believe I am know how to used the oven for the change been so it is all good achievement for them but when is comes to helping with it you need real help not living them doing it all on their own you now you can't accept to live a kid or teenager young adult doing without support at first living them without support that not right thing that bad thing yes it is you have mentioned to yourself no living with doing all this on their own I will not believe if kid around about 10-year-old will be able to cook their own  food a single 5 years old will not able  to cook their own food unless they have the support but 5 year will not be able to use the oven until they are older enough but what if I could go back to my own under for the argument sake let say under 11 years of age if I start learning how to cook use the oven microwaves that age I will not able to know what is the oven is for I will not bale to know understand how to both of them at all I will have to ask my parent nicely for help support guidance on using the oven microwaves.

But not everyone will be getting used to using the oven or Microwaves when putting food in the oven or warming up the food in microwaves so it is difficult to be able to say what is oven microwaves  do  well something that everyone always learning on using it so let go for microwaves is different pair to oven  it where you can warm up the food if you think the food is not hotter enough indeed  kids teenager young adult may think that what this if you just explain this is a microwaves where you  put in food to warm it up or you can say it different any kind of food like pasta bake roast dinner also you can us it to warm up your pizza soup anything that can be allowed to go into the microwaves so kids teenager young adult somewhere around about that may not understand but when they got the used understanding about the microwaves what it all about then it is alright afterwards and then you explain it calm nicely so they calm as well parent-teacher support worker  main calm while you say this is a good way to warm up the food indeed.

Also, I like to tell you is that it best for a responsible adult to be able to get out those out if they are not old enough yet to get it themselves the warm up nice food. It will be hot food so it best that youngest does not take it out at all it very important for the safety of them but when they grew up they will be able to be safe understand to keep themselves safe while using the microwaves put in food taking it out of the microwaves safer way not a danger way no way that danger is going to be taking you be sensible way instead using the stupid, silly behaviour way so taking a look at the ways that they could be able to cook is when the behave themselves not silly around the cooking in the kitchen if they behave they are willing enough to be achieved and learning new skills so I am pretty like to tell you that I learn lot tons of cooking skills when I was at luke my manager care home which it called Aston traditional care home another care home for share home but I have my own flat with a nice lovely kitchen nice bedroom nice hallway bathroom I came since I started 23 may 2017which I only seem long because I been in the suitable right placement learning more than I have used to do in last care home called precious homes so I like Luke better has the good manager he knows what he is doing when it comes to living in a right placement learning something  new is amazing what you can lease do the same I spend over two years 9 months to be able to an achieved my cooking skills so if you could get your own daughter soon and also resident user College school do the same spending longer in cooking to achieved their cooking skills that would hand to be able to say I am proud of my daughter sons and I am proud of them for coming along way with their school college care home cooking anywhere in the world then you see why I am telling you this. So can you see why that coming along way with my cooking skills is so important to get them learning something  new achieving I been working hard to get where I want to be last 19months ago at my care home which is been funny I can say that I was in the same state many years ago never know how to cook but I managed to come into a place that will give me better quality support in me so I get the right support that will not be doing it for me I shell be doing git myself be honest. 

we will be talking about how they should be able to achieve something on their own but when  they need the hand on a cooking basic with having one to one support workers or two support worker helping them this is where we will be taking further deeply in our life job when it comes supporting them has a good support work not unprofessional bad support work with not showing or they doing it himself when it comes to lacking achievable or not lacking on achievable in cooking skills  so listen up people I am not here to be messed around now I will tell you now that if you are not willing enough to give the residents user or wherever you learning how to cook with the kids in school college  this is should be  where they learn and as well standing back from them thank you if you are not willing enough to be taking my advice then I will give and quite all my hard work thank you  will bring more on this soon. 

I also like to say that where would they be if they don't achieved anything to everything they will be at home with apparently doing nothing than not learning howe to achieved anything to everything so think before you end up doing things for them I understand that some  might can't be able to cook been so their needs but that does not mean anything to everything at all if you can't let them achieved anything to everything thank you I will be coming down to the placement wherever it care home or school college so please watch out I might be coming to see watch  cooking lessons and other things cooking not getting do the things for them so please aware of that if doing the cooking for them they will not be able to achieved much than they used to in past years ago so relying on the cooking side is that person needs to be known how to cook and how cook the food properly indeed so I am sure that I spend all my life in a suitable care home that suit my needs with learning so much especially when it not coming to lacking leaving it up someone else to cook for the person in care home school college university lessons it down to the given them few year support then  standing back from the good talented they are doing working hard to achieved when they need to be achieved you never accept anyone who thinks they refuse to do cooking I will give you keywords for this one below this page.

Keywords for every placement 

1, they need to achieved cooking skills. 

2, they need to start taking more understanding how to cook food without getting ill or poisons. 

3, let them learn while they achieved so much in life to be able to move on in life living in their own place.

4, While they are learning to get them saying this what I do when I am learning it good way for them practising their food skills so, for example, get them saying for a couple time when the pizza is cooked the pizza is brown and crispy  pizza's around the edge also get them to understand when the doll of the pizza bread under that pizza bread is doll which made of flower get them to use their fingertip to knock it like if you knock the door to get answer then you are abler to get them knock under the pizza bread doll and they need to see wherever it cook or not cook at all if the pizza doll is completely cooked then they are most like to say to them I learn something  realistic that they learn how the pizza doll under the pizza bread is hard crispy if it hard crispy that means that it cooks well indeed so see why I have  better tips and trick pair to other cooking session take it has it not so can see you why I am right person for listening to instead.

5, Give them the chance to make sure that they learn something more specific more than not learning anything  to everything that they are not learning to achieved something in life achieved nothing in lifetime so what the matter with standing back after you spend one year standing from of them to be able to get them to process information about food cooking skills.  

6, They learning means they are achieved lot over last past 1 years comparing they never learn how to cook in the past preview years ago but that past now thinking about moving forward to their success to achieved something life time not leaving them out of it and ending up doing the hard work for them instead let them achieved it because it for their main target.

7, I think personally that I rather am doing things myself more than getting my support worker dong it for me that what I think but the little help does not hurt anyone to kids teenager adult in any services.  

Now can you imagine if I was been left behind without living  with understanding how cook then I would not be in care home doing my fabulous hard work I put into in my care home called Aston traditional care home so see it does go to show how other services should improve better life skills better independent skills better learning achieving the skills they need to achieved to get on top of the world where they will be able to live independently in their own place fo choice indeed that will make even more different when they service has improved better understanding in how they need to have the support for 1 years then  next year which you guess it right 2018  lead back let them cook the food themselves make sure that they understand the above word I said before leading them back doing it them self indeed.  

Well we on moving on how to shopping work when it comes to standing back from the resident user for those who are ably capable of learning how to shop with disabilities we might as well thin for young adult teenager kids who are capable to now what the shopping is that great news it shows that they capable of learning how to shop but with another kind of disabilities that are not able to learn how to shop but they will need more help with learning how to shopping works first things is that let talk about the more capable adult teenager kids will have to opportunity to know what the shop look I think we all know that shop is  where place for selling food other product they selling their services make the  money to keep the service going all year around so felt go back to talking about that for young adult teenager kids who is over age that are more likely to understand how shopping works also understand how picking up self by date to non-self by date so basically let me explain  how this works for me when I first start shopping in  cheapest shop which was also  in Edgbaston  next to the cricket ground I usually  go around about dinner in a afternoon or early in the morning has it quit but I am sure that  going to any shop you really need to think are you going to be helping them out in some standard or leaving them doing it themselves but they need to ask when they are doing it on their own. 

So I want to take the further eye on the supporting the main resident user kids teenager young adult when it comes to shopping in their placement so make sure that they know what they want when  it comes to shopping also get them to learn bit about self by date non-self by date which is another good sign for learning something like that also get them to make sure they choice what they want make sue that they happy with what they bought so fair also good thing is that they choice food that will last longer date not short date has if they bought a food that is going to go off next day then it not good for buying the food that will be eat one day but then been wasted next day so make sure they understand the self by date non-self by date in order for them to process that information into their head so they fully understand what is self by date non-self by date. 

Fact about shopping 

I am going to tell all about the fact about how young adult teenagers kids should be able to learn how to shop in any shop, not just a single shop it can be any biggest store out there.

1, Fact shopping is good for learning new skills teaching educating young adult teenager kids how to shop is one the best ways forward for them to be able to learn about picking up choices of food to eat or like to eat.

2, Fact I do my shopping every Monday that one task they could choose when they want to do their shopping always let them decided on what they want to do about shopping days part of their action plan.  

3, Fact it is good for every service and care homes foster care homes childhood home college or school if they do any shopping session it is good for the kid's teenager young adult to be able to learn a lot about how to pick up things pick the right product in the store.

4, Fact that you are teaching them how to cook not leaving them behind the scene let them try cook for themselves why can't you support them instead of seating around been lazy person like you are so that fact how should it been done in care home, school, college you helping them because they will understand why they are getting support for the cooking side also they are learning from the professionals okay let just not let the done for God sake manager teachers.

5, if you let them try cook for themselves let them recognize why they are cooking for themselves then they might think oh wait minute I know why the staff is standing back is because they are learning how cook the food themselves so that is what they post be doing in their cooking skills.  

6, fact if the young adult kids teenager could understand lease understand about how cooking food works so  they can b e able to live on there now without been in parent hand all the time then they will be able to live in their own lovely nice flat bungalow house I don't know what the in and out for government budget so young people will have opportunity to live in their own flat bungalow house but one thing that manager possible teachers support worker need to do is help them to get where they need to be in life not messing around in your own job get them where they will learn more achieved more by helping them telling them calm way not angry way thank you. 

7. Now start doing the job right has it a law I am pretty sure that if you do the job right following my guideline in cooking skills teaching the young people how to cook then you are following the right guideline if you are not following the guideline then you are not doing your job right at all.  

Learning how to pick up a product in ADLI Or ASDA 

Well we will be looking at a ways that many autism kids teenager young adult young ladies can't shop to yes disabilities can shop in any shop at all so we think that if I can shop then yes disability can shop with support or if they are like  me very genius at shopping without a single support that is really cool how cool is that going to be making everyone so take it she yes disability can shop there is no a single disability can't say they can't shop when it very easy for most of us might need more practice on learning how to shop with support or without support so they can lease understand what food they fancy to make a single nice meal one to making a meal each time they go and get the food to come back to start learning how to cook the food so I am capable young man that I do most of the things myself I do not need a single mummy and daddy dragging them all over the place been so I am able to do things for myself that true people so what can you say me learning how to shop my own food with the support worker but not when they think I am a young man that is capable of  it I will say that I am capable young man that can do the things that I am able to understand the safety of things.  

So what you can believe me shopping when the rest needs to even have the support or them might need to support with understanding about product that the Aldi is selling to make the money with I can tell you that  Aldi  is making lot of money I can't believe with the cheaper price I do not know how they can make money with the cheaper because I thought they will lose money for it my main aim is helping service to help them to support the understanding in the shopping from different part of the shops so it all life when it comes to shopping so that what it is all about is getting them to understand so they are learning something if you don't get them to learn how to shop well that is enough is enough for services they will be shut down we do not want to go through the process shutting down we will now get the supporter in services to help them to  go to the shop buy and then also they need to understand learn how to purchase something from the ho whether it is a chocolate sweets sandwich biscuits any other snack that you might think they need to learn how to buy it without stolen the items that they thin it free when nothing is free I wish it all could be free from my point when nothing is even single free even the government will have to spend money been so they are not getting anything free even I have to buy even it money nothing is free at all.   

It very important if they don't want to learn how to shop then well what can you say they need to be able to understand why they are not want to learn how to shop be honest so I have no problem with shopping at Adli but I have a problem with shopping at another shop because the money is low for all of us and as well as I am on an unemployment tied budget is very hard for me to be able to take anything that is very deal or if it less deal that fine but I have been careful with my own money for a long time so I am a caring person with the money how much I do spend in the day every day it all called we will be spend less save more how stupid way for David Cameron say that we have to spend less save more that annoying guys.

how come we have to listen to such a grab ideas from grab government who does not give the damn right about how we all spend money no one can't even save money at all unless they are clever enough but we can't be keeping saving money like this at all but that is life we have to deal with but with it so telling autism kids teenager young adult not to spend so much money is behind me and it a behind the joke when we have to save money each year when the government should be investing to s they should be caring on why we need the money for shopping food so do you agreed with me they should be investing money so we can keep spending to get food to keep us live exactly guys.

but that the way the rules goes for us when  we have to follow the rules in any form of services that what is all about is taking what the government say about spend less and save more which is stupid but you know yourself not far on the public services at all it not far from me when I want to buy something  that I can't afford it at all like video editing or buy something from the shop  that is very expensive  so that what it all about when someone autism kids teenager young adult need sot start taking a single responsible for the money they spend each day other wire's they will be like me money goes gone when it goes that is it so the money is tied budget for all of us but that end of it been so I can't stand for the budget money from my unemployment when I have 36 pound week every Monday but I got £10 pound after the charity thanks to the charity who force government to be able to give me an extra money to live on what I need to live on.

So don't say that I have got myself an extra £10 but I have many reasons to get the extra £10 pound a week which is very good of the charity who force the government to give me a extra £10 pound a every Monday so can I say that don't you think after I had 36 pounds last time is enough for spending what you fancy if you were unemployment most of use are unemployment who is on 36 pound week which is a single lower income which unemployment get so I am lucky to get the extra unemployment money for the honest so lets get back to the shopping where the shopping is very important to teach the autism kids teenager young adult young ladies about it all so they can get a better understanding of how it all works like I went through the lack of understanding about the shop works when shopping when I was  single kid so can you see why it difficult for me to be able to understand about which shop to spend the money or what shop does make you save more money it all because I been changing about wherever to go to ASDA or Aldi instead but I go to get my mocha from ASDA which is some point they have it offer £2 or £2.50 which is not a bad price for mocha at all if you drink much it very nice mocha when you think about sweet so you don't need an extra sweetness or sugar into this mocha drinker who lover of mocha it very nice drink to be able to keep your wake during the daytime never have it before bedtime been so you will not get the chance to sleep at night after drinking mocha.

So after I was struggling to choose which shop I can go to is hard thing but then what ASDA got is they got more in the way of frozen food pair to Adli has little less frozen food but they are putting more into stock which they haven't got the room for it but that just them trying to make more money so I was been also confuses last few years which one is cheaper but some place of are cheaper when they are able to make the things cheaper when the we don't have  the money for expensive stuff which is a absolutely diabolical frustrating as well when we can't afford it but well I am not sure why the deals does not make the money when customer can't afford it at all so that why autism kids teenager young adult young ladies have the money by budgeting the money when shopping at any shop that can have a lower price anyway but that way the world is been like this throughout the years I don't understand why price is so annoying so expensive but nothing we can do about it just the way they need to be able to understand why they shop are so expensive but if they don't fully understand about why the shop are there making it expensive because they are making the money because that are business works for the change I should be making money been so my company is real business but I have no money for it at all.

This is me looking at Adli product  I am sure that everyone can look it very easily done when looking at Adli product for a right product to buy that you fancy buying some time I heard lot of people said they made a mistake on buying a right product which we all do make a lot of mistakes that how we learn from making a single mistake also you will be learning how to make sure that ADLI shoppers to buy the right product instead of the wrong product in the Adli product when I go shopping I have to choose which product that I want to pick up as well what meaks I fancy having for next 7 days meals run so I also make sure that I check to make sure that I pick up the right ones been so before I pick up the wrong chicken but the chicken I like si the chicken that makes it easy to cook but every chicken makes a single same things but different shapes sizes with the chicken but I enjoy shopping at Adli been si it a cheaper place for saving more of your own money that why shopping at Adli si better than nothing more cheapo than nothing.

Si really do love shopping at Adli what a great way to st\art of the money ADLI shopping everyone in the world so great yen it don't you think so I bet you do thinks o everyone ADLI si the best ADLI is the best ADLI is the best ways tos tart muy lovely Monday shopping at ADLi can't wait to do more food shopping I love food shopping been so it all food to keep my a life that what it all take when kids teenager young adult needs to be able to say to themselves food is what we need in our life so I am happy about the ADLI prices so excited about the amount of choice for a cheaper what makes anyone happy is food shopping that what I shell say for many of us we all love shopping been so it a place for life living with food inside out body. 

Why not try shop t ADLI for a cheaper save you more money then go to another shop for other things that you can't find in Adli I am happy with ADLi cheaper price it makes me feel like I do not have to spend so much money in ADLI pair to ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco, but that is not enough those stores can be cheaper but I rather than I go ADLI instead but everyone is different be honest everyone yes they have choices to shop anywhere in the world it could human right shoppers. 

So my very lucky tip draw that when I go shopping it makes me wanna feel like  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it time for a good morning shopping at ADLI let kick start Monday morning the best shopping every people come on shopping  is very good way to get the young adult teenager kids young ladies to be able to learn how to shop if they don't learn how to shop then at any food shops so what can we all say food shopping is good for learning understand different part of the product they can eat and turn into meal yes that correct everyone you have got it you can teach your own kids teenager young adult young ladies to how to shop unless they know how to shop then no one point  teaching them to be able to understand until they can get into there brain that they can be fully more understanding about shopping at any shop that is cheaper.

What if they refuse to be learning how to shop then  well what you accepted the world of refuses is the moment that someone is having when they are refuse to be able to learn something new skills in lesson or at home or in supporting  living so if they refuse then they can't learn they will not achieve anything in life at all they will have to be stuck without learning new skills especially shopping side of things it all good to be able to say to them we all going to be learning how to shop at any shops as well learning how to be more carefully in budgeting which we all know that by now when we all have to learn how to budget make sure that we save more money which is given a care less if we have to keep on saving no exactly but that the way the government is reacting on us to budget our money so we don't spend more save more money from shopping less but what is all that about when we need to keep spending more investment from the government but they are got no excuses to make life harder for use but well that the way we all need to follow the what they say but when  the next government we will see what the next step take us all in life.

So looking for a product that you can buy and also make a nice meal is some time difficulty through the using memories all the time and using your brain to be able to see what you have got what you haven't got in fridge so with the young adult teenager young ladies kids finding something difficult when the choice right product at the shops that make them think what they fancy for  each 7 days my chest that if they make a meal plans to help them to see what they fancy each day each 7 days they go shopping to stop the saving more spend less make the food from homemades instead. 

So I can show you an example of a meal menu plan for the young adult teenager kids young ladies to be able to buy when going to shop which make things easy for them below is the example.

So this is what the kind of meal menu plan for teenager young  adult kids that need to be able to use I use one, of course, I do be so I am happy with having my own menu plans for each 7 days meals when I finished going to shop to buy the meals plans that will stop the spending more spend less make food from scratch which that I am teaching you how to make homemade food from scratch when you at home making something nice disclose  for a first day which is Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday  lunch tea supper that also god way for having before bedtime is having a supper at night which will make a them feel fully load so when they go bed they will not be hungry through the night so it will make life better from kids teenager young adult when they are having something at home or if they having lunch at college school university foster care home child homes care homes any form of autistic service specializing in autism that need to make sure they give them menu plans for what the want to cook then eat it say yummy or another word is delicious so doing menu is good ways that they are learning picking up each month days weeks what they fancy eating or fancy cooking next day and next week so that how it all works for them to stop them thinking they know what they going to be cooking when they can use the menu to help them to be able to get the food from the shop as well as writing a plan for the meals the fancy having each so it will stop the behavior stop them thinking that they can do it through memories believed it not easy hard for me so you can see why it hard for me to be able to use the menu to be able to see what I fancy next each day so what I do if I am struggling to be able to use make up through memories each weekdays months when going to be able to cook something nice by the way.

Let say that resident user or kids teenager young adult young ladies refuse to do a single menu then what else can you offer I don't think personal from my impressive that you will not offer anyone a single other option for getting them to be better of without meu to with a single menu so that the only one easy options for menu is helping them to be able to understand what they are cooking as well as what they are having each time a day basically end of the day if they can't be bothered  to create a single menu like parent should be doing at home with the kids then well don't bother you have to learn your own lessons from not creating a menu plan to help them to understand what they are offer each day other wire's I am not joking I will not be telling you this if I don't think menu plan is going to be working for anyone at all so think recipe what I said about creating a single menu plan to make life less stress stop the behaviour that course them to think harder what they fancy having the meals each day at home cooking session in school will be different which schools could also do  menu plan for kids to be able to understand something also images with the menu plan will be also a good idea for them to be able to choose what they fancy for each food that is on offer in schools colleges university  if possible not sure about that at all so please think about creating a simple or get one from online to be able to start planning menu what they going to be eating each od day of the week so I can say this week.

I will be planning out for a nice meal of chicken chips beans  one day then next day I will plan out a meal which will be pasta bake veg and salade at the end of the plate  also they can have beans salade potato pie  you could also have to smash potato salade veg so there is many ways that kids teenager young adult can plan out the meals they fancy eating each day I am not sure if I can think of and what I can think through my head but I will put in a list of them below so give them the idea of what I always sometime eat but most likely that I each more veg been so it healthy and good for you but also I eat salade as well that also good for you give you the most energy from those food and make you big and strong be honest instead eating junk eating junk buying it from the shop are okay but to much will course display behaviour that goes for fizzy pops as well also the only one way another is buying the ingredients from cheaper lower price store which will be ADLI for me yeah ADLI I love you Adli I can't wait to see you Adli sorry if I bit a silly person or a stupid person because if niss a favourites store that I like going to all the time but you know I can keep saying that but it good thing for saying that as I do sometimes miss them so much when it  comes to shopping at ADLI be honest everyone. 

so coming soon there will be  a list of meals that I can give out for an example been so I spend all my life cooking to achieved them all through the day had through the even before my story bedtime comes a long 

Meals List 

Homemade Pie 

Homemade cheese potatoes pie 

homemade curry rice 

homemade burgers 

homemade cottage pie

homemade pizza 

homemade pasta bake 

homemade veg past bake


So in this image we will be looking at the ways that you can they will pick up the stuff themselves not the adult needs to be doing it then you are doing it for them you can't accepted to do it for them if they are not learning anything at all so you need to really get some of life do something about other wire's if they don't learn from someone who is doing it all for them that goes to show how annoying it can course lot of issue problems behaviour been so they are not need any help with picking up things I am sure that everyone knows how to do those things by now be honest if not them kids teenager young adult young ladies with autism or any form of disabilities needs more support / guidelines on how to pick up the product that is right product so they can understand how the to pick up a single product if the person struggles to even pick a single product then you can help them with it.

So one thing I like to point out is that when shopping at any shop make sure that they do lease that it costly but that they way shop make the money but then it good to find something bargains all the time been so they are more likely there will be bargains all the time which I am sure that everyone knows by now so when I go shopping I accept me to have no support while I am shopping at ADLI let them do work so they can learn how to cope with the food shopping like I can in the image you can see I am coping with food shopping learning new skills how to food shops also food shop can be busy been so everyone needs food to keep them a single life so wherever it noise  or not it still part of life we all need to be able to cope with shopping wherever it is clothes shopping food shopping toys shopping music shop it all part of life when it comes to busy time of the year especially when Christmas does come around the corner where people are likely to be shopping all through the months to be able to get the shopping done for party or presents done before Christmas so there is no magic wand no magic wizard that can come to help to release the down noise at all.

But I like to say that I am so happy about picking up my own product food in ADLi been so I am very proud of myself for doing myself not asking any of my support worker doing it all for me at all other wire's that will be slave that not good at all for em asking someone to be my slave doing it all for me but then I will rather do it myself that when I am learning new skills when food shopping at ADLI.

So when I go food shopping I loom then  I think I really do fancy that food product so I buy it put in the trolley then finished looking for other food product then after that all done I check to make sure that I can enough food last me for a 7 days meals so I look then I say yes I got all my food shopping done out of the way now it time for paying for it at the shopping till then you should be getting the kids teenager young adult young ladies how to pay for there own food shopping money not exactly do it for them unless help them if they need to help them with the money budget so help them give them the right change so they can give it to the shopkeeper tills but one thing I notice  that Aldi also telling the customer that sorry we are now close please go to next till which number 8 7 5 6 4 3 2 1 till so that is annoying make anyone feel stress frustrated about it but that also part of life everyone shop till who is in charged need a break some point they can not carrying  on working through the day until 10 at night they do need a single break so you will have to wait for them to finished then also they will come back onto the till but the one thing I notice when it comes to shopping at Aldi  is that no one seems to be around to be able to help customer out gey  what they want when they are struggling to find something but like I say they need have broken some point in the day or every day been so it a long-winded job for them. 

So what is a good thing from supporting them get them to learn how shopping works by showing them not doing for them showing them they know why they ben show by the member of staff or support worker teacher how to shop in any cheaper shops so basically you will haver to I follow the rules about let them do it not you do it for them lazy or what for them yes exactly it is correct everyone got the finally answer through the mind they need to be show then they do the action for it by picking up the right food product that they like eating specially when it comes to treat now and then they need to be show they do it them own as well.

I really still like shopping at Aldi sorry everyone but I need to go on and go on like a if I never say never in the advance of stopping me saying that annoying word I love shopping food shopping is my relaxing thing all the time when I go to food shopping I spend  money that what it all about spending money not save money then leaving you family suffer starving through the longer per years thank you so much everyone.

don't ever make life difficulty to hardship for them to be struggle to things they can't do at all they always need help with lot of or fee things to be able to get them supporting them with what they need to support with me I am a real reality average human yes that correct I am not a fake human you see me all over the UK special when  I am on buses going to college traveling to other place I am real human  not fake real truth  about autism human guy so all it take that real human can be real human  learning how to food shopping at your favourites shopping store so it good to be a real human that can have a body that move one place to another place been so it good that we all have bodies which have leg and arms and fingers feet knees other things that make our body move one place to another place it very exciting thing to have a body that works for shopping that you can get your legs moving up and down the community other wire's if we didn't have those things then we will not be life would we exactly like we all understand that we need to make sure that our body is working not working, by the way, people other wire's how are you going to get down to food shop to start spending money on food to live life exactly. 

when it comes to looking they need to make sure they don't be rude by pushing into a line of crowd people shopping store make sure that kids teenager young adult young ladies does say this word please can get pass thanks make sure  they make a pilot to the person who is in the way make they are ben respectful to other while food shopping other wires they been rude for no reason at all so make sure that they are been nice to customer other people are food shopping at any food store I just need to mention make sure they are picking up the right food product in the show not let them to randomly pick randomly brand in the shopping store.

This is me putting my food product in the trolley also I have to be careful when put something in the trolley like of it was a mug I have to place the mug cups into the trolley very careful which means kids teenager young adult young ladies might not be able to understand when it comes to breakable product  in store so when they are picking up something the store they are accepted to look after the product when they are pushing the trolley around the shop so if the trolley I am pushing then.

 I am been very careful when  it comes to placing a product from Aldi store to lease but them in the trolley very careful as you see that I a been very careful about how I place the product or brand food in the trolley so don't think the kids teenager young ladies are going to be very careful when  the product might be deal or expensive.

 But you might think that they are not able can't afford to give the money to the store manager to day sorry for breaking the you're one of your own brand who have the money for all the expensive deal  product we all have to e careful some time when the product is very expensive we need to make sure that we look after the store brand other wire's what you are accepted to afterwards nothing much nothing less.

 Which means nothing more means that you will not get any more same product if the one or more been broken but then the same product has been broken might be that you will not get the same one again but with the less meaning is that you have less money to spend but then you will say to to who every ask you to pay for it you only going to say I can't afford to spend the money replace on the broken product but with the food nothing wrong with food but mugs cups glasses other breakable product yes they might ask you to pay for the broken product when you only so much money to spend on so it good that kids teenager young adult young ladies does be more understandable when it comes to shopping at any store or anywhere or any shopping okay so make sure they are careful but they can look without touching it if the product is breakable product in store let talk about how boring shopping can be well shopping is quote a boring thing fro me other like kids teenager young adult young ladies but then well what you accept is nothing than life is tough get tougher been so food shopping is what we need to be doing every day task if that the case when something like those have to be a boring thing  not a entertaining thing well what you can do is not bother going food shopping and suffer without food that simple be honest so life is life we get together and we all say we have to food shopping so we can live life like a food style eating healthy not junk food unless you having it for a treat now and then.

so this is me shopping at Aldi again well this is me picking up something very nice one thing I can advise on is that when kids teenager young adult young ladies is food shopping make sure that they are choice the right product other wire's you are rushing shopping without realizing that you are not picking up the right food that been list on your shopping list I always have shopping list on me at all time so I know what food I need to get what food I do not need to get at all so I can give you the example to a shopping product list before we get stick into shopping product  list example two make sure that everyone understand what is shopping list when they do then they are ready to make a single shopping list when  going out food shopping cloths shopping so when  you are planning something with the kids teenager young adult young ladies with autism or any disabilities they really need to know when they are planning out something that fancy it does have to be food shopping or cloths shopping it can be a either a single trip to  zoo it the same thing ahs planning to go for food shopping cloths shopping so I will now give you the example for food shopping product  list so they can understand what food shopping  list is all about.

I will given you a example for one of food shopping list I am going to still look for a example good example for food shopping product list 

1, Yoghurt                 8,  pastry                                15, lemon                      22, chicken dipper 

2, bread                     9, Apples                                16, orange                       23, chicken nuggets 

3, wraps                    10, bananas                            17, jam                            24, chicken breast 

4, milk                       11, corn beef                          18, biscuit                        25, bacon 

5, chocolate               12, pizza stuff crust               19, cereals                        26,  mints beef 

6, justice                      13, deep pan pizza                20, crisp                          27, sausages 

7, cheese                      14, cola  cola                          21, jam tarts                    28,  chips 


So those a re what well called brand when they are been bough by the manufactory is best that you tell them where all those food come from has some food comes from the main real factory that make those food some food comes from famers to be able to shop them to right store like ASDA Aldi Sainsbury's Tesco  M&S farm food store Lidl's Iceland store most food store will have the same things but  what I find interesting that food store does not seems to have food  you want so my kind of good advice if you can't find the food you do not think it there in any food shop then I chest  that you go to different food shop until you can find the right cheaper product that you can buy different food from somewhere else I will give you a example to one of them below this page just forgot with kids teenager young adult young ladies with autism ADHD special needs or disabilities does not matter what kind of disabilities they have is all about them learning new basic food shopping to be able to understand where they are coming from in food store so be honest it rather if you can tell them get them tell you where does those food come from as ait a part of a good session so they can learn where came from where the been making them  understand where they come from okay special when they are not fully aware where came from what part of factory each food comes so for my example below will give you the ideas for food that are not in the store but it might be in another store that may have it if they don't have it then the reason for that they haven't got the room for it or they haven't had it in stock when I go shopping I find something that I want they haven't got in stock at all so my stress was affecting me been so the food they haven't got is not there eat all so I can give you a example to my yummy favourites pizza which stuff crust cheese pizza.

So I come from Aston transitional care home which will be called blue berry transitional care home instead some point when the manager Luke get something sort out for the company name change so I go by car or bus same time not all the time that I will be going buy car I usually go by bus number 1 bus to Aldi in Edgbaston on the Monday morning afternoon evening some time so I gone there to Aldi it only took me a two minute to get to the bus stop wait for   it to  turn up then I am on the bus go to the each stop to pick up the passenger which that where kids teenager young adult young ladies will have to learn to be patient been so bus driver is not going to be moving any quick than you re accepted to get then on time been so there is other  visitor waiting for buses all the time so I got on the bus next to common hill park then walk down to the Aldi shop bye pass the cars going pass the main busy road speeding on the road then when I am at the Aldi shop then In get a trolley turn the trolley nicely without smashing it to any other customer or another word for is bumping into customer like a bumping cars so no one will be getting hurt at all so with that patient from the kids teenager young adult young ladies if they don't have a single understand how to be patient while getting a trolley well what can you say nothing more at all they need to be more realizing that if I do not lose my anger frustration been so customer is taking far to long to get a single quick march trolley then well I do not do that at all I wait until they get a single trolley then it my turn to be able to get a trolley which I use a token coin instead of pound coins or new pound coins you buy token coin for a cheaper reasonable price I will give you   reasonable price below now.

So make sure that you have the right size trolley coins for the trolley other wire's if you don't have the right size for ti the trolley token coins will get stuck that annoying been so you haven't chosen the right size for it at all always make sure that you have the right size for it. you can buy trolley coins token from eBay amazon for lower bargains reasonable price from amazon eBay so don't worry you are not spending any more than what the price says on both biggest online retail store that makes a lot of money also make sure that you weill get one before the rpice change on amaxon ebay been so price does change all the time nevery stop the same prive it will go higher price so I think it worht buying one as you will be able to get the trolley with teh coin token. 

Sell by date to non sell  by date in food  in the shop will be coming soon 


In this topic, I will be teaching those who are unprofessional about not doing a good job with travelling training look at me I have come a long way and a short road when I first started travelling but I have still learned how the routes go around about

Learning Travel Training 

today topic we will be taking a single look at the ways that no one assume to be teaching kids teenager young adult is any service about how to traveling wherever you are in community learning new skills all the time if you look that is me in the image next to the bus stop not exactly waiting for bus but this is a image of me showing you that I am at the stop waiting for a single bus which is the 50 bus I am sure that when you are teaching educating beginners in service about how bus routes  time works this is a simple task make sure that you clearly tell them what is this they will say it is bus stop then give them well done for it has some young people with disabilities might not be sure what is it don't forget when I was first learning how to travel from home to school I didn't know what the bus is for so yes it does happen when you look at the young person  say well done I am very proud of you for saying bus stop but don't get that it is hard for young person special communication and communicating them is might be a struggle when it comes to saying the word bus stop so basically if they can't say word properly help them out then tell them if they can repeat after staff so they can try to say bus stop don't be angry annoyed upset by young people with autism if they can't say it right at all or they can't say it because they might think it very hard to say some word even I have trouble with communication communicating about what is this so if I give you an example of what I think about what is this will see why commutating with them while waiting for bus to arrive on time this goes to little ones it can go to anyone be honest don't get me wrong I didn't know what the bus stop is  for but I will explain it to you so you can explain to young person while you are working with then  closely on traveling on the bus. 

Explaining what is bus stop for 

Well, a bus stop is there for everyone and is there for many reasons why we have to have bus stop is so people can be able to stop at the bus stop and then wait for bus arrived some time it very quick during the weekdays but Sunday it will be slower but some people say that bus does not run on Sunday quickly but if you think about they are there to be making the money as well there for picking up and dropping off passenger but bus does run very quick on Sunday because I check I thought the bus does not run on time they do be honest they quick than 18 bus  I am 100% guarantee that 50 bus runs very quick but some of you think the bus runs slowly but I am sure that he does not run slow when I am waiting for bus on Sunday but that just my opinions so don't take my  word for it if it is  wrong or correct answer for the change  so that what bus stop there for is people to be waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrived nothing much I can say about that it just bus stop.

Let talk a bit about how travelling training works for young people in their first travelling when I got start learning how to travel I was bit confuses bit unsure about what bus I want to catch where do go if I want to go somewhere nice in the community when I start doing my traveling on bus back in 2016 I was confuses on what bus to catch to town city so I think oh wait a minute it 50 buses stop there no more like  me confuses not really sure what I can do when it comes to catching the 50 bus so afterwards I see the 50 bus goes to town city next to the Bullring also it goes to King Heath high street Mosley high street so be honest I didn't know anything about the route where the bus goes at first but after that I got used to bus route where the 50 bus goes so when young person is traveling they need to understand it going to be nosey crowd also it going to be where some people will talk loud talk   

quietly or sometimes young people might not understand be aware of other who might be talking to them but please make sure that staff is always be prepared for silly nonsense people on the bus when it comes to they are asking for money from the scammers begging  for money from young person so the staff needs to be aware of when it comes to teaching young person how to watch out for those beggars who tried to beg for money when they are just acting like they just want to be rich when they just been silly they want other does the same  thing as well also I like to point out is that make sure they are safe when going on buses so it is very good to get them understanding get them to understand how buses works be the way so it helps them to be more understanding but also I forgot to say sometime they might have trouble with process information so it best if you take  symbols with you they will understand  with symbols better than trying to understand through memories so it makes it easy for them to understand with symbols.

I am pretty sure that if they can't understand it then they can understand through symbols instead which symbols does show more understanding than it is through memories so it yes for symbols if They can't really understand it at all so it a yes from me so that is the answer from yes it will warm if images were in place for kids teenager young adult they will understand bit more better than they will have someone explaining by voice talk be honest that image is better of than it is better than a voice to talk to them it will show the big different to young people life when the image is been put in place for many reasons for helping them out bit better to be more likely understanding about the different route different buses goes where so my opinions  is that if I struggle sometimes with saying what is this where does it best if the images came in place then they might think oh right I didn't know that this bus goes to one place to another place  

I also like to go back onto talking about how  young people with disabilities problems with process information how they find things very difficult in bus route and where the bus goes I can tell you now that the last year 2016 I find it very hard to be able to understand what bus goes where it is simple thing for disabilities who are struggling at this moment onwards it is a yes from has disabilities young people wth autism ADHD special needs does find bus route very strange a hard to understand where to there is a couple option that they might stop their needs to help their understanding so they don't have lack not to understand it then get frustrated over the different bus route where the bus goes how the they react on when the bus stop believed me it is hard when you might be tired can't contract to make sure you stay awake is hard thing but when you think about how hard work it is for young people with margin issue with understanding where ethe bus goes it is best that symbols they take with them all the time so they will say oh that where the bus stop me that when they need to get off the bus but it is harder than you thnk it not easy to understand where the bus route goes it very hard for them to lease do not understand more than if they explain clearly enough they might get into to their head but I can tell that finding yourself around the country in community is harder than you think because we all do it don't get me, wrong people, it is tough thing to do traveling on buses then you ending up falling sleep than miss you stop I think that when they need to be promoted and get them to stay awake while traveling on the bus be honest so symbols will work for them it will work for me I shell be taking images with em when I move in my own place of my own choice if the images will work for me  them it will work for every young person with autism ADHD special needs.

what kind of things to be looking out for when the young person does not really understand about bus routes below is the target?

1, a young person needs to understand know where to get on the bus when to get off the bus without promoting them in a nice way not nasty way like come one service respect young person issue with difficulty understanding if time to to get off not the time to get off the bus.

2, if a young person does not understand when the time is right getting off the bus tell them nicely calmly they might respond to you same way as your response to them.

3, if a young person does not really understand if the bus driver is going to be stopping or if a young person might not know how to press the blue or red button in the bus.  

4, if young person find it hard to get off the bus because the bus driver might not stop at the right stopping then explain that many reasons why we have red or blue button on the bus tells the bus driver the passenger will be able to get off next lot of passengers will get on the bus 

5, if a young person with autism does not know how to press then say to them if they press the button bus drive will think oh okay this person passenger needs to get don't forget that it might be best if you show them how to do it.

we will be talking about the red button on the bus which everyone should now how  to use it and press to tell the driver about the when the passenger needs to get off when the button does tells the driver the driver then stop and then the passenger get off the bus if passenger get on the bus then the next load of passenger comes on the bus so pressing it a good sign of telling the driver when the passenger needs to come off the bus so they can get to work school college university so it good thing for driver to been listening to the red button that everyone use to press with their finger so it good sign so then those who get off will get of those who comes on comes on simple so it not hard to press the red button on the bus at all it simple one press that all some people press more than once which is annoying driver so it best once is enough then the bus driver will let passenger of then the next loads comes on the bus to take them wherever they need to go it is very good to used buses for many reasons to be able to get from to places I am using bus has I will not be  able to drive car, to be honest, it cheaper than driving car if you are a person who doesn't drive but is it good to give car rest used public transport instead so you get the fear and fear of how to feel like when using buses.

Nervous Shy 

We will be talking about how I find nervous shy going on the public transport when I first start going on the public transport I was very nervous shy it was nervous crackling day when I was bit nervous going on bus don't forget some young people with disabilities might find nervous shy going on bus is the margin big thing for them so it is very nervous shy thing for me to be able to try to get on the public transport so it is a nervous thing for me but afterward I was nervous shy I was able to say to me myself don't be nervous shy Ashley you know you can do it by the chance so after I done the traveling from home to school I was lot better when I was able to understand that nervous shy is good thing, not a bad thing it is good thing has you will learn how to get rid of the emotional nervous sky feeling inside you inside you but after you think about the nervous shy you will  definitely feel different when you start traveling on the bus so it  is a yes that you will be able to think back many years ago when I was shy nervous I think to myself I boosted myself up after all the hand body shaking inside me I felt like if someone was rocking me side to side but it is not that at all it all do with nervous shyness so.

it is a changeable for me when I first starting to feel that way but I am grown out of been nervous shy then got the hang of using public transport so yes young people will be feeling the same way has me so it is a yes it will be first nervous shy then brave afterward I was been brave after I was been in a sort of nervous shy mood but then it all came to reality for em to be not getting so shy nervous scared is another one is that when someone is scared they feel scared going on the bus but I understand how scared will make really strange for young people because you don't what could happen to them so it best if adult goes with them at first before they get the traveling on their own that is a safer way for young people with disability to be able to feel safe with adult I mean grown up adult then when the time comes time is  right for them then they will be able to go on their own so they don't feel scared when adult is with them I had to have a special travel trainer who was coming with me name Cori who was travel trainer who teaching me to be able to travel on the bus on my own from home to school school to home that all I been teach about is home to school to home on a 47 bus to cotterdrige then stop at cotterridge  so when I  get off the high street in cotterridge I then press red button  say to the driver  that where my stop is next to the pizza express shop on the hh street at cotterridge so i got of that bus then ending up getting of that bus route then catch the 11C bus to selly oak but can I tell you some time I walk lack not bother catch the  47 bus so basically I lack it never willing enough to catch bus so when I didn't I had a good walk to cotterdrige then I felt really good inside has I was doing a sponsor walk where it just me doing the sponsor walk walking from my home which was farlow road then walking down the farlow road I was walking straight down no it not catching the bus kept walking long the path then skip from catching the bus instead then kept walking pass the doctor then walk pass park ending up turning left then walking pass the pub then pass the houses then walking on the path where busy road where it very trapped  up with car waiting to go then turning left again to be able  to get to cotterdirge by pass the bus stop by pass the train station then walk to catch the 11C bus so I catch 11C bus i didn't want tpo keep  walking until I get to selly oak but I stop walking when I got to cotteridge high street when first managed to escape the catching 47 bus I ending up get to cottdrige on time before the bus came so I ending up running half way to catch teh bus then I seen my school mates waving getting excited about seeing me I though god no save me from seeing trouble makers on the bus that came from selly oak trust school so that was my good old school days where I am able to noit go on school buses which I did so be honest but after that I went on public transport which was very shy nervous but I was very brave at the end to be able to go on the public transport. 

Don't get me wrong everyone gets shy nervous sometimes when going out learning how to travel with a travel trainer or support worker or wit college staff nothing wrong with shy nervous at all I am pretty sure that I get shy nervous but when you get the hang of it it all comes very natural  easy at the end of the your first traveling training so it really good to learn how to travel training I like traveling on buses before I didn't like it been so it all noisy crowded and also it is all annoying when someone on bus delaying other for getting off it so annoying when you want to get off the bus then someone having debate about insurance and bills fighting like dog and cat will fight indeed.

Let take a single look at me I am at the bus stop number 50 I look really nice in background where the 50 bus stopped so I am there waiting for a bus but don't forget that I wasn't waiting it just me showing how it will work when waiting for patient for 50 bus the 50 bus comes regularly every day it is a 24/7 bus services so when it comes to waiting you don't need to wait that long even some people can't  be patient enough to get to work and place which is understandable I understand how time-consuming so people have not got the patent but if you going to be stressing out about the 50 bus stop well don't be stress their is lot of 50 buses in Birmingham believed or not so if I was you right now trying to get to somewhere important then it is going to be rush hour time consuming indeed so it best if you wait patiently for the 50 bus if you live in Uk only so 50 bus is great way to catch the bus from the bus stop and it great way to get you in Birmingham town king Heath town and another city if the 50 bus goes to another town so this is me waiting so damn, patient it taking a long time up what can I see behind te image is 50 bus stop why not me on the image seating on the bus stop but not getting on  well this is just me showing how you can seat on the bus stop as well standing up what every make you feel more comfortable doing so if young adult kids teenager has not glue or understanding why waiting for a long time sometimes  it could be delays in traffic jam  so bus does sometimes delay special 18 buses they delay it because they can't get people to place from so they delay quit lot during the weekdays weekends be honest guys.  

So can you really image through your mind that when you are thinking about waiting for a long time it gets you stress frustrated anxiously  annoyed because you ave to wait for a long time it makes you wonder is the 50 bus breakdown is 50 bus  going even come to pick up the passenger waiting at the bus stop or 50 bus could be trouble on the bus sometimes  can be always delays time waiting hours for the bus to arrive if you understand that bus can be delayed so many reasons all that reason is nothing than waiting for bus to arrive at the destination so you say to yourself finally how long did the 18 bus took to get the passenger waiting outside patiently for 18 bus then 50 bus then number 3 bus soon to other buses so it bit annoying stressful yen it guy I bet it is so if so then my advice for waiting for bus is main calm relaxing wait until the bus diced to arrive at their destination Okay below is more advice for when waiting patient you are bored and tired and sick if waiting for long time for it my advice is that you can do what below.

1, You could listen to music take your music with you wherever you go but remember for young people they might feel stress about it's it best that music does the trick that will help young people to feel calm relaxing while listening to music while waiting for 50 18 number 3 number 7 number 6 buses.

2, You could play games on your mobile while waiting for the bus to arrive at your destination so it good to keep you happy while waiting for buses to arrive at the bus stop be honest.

3,  You could chat with someone who if you have anyone with you that you chat about anything to everything while waiting for a bus to arrive at your destination.

4, You could watch youtube videos on your mobile phones while you are waiting for a bus to arrive at your destination.

5, You could talk to someone over the phone while waiting for the bus if you are lonely got no one that you can be able t talk to while waiting for the bus to arrive at your destination.

6, You could watch a movie on your mobile while waiting for a bus to arrive at your destination.

7,  You could grab yourself a drink or treat yourself then come back and wait for the bus to arrive at your destination. 

8, You could read a book while waiting for the bus to arrive at your destination.

9, You could play games on your devices while waiting for the bus to arrive at your destination.

So those the things that anyone can do while waiting at the bus stop God it is hard enough bad enough to be waiting at the 18 bus stop when I was waiting for the 18 bus when I was at my last care home called precious homes it was so boring that the 18 bus taking us to long be honest so boring what can I do when I was waiting for the annoying silly 18 bus that really made me stress angry because the time the 18 bus took is far too long it behind me or behind joke so guess what I didn't do those things  that been listed above but oh well not to worry guys sometimes it is boring when you have to wait for the bus but we have to understand learn delays  and the  margin issue for buses to be delaying all the time when public moans complain about the bus been taking far too long  with above things  that you can do while waiting is going to make you feel calm relaxed not so bunch up with lot of stress patient sick and tired waiting boredom course display behaviour also it course anxiety.  

Let talk about how annoying is the waiting time is going to be when waiting for  the bus stop some time no one has the patent but we need to understand learn that we all have  to wait sometimes it, not a magic if the bus service company could turn the bus into a magic wand with a good chance of a good magic it will be nice for the bus to be turned into bus that goes from one stop to another bus stop I can extremely say that there is no such thing as  magic wand that will do help bus to get one bus stop to another stop be honest not such thing as a magic wand if they were then we will be going to different place in a flash like magic  that gets used there faster quicker so no magic does not exist with buses get you their quick magic is not excited so young adult kids teenager when it come stop waiting patient you have no choice special when you have wait for a bus to be able to arrive in matter of minute but like I say if I have to wait be waiting for the bus then so do you that how simple it gets, to be honest no way another the bus is going to be getting you there quicker because they have to follow the law in speeding so they only can get there when  they can be honest it all down to be waiting for patient or the things I advise you on doing them while waiting but don't every miss bus while you are doing those things it will be strange thing while doing those you miss the bus stop afterwards that will be annoying stressful as well missing the bus. 

Can I say how annoying it is when some bus does not seem to be coming on time when you have to wait for a single annoying bus to arrive at your destination so it bit annoying but that is part of life when it comes to waiting for something like if you waiting for a Texas it is part of life been so you have to be patient for it arrived before they pick up passenger so bus can be an annoying sometimes pain in our neck been so it not fair to the person who is outside getting wet outside at the bus stop so believed it or not we all have to wait for something in life nothing comes quicker and easy for the change been so no has got a magic rind to get one place to another quicker we know that buses are annoying but they have not got blue lights when it comes to getting them moving cars lorries way so the bus will be able to be allowed through the traffic jam but they are got no blue light on top of the bus roof to warn people that they are coming through the traffic jam. 

Now let talk about me in this image this is me at the bus stop as well me at this bus stop I am pointing at the bus timetable that tells you about the bus time route where the bus goes some young adult kids teenager might think what is hell is that is all about well timetable is a something for everyone to look at everyone benefits for it it also very handy for knowing where the bus drops you off in different part of the world so if you are going to a place that you never been for it very hard to know the place know if the bus takes you there be honest so with me even autistic the timetable made me thinking where hell is the bus goes what route does the bus goes this is why it very hard for people with autism who have struggled in past to be able to understand about bus route where the bus  takes you so yes I understand how bus don't really explain you much where does this route take me some time it can be annoying when you haven't got something to be able to understand about route different route when bus take you could be thinking what minute this bus taking me wrong or it might be that you will be on the wrong bus so be carefully when you going to be taking yourself somewhere but don't know where you need to go because it happens to many people that course lot for stress anger because seen you on the bus you think wait minute I need go back check with my bus driver if I am going on the right route anywhere you are going in the world. 

So looking at the back in time where I was not able to understand where does this bus goes for a example I didn't know where the number 11 bus goes before when I was kid believed me or not it was strange getting to know the different parts of the world using public transport is bit odd and strange some time been so you might say that 11C bus goes to selly oak I didn't know that 11C bus goes to selly oka before that new world after all I also didn't know where number 47 goes to I didn't know where the number 50 bus goes to so it all learning curve so it all learning new bus route all the time that when you don't have a travel trainer that all boils to money for them how many people be able to the traveling training they need in life to be able to build more confidence in themselves to reach higher possibility of the skills they need to be able to learn where the bus goes where the different part of the location in the area is so it all hard for many people in life trying to learn those things it take up quite year for the many not few to learn how thing works I sometimes take me longer been so it process information issue that why it is problem with me taking far too long to understand it is hard to not know where you are going it good to be able to use tomtom that tells you right direction if you going on bus you can still use tomtom on your devices as it will help you to go different place sometimes tomtom take you to the wrong as well so it is a mixer both things when it comes to taking you two different part of the location that you really want to go for also I want to give you my suggestions on how to be able to find somewhere when you lost 

List of advice that you can ask someone 

police officer 

shop keeper 

security guard 



boyfriend girlfriend 

so there are many people that you can rely on asking for help when you are lost indeed but stranger you will have to be careful who you trust with the stranger if it a nice person that will be okay if the person who does not care nasty ones then do not trust them  been so they do not care less be honest people so be very careful who you exactly going to be allowed to take you to the right place pointing you into the right direction.

So in this image I will be talking about me travelling to my youth club I am very proud of myself for been so brave to be able to go out in the community it is a unlikely that I will never stop saying that I can't-do it when I can do it so I am very brave some people might have difficulty like those who have autism might be facing issue with not understanding how shy nervous it can be going out in the community going on the bus with fully loaded of crowd people on the bus which is part of life be honest when it comes to crowd on the bus I didn't like crowds nosey on the bus but after I spend all my life getting the hang and use of it I finally understand why there are so many people on the bus noisy  kids on the bus making lot of  noise   on the bus but there are ways for autism kids teenager young adult who does not like the nose is finding that simple solution in them to cope with the amount of crowdedness and nosey on the bus I will give you my advice below this paragraphic  some strategy  on how to be able to get autism people to cope with the bus crowds nosey sometimes it can be hard but it can be done easy and effective way let me give you my advice right now.

1, Listen to music but make sure that you watch out for your stop never miss your bus at all when it arrives at your destination.

2, Watch a movie on your devices but never miss your stop when the bus is arriving at your destination.

3, Read a book on the bus to ignored people silly people on the bus don't miss your stop when the bus is arriving at your destination.

4, Play games on the bus to stop noisy crowds on the bus with your headphones next to your ears but never miss your bus arriving at your destination.

5, Watch TV on your devices with your headphones on next to your ears but don't miss your bus arriving at your destination.

6, Watch YouTube video on your devices keep noisy out on the bus with your headphones in your ears but never miss your bus arriving at your destination.

7, Read Kindle book on your devices or tablet on the bus but never miss your bus arriving at your destination.

So those are my kind of advice that I will suggest people to be able to take my advice take it in a real action when going on buses  for getting  rid of the noisy  crowds sometime if you rather not have those things I prove you with that find then you will have to be able to cope with them if you think it not worth your hassle time with doing those things I gave you if you want to be able to take that advice that great go ahead do it in real action.

This is me on the 50 bus coming back from town it was a very busy town but that does not stop me from shopping been nosey looking at the town centre shops so it is a nice town center nice place for eating out I went into town has part of my travelling training also with autism kids they might be scared or nervous in getting a bus first for the time they might not understand how busy it can be on the bus that just life be honest for autism kids teenager young adult with autism so if you are explaining about the bus is going to be busy this time of year then I chest that you do it calmly professional when  explaining the autism person about the bus will be crowd nosey busy are they going to be okay coping with that crowds noisy on the bus but with me I can cope with it very well indeed I am very happy that I understand it crowdy and noisy I can cope with very well no problem with me copping it extremely indeed. 

This is me travelling into town I am on the 50 bus travelling to town city so that me travelling it not that bad when you think about helping other autism kids teenager young adult to be able to understand why they are on the bus for so it good to make sure that they are not frightened of getting the bus also sometimes they could get agitated when they are on the bus so the only way that you can help to cope that is get them to listen to music while they are on the bus if they don't want to listen to music will help the agitated when they are feeling agitated stress on the bus so it could way for them to be able to get them to cope with that also one thing that can help me and autism is taking a stress balls with you on the bus so when they feeling stress on the bus so stress balls will work also there are many ways to get them coping with I will give you list of the things when I can get something in my mind.

Here is some other strategy that can help to cope with stress agitated on the bus any bus be honest does not have to be one bus it could be more than buses if you going somewhere.

1,Reading a book on bus help to get your kind of noise get you contracting on reading more than worry about the crowds on the bus don't miss your bus arriving at your destination.

2, a reading newspaper that could also help with coping with stress on bus contracting on reading the newspaper make sure that you don't miss your bus arriving at your destination.

Read Kindle book on your devices that can help to get ride of the stress on the bus getting your mind of crowds on the bus don't miss your bus arriving at your destination.  

Talking about it to someone who you might about the stress on the bus so you can feel less stress when you talking don't miss your bus arriving at your destination while you are talking on the bus to friend family or support worker teacher.

Reading the magazine on bus that will help release stress don't miss bus arriving at your destination.

Wordsearch that also can help to release stress when noise on the bus don't miss your bus arriving at all your destination.  

My Achievement In Cooking Skills

My time at Luke care home is amazing in incurable and awesome I spend over 18 months to be able to take me to next level of cooking skills I am so impressed how well I am doing at Luke comparing to my time at my previous homes company but that is in the past now so my wonderful hard working in Luke care home has given me something to be proud of also I can tell you all that if resident user get the support they need in life to be able to achieve in life then well why are they missing out of the support they are not reviewing at all think about that one if I am getting the support from this company called Aston transitional care home then why is no one else is getting the right support for the skills they want to be able to achieve in life that is exactly support worker other services cross country. 

So what is the matter with not given them the support the support they need in lifetime so this is a simple answer to your question everyone well I will go further into detail about my experience  in Luke care home well my good hard work is making me feel less unsettled than I was before I was very unsettled at that time but I am settled in my new placement achieved more than I ever achieved in last past years ago spending my hard working in last 18 months made me smile and made me proud of what autism kids can do in life I am young man with autism I can be able to travel on my own I can go and about in the community that what I have achieved when I achieved so much in my own care home at luke I really have achieved so much that I really can't keep up on the good work I am doing it been an achievable life for me lately when I came a long way and short road. 

Step by Step Cooking Skills 

So yeah I have came a long way and a short per time I have worked very hard on my cooking skills over the last two years trying to learn how to be able to cook for myself so if you think about how I been trying to hard to be making me feel so tired end of the day that how everyone should be feeling but that okay it shows that you learning lot of good things in life shows that you are working very hard on what you are learning about in life that goes for kids teenager young adult in care home or school college or university   they need to be able to learn like I am doing right now in my care home called Aston transitional care home so been in the right care home that is really good care home know what they are doing that means that I am learning things on my own learning things that I never learnt before at all.

This is me made my own home made food has it cheaper to make home made food more than buying already meal  so in this image of me I learned how to cook my own home made food this meal was my pasta bake meal I cook for myself it was so yummy that one day in life I could come has a master chef  like Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay one day in my life if I continuing cooking homemade food I am also like to say I am very proud of myself for cooking my own home made pasta bake for my first time in 2016 to 2017 I was so proud for my biggest achievement in my home made cooking skills so why not get your kids teenager young adult be proud of themselves by helping them to be able to learn how cook their own food I mean get them making their homemade meals for the week menu that will be great if you do so i love learning new skill at Luke care home it make me want to be keep learning g which I will do I will be keeping learning until the time is right for me to be able to move in my own place of my own chose so learning does not stop you learning keep you going through the day months years we all need to be able to learn how to cook other wire's you will be asking someone to be able to do for you if you are learning how to cook with the support you are getting that great that means that your half way through learning it yourself in the future it take time it took me over two year for em to be able to cook my own food it really took me long special when I have process information that might be boil down to the autism is process information to get them thinking if the food is good hot steamy that what make me thinking is when I cook my own pasta bake i didn't know if the pasta bake was cook or  not cook yet so I use the knife or fork to be able to test it out then say yourself which I am always saying to myself is past bake hot steamy or is cold not hot steamy well those things that many autism kids teenager young adult will face in there life is understanding about if the food is hot or cold pasta bake so my pasta bake turn out really nice I mean it was so nice that you could even try tast it so much it has came out like a real pasta bake chef meal I have done spo much in cooking my own food making meals for 7 days running it all amazing things that could happne to anyone in the world when learnig how to cook something ncie work hard for it make it look good indeed so my lovely pasta bake was so yummy that I couldn't get over how yummy it was it was like  professiponal chef meal turn into something very delicious  meal if you think about how yummy and delicious your meaks going to be is that you work very hard on it so bascially If you think for a second if you out in the effort into cooking or resdient user in service pout has much effort into something then they will have something tunr into something ncie tpo say this meak is look very professiopnal ncie to eat. 

Take it has your managed to learn how to cook when teaching resident user or kids teenager how to be able to cook there own food like I say it all part of understanding learning new skills when it comes to be living in your place if you can't see that the resident user does not know how to those things then they are not capable person to be able to live in there own place like me I camera long way to be able to learn all those task in two years and 19 months so if that case if the issue boils to not helping them to be able learn how those things work then what is the point helping them not helping the professional way so it time that support worker help the resident user to be more understanding about how cleaning works cooking works also keeping on top of things does work like washing cloths drying them if the session has changed if it summer then get to be able to put them out on the line  so we call it has a outdoor line so when the sun is shiny then you now it is cloths will need to be put out on the outdoor line i know that when i think the sun is out shining then I know that i put my cloths outdoor on outdoor line so yes that is what service post be doing helping the resident user to be able to take a advance on the weather forecast watching the weather while the cloths is getting tried on hot sunny day so if you can lease help them out a bit that will be great has they might need support ton how do those things as well helping them to put the cloths out on the line so talking about cooking you will have to be understand when the food it hot steamy like I can tell you that my food is very hot and steamy you need to understand that when the food is hot steamy then you now that the food is ready to way can say to yourself yummy yummy meal is lovely nice I done a great job at it so be sure that  cooking is struggling thing for many autism kids teenager young adult it because having they sort of understand it will take them up to few hours  or more hours depending on how they feel when cooking the meals for themselves be honest or in group of family meals.

I want to talk about how hard it is to make a single pasta bake the way I do it easy way been so I fine it very hard to cook pasta at first but then afterwards I have achieved my pasta bake so it a good news when you learning how all meals homemade meals is cook ready to eat yummy so it is strange for autism some autism kids teenager young adult might say I don't know how to cook a meal so from that then you will need to tell them how shell I cook pasta bake or make a pasta bake well my top advice is below so my pasta bake was very lovely task very nice like I say everyone cook food different but some time with autism they might be fussy on certain  food if they got no flavour in the food so when you think about autism they really want more sweet task into the food to make it look good to eat so you know that with autism they are fussy about what flavour in food it can be any kind of food that will  go with  nice flavour in the food so you see why autism kids teenager young adult have sensory sensitive in what flavour the food is going to be look nice for them to be able to eat it so flavour is important part of put autism life when the food is not cooked then it not going to taste nice at all if it normal food without flavour then your are in big trouble with kids teenager young adult not able to eat that because they are fussy about the food they eat in life. 

My food advice 

1, If you make your food look good to taste nice then the chance is that autism kids teenager young adult will be very happy to eat that if the food is not nicer than you make it then you will be getting lot of refuses fussy on the food that they are going to be eating believed me you will notice how fussy many kids teenager young adult will be in life when it comes to food issue saying yak  the food is disgusting so if you think about no way I am going to be eating that kind of food it disgrace so you will have to be pair for those could happen sometime now and then.

2, putting in lovely flavour will give you sing of good food taste good bad food taste nasty horrible so think about flavour in the food that attracts many autism kids teenager young adult eating.

3, I think in my own word my opinion is that food will taste nice when their work and effort into making it look good.

4, Flavour makes a huge impact to many kids teenager young adult sensory sensitive when they might have sweet teeth which mean when the teeth are so sweet it felt very sweet you know why that is bringing the good sign of flavour in the food.

So let me tell you how fussy I was when I was a kid I was very fussy on what I can eat been so the food was not nice but now I got the hang of eating food that is not nice but still has  to eat wherever it nice or not nice but sometimes I like to be sure to make it flavour 

Taking a single look at me on right hand of the page you will see me peeling  the potatoes up so when you peeling  the potatoes up you will need a  sharp knifes but kids teenager young adult will need support for that has it danger for them to be able to use the knives without the support as you may not or aware of what they might be trusted so it best if you can help them to tell if they can be trusted using the knives be honest without using it has a weapon at all so it very aware that kids teenager young adult with autism will be able to allow to use the knives on there until they can be trusted to stay safe use the knives safely so make sure that they are trusted first before letting them use it god sake so please make ask them if they are going to be trusted if they are not trusted then don't let them use   it been so they are not able to handle the knives properly when cutting up the potatoes up it is an amazing thing for me to be able to learn to peel my own potatoes  up I thought what an amazing thing that happens to me best of time learning how to be able to peel a single potatoes myself so it all learning curve be honest everyone if this what it take for autism kids teenager young adult then that how it should be done is teaching them educating them how to be able to peel potatoes because they might not know how to peel potatoes at all so it good way for you teaching them to make sure that they are keeping their finger away from the peel because they could be ending up having a cut finger so it is important that they understand how to keep them safe while peeling the potatoes. 

So my time in learning how to peel potatoes is very amazing from been a young kid to adult I have learned how it all works with peeling it so great to understand how to cook your own food I think I am so enjoying cooking my own food is so cool. I bet you all might say yes that right Ashley if you enjoy something that you like doing that the main thing I will say yes I enjoy doing cooking my own food as it fun entertaining also it great to be able to get us those cooking skills into practice when autism kids teenager young adult start learning how to cook their own meals for 7 days so every 7 days you need to understand how to be able to keep yourself time learning how to cook your own meals if you don't give yourself time you will not be like Gordon Ramsay Jamie Oliver so if you want to be able to be like that famous chef then take your time it not an overnight thing even. I am always thinking about is the my cooking skills going to be happening overnight like magic with the magic wand so no it is the answer for kids teenager young adult is never going to be overnight even I understand learn that it not going to be happening overnight it takes time believed  me don't think I am telling lies for sake of it I am telling truth about cooking skills how long it took me to be able to learn my cooking skills I mean it shocks people 19 months It of course took me long time to be able to cook my own food so yes I understand where many parent many people say to me it not overnight some time you will need keep yourself less stress stop having hard time in yourself take it has a slow speed step by step or another word for it baby step okay so please take your time on cooking skill because you will be able to think to yourself what a lot of hard work and lot of hard  work that makes you feel tired end of the day from cooking your own meals for everyday meals. 

So don't be nervous sky  if you ask them to say to them never feel nervous shy when you say they got support for helping them to learn how cook their own meals look at me on these images I had support in 2016 to through half of 2017 after that I didn't have any support because I am clever man who knows understand how to cook meals everyday meals so never say never how to cook your own meals never feel down when you are cooking your own meal keep trying your  service your resident user or kids doing from home with lot of support whenever you are cooking helping kids teenager young adult to be able to learn how to cook meals for 7 days they will get there eventually so that what I am always getting told by support my friend Liam I will get there which I have done it I achieved I understand how to be able to cook meals for 7 days running like.

 I say it not easy at all how cook meals I am right it not easy to be able to learn to cook your own meals so kids teenager young adult will need to start doing things like that if they fancy moving into  their property in future when they are older enough or if they are older enough than that great news it sounds like they are planning ahead for next stage moved in their life after they been learning how to cook their own food so the only way another one bit the dust is first thing is learning how to cook I will give you step by step what resident user need to be able to do before they moved into their own property no one is going to be cook in next two months that is impossible that never going to be happening with any resident user or whenever you are working with them to learn how to  cook at University college school  care home it  take a time stop thinking it all going to be happening in next few months time it not I think it never will happen seriously  I am sure they  thinking they are going to be cooking overnight then that done they will move in next day in their own flat or bungalow house it takes time it never magic wand magic will not get you where they want to be able to get to finished say that it all my cooking skills is done I can now move into my own place but no it not going to be happening at all sorry but that is it I am finished I know I can ask if I can move into my own place by end of this week no with me it will take longer for any resident user to be able to move on in live to be able to live in their own place after they work hard finished learning all the skills they need in life I can tell you about me how I been pecking my manager Luke about when can I move I will talk bit below this page more on how I tried to beg my manager to move me on to next stage  onward's  in life so I can be able to move in my own place so let me talk about it right now.

well I kept emailing luke my manager at Aston transitional care home about if I can move but he just ignored me because he knows that I am not ready for it at all so I kept begging him to be able to move the process forward bit but he still not answer my question so it sounds like that I am not going to be moved until he thinks I am ready for it so with me I will have to wait to be able to move on in life do what I want but like I say it not a overnight thing is not magic wand magic going to be moving me one place to community housing bungalow or flat overnight it will take me longer been so I need to learn to understand how to keep myself safe all the time so I don't course fire or get hurt in the fire while first quicker than me getting out quicker but I dare say I will be more quickly than anything be honest so it all do with safety of kids teenager young adult when they are dreaming about moving into their own dream home safety is first part of in our life most important for those to be able to understand how to keep them self safe all the time when moving into the community so never think so quick when they think they are ready when I think they are not ready because they have lot of hard work to put into real action before that time comes like I got more steps to be able to take me to next level in the future believed or not I have a long journey ahead of me until end of the this year 2017 then I will be able to say that how it all goes when starting off doing the travelling training then cooking then keep doing the same thing over and over again every months weekdays years then say if they are ready for the next finally stage on in their life's so tell them not to worry about it until the time comes get them thinking about learning how to cook their own food get them learn how to be able to stay safe in their life's get them to be able to understand how to keep things tidy keep on top like I will say to myself keep on top of the washing cooking cleaning bathroom.

So never get them rushing into things get them to take single time on what they are doing been so they will learn more when they are not rushed it but get them to take their time on lot of cooking skills cleaning skills keeping them self safe in anywhere they are going in life make sure that they are stay safe at all time without getting hurt by anyone in the community when travelling training make sure they stay safe in cooking when they are learning how to cook meals for 7 days that all I can give you advice you on those things I also like to point out is that if they keep working on the things they are doing then the chance is that they might say to manager or support workers  they achieved  they learn something really good in life they came long way and a short road so it important they keep saying they have learnt lot not little be hones learning on the  skills make them they are going to be taking them anywhere in life for next level of living in your own place no it not like that it will not happen to me like I said it, no magic wand where the magic wand is on your while of your body then that is it you gone for a real magic if you want to know how many magicians make people disappearing in one to three they gone for good never coming back then suddenly if they can it shows that they are magic is real life thing but not magic in real life thing it does not exit it only clever talented professional famous magic people that can do those things so in which of moving forward it never going to happen at all it will take years before you can move it could be that it might take me up to three years before I can move on to next stage which is moving in my own place, everyone.

So take it has I never going to be taking me to living in my own place at all those things will be take longer than you think the resident user or kids teenager young adult will not understand if they keep saying things will happen overnight then they are making up silly story that no one else want to hear at all if they making up silly question about when it will happen then they have no understanding about anything to everything about when it going to happen it will happen when the manager in care homes or parent say so basically it will take time it will take longer as it will take okay so basically don't ever give up explaining to them if they refuse to listen well don't talk to them about how the cooking skill going to be how long is the bit of string is going to be to how it will take them to be able to cook their own meals 7 days before they move on in life to living in dream home.

Let me tell you now that when I first start living in world where I was a kid I didn't know how to cook my own food so I will let my parents do all the cooking for me instead so basically I can guarantee that when I was a kid I kept saying to my own parent I like to learn how to cook but never understand or know how to cook be honest so I wouldn't say that things will be taking few months days before they can move on in life to do what they want to anyway but let me tell you how it will be taking for many not few.

So let me explain that my dad had told me that it took him 45 years to be able to learn how to cook serious that how long it takes some people if they are not able to learn or understand how cooking goes so it will be taking my dad 45 years to be able to get from the struggle to achievement in life telling himself that he proud of been father that can learn understand how cooking works so yes with autism they need to be able to understand how it will be done how it should be done properly professional away not unprofessional away no way it will be done in few days then you say  to yourself it done I can be able to cook my own food yeah no it take time for autism kids to be able to understand about How to all cooking works be honest. 

1, Some people will take longer than they think it will 

2, some people might take around about two years depending on could they can cook how quick they can understand learn those skills believed me or not there is lot of people out there who can really shrink into their own brain understand how it  all works 

3, some people will take up to three years to be able to cook for themselves be honest you don't know how clever some people can be in life when it comes to cooking food for themselves do you no that right Ashley you don't I am only saying it because many people have less of the issue with what they need to know because they might do it already 

4, some people will take longer to be able to cook it depending on how they feel with cooking how they support on learning how to cook if you haven't been supported how to cook then they are chance that you haven't had the right support for learning how to cook to be able to understand how to cook more than trying to poison yourself instead of taking your time to learn to understand if the food is cook properly so please make sure when cooking doesn't even piousness you be aware that does not take you anywhere more than dead okay so be sure that every resident user or  kids teenager young adult will be supported on this at all time so they can be aware you can also teach them how pink to white is the food is that something that you can teach them about finding information on the internet is good way to tell them about it all so if you want to find out more information you will need a good research finding the right truth information about pink white in the  food is okay  food it will be minted  chicken that the food that you will be able to teach the kids teenager young adult to be careful of the pink to white chicken. 

So chopping up the potatoes I will now explain why it is good to be able to get the kid's teenager young adult to be able to learn how to chop a single potato up if they don't really know how it all goes well let me explain so that you can explain it your own words.

So chopping up a potatoes can be tricky some time been so the potatoes move left and to right then it will move from left to right to side to side then it will ending up moving towards you and guess what ending up on the floor yak dirty no good eating that with the dirt on it no way that will happen with any food so it best that you  show them how to handle it careful while they chop it up if they feeling scared about it worried don't force them to do it get to do it for them so they are learning how to handle the potatoes careful safe way not in an danger way so make sure that they learning while they understand how you handle the potatoes careful so it gives them the idea how it all works afterwards than if you ask them if they are ready to handle it then let them try it once more it took me ages to be able to handle the single side to side potatoes that keep moving on the chopping board which is annoying but you will have to handle it very well indeed when chopping it so does not go on the floor so with me I had to ask my support worker help me with it so I ask my support worker Amy Trevor Taylor meg possible Luke some time if he not busy at all so I ask them over the years since  2016 to help me with chopping up the potatoes on the chopping board so they say as course I can  been so I was scared at first time around but finally next time around I managed to get there at the end I done it myself without support so that how to all goes be honest is having the right support for cooking skills so it hard very for many autism kids those who might find it hard to be able to know how chop a single potatoes up on the chopping board so if you give them the support for it then you are likely that you will be supporting them to understand how chopping up a single nice potatoes ready for making something with it.

Let say if you could immersion if everyone could cook start cook in less than two minutes or less than few months just immersion how that will make more achievement to none achievement that will be great don't you think everyone if we all learn how to cook in few months time then say that it all we learn it now we will be able to achieved so quickly no that impossible sorry to say but it is impossible that no one in the world is going to be able to cook that fast every month until they feel confident  in themselves so no is the answer it takes time it will take longer as you like it will be okay. 

so when you done the boiling the potatoes is boil with the hot water so when hot water boil means that is the  time for mashing it up with nice milk and butter to make it look that how I do it some people do differently we will make mash potatoes different ways another so we are all not the same but I make my potatoes like it creamy which that why I like putting in milk butter to mix together to make a nice smooth creamy mash potatoes so just think how hard work it is for autism kids when tiredness affect many autism kids with cooking skills affecting them not be able to contract when cooking it very hard for them as well as trying to contract in cooking while you are cooking your own food so it very nice learning how to cook your own food like me learning how to cook my own cheese potatoes pie it turns out really nice that nice it was really lovely I can't stop thinking how good I am getting with cooking my own food it incredible thing that happens to me so mashing up potatoes it is hard work because it makes you feel tired after mashing it all up then when you mash it up it make your hams  aching hurting you after all that mash up so yes it can be tiring when cooking your own food it also a good exercise because it make you big strong when you think about mashing up the potatoes so yes it good way to be exercising  your hams also you might think well it boring to doing cooking it boring doing it all the time well guess what that life you need to cook to be able to achieve that goal so your kids teenager young adult can learn something if they keep asking parent or carers do the work then that is not good I mean I have to cook every single day with support without support that part of life you need to eat need to learn other wire's you will not be able to do anything on your own at all.

so in this image we will be talking about spreading the mash over the baking tray so how I do it is that spreading the cheese mash all over the baking tray until it covers all the edge make sure that you not leave any gaps in between the baking tray so it makes a good meal it will nice when it turns out nice so I spread my cheese potatoes pie all over the baking tray then I use my oven gloves to put in the oven I put my oven on 200 marks in the oven so it will cook nicely so my yummy cheese potatoes pie did  eventually turn out very nice indeed so I am proud of myself for achieved my first homemade cheese potatoes pie. 

so when putting in oven you have to be very sure careful that you don't get burn yourself at all so it best for using oven gloves when kids teenager young adult with autism not able to understand how to be careful when  putting them in the oven so if they feeling scared when they are putting in the oven then ask them if they want to support or get them to ask you if they like support in putting in oven careful so they learn how to do safely so they don't get burned at all if they are feeling worried scared then it best f adult trust adult can do it for them when helping me them out bit on how to carefully put in the oven I sometimes get scared when I was a kid put something oven but I do not want to burn myself so that why it best if someone else can help them out bit on it.  

So when you take it out of the oven careful that also when taking it out of oven it also means that been careful without burning yourself at all time so basically you took it out you can use knives to put in the between the cheese potatoes  pie then check with your finger to see if the food is hot when you think it is hot then you will then start eating it say yummy to yourself so it a nice meal for week, so it could, to make a good meals so it you can eat and have fun eating the meal that you could also make sure that the food is hot or  cold has cold means it does not cook hot food means that it is cooked indeed
This is me stirring  my mints up as I say when you teach kids teenager young adult how to be able to understand that when the mints is pink you can't eat it at all but when the mince is brown then you can use it to make a homemade pie afterwards so it very important that every kids teenager young adult with autism learning how to be able to cook them own food in the future to be able to be aware of the pink side of the food when the something is pink then it not ready at all if the food is white or brown in mints will be brown chicken will be white then you can start eating chicken with something else with it or when the mints is brown then use it for anything that you are going to be making with so make sure that autism kids teenager young adult are understanding about the differences to pink white or brown food okay so it important that ever autism kids teenager  young adult learning how to cook is getting the nag of the understanding about the food issue  so I can say that over the many years I didn't understand if the mints is brown or pink so it hard for many autism kids teenager young adult  to be fully understand fully aware of the side of the food what the food could do you if the food is not cook  properly at all so I had the problem with understanding how those food is not been cook to be able to eat them it took me 19 months to be process that kind of understanding in my brain to be able to fully understand about how the food from been pink to be able to be white or brown in some food or golden brown for food that goes golden brown so it took me ages to be able to understand it all it is annoying thing best of time but that something that we need to be able to understand process it sooner enough to be able to make sure that we have a food that does not be pink but be white golden brown brown in some food so teaching them how to be aware of the pink on every food that does get effect by the food poison is something that I have to watch myself as well  watching myself when cooking the right food that is not pink at all I am always been careful at all time so you not ending up back into the poison  routine of been poison again

Some food that you can fully understand like pizza chips waffles potatoes those food for an  example if I want to cook chips what the best ways to be able to cook understand if the chips are cook right well using knives forks to stab into the chips is good way to be telling yourself that the food is ready already been cook ready for yummy eating time so if the chips are golden crispy brown if you rather have crispy then you look at it then say to yourself is the chips are brown crispy yes course it will be then you will be able to understand that it ready to be able to eat enjoy yummy one thing I have found something amazing that I haven't learn when I was a young kid is that if the chips did not cook too if it was cook properly so chips are not a problem you should be able to understand the chips is golden brown crispy or you can cook the chips has a normal golden brown without it been crispy so it good to be teaching kids teenager young adult how to understand if the chips waffles potatoes cook it all nice cook ready for eaten yummy so please make sure that they do be aware of all kind of food been so anything could happen top them at any time in the months years days weeks to come ahead of themselves it always good to be able to keep your self health safe at all time.

What make a single different from the pink mints to turning into brown mints well if you can see the image of me I am cooking my mints with pan so basically what different from the pink to brown is that pink is pink colour which you have to make sure that kids teenager young adult have the understanding in if it is cook or not cook with pink mints tells you that it not cook yet at all so pink is colour on the mints  that you are not allowed to make homemade pie just using pink mints that is not cook at all so with brown mints it tells that you can use it for whatever you are using it for when it brown and cook then you can start using the mints when you think it cook enough turn brown enough so it important that you are telling them about it all so they can understand in the future when they are ready to be left back in their own spirit  cooking away like Jame Oliver Gordon Ramsay so if they are do understand that great at first I didn't understand know look I can understand it better than before been so process information it takes up 48 hours for some of them will take longer some will take up few  hours a day to be able to understand how to cook the food right we all have to make sure that no one is going to be ill when cooking teaching them how cook food in the right way no in the wrong way other thanks. 

This is me cutting up the pastry into half pastry so it look good when you hold your finger away from the sharp knifes getting the autism kids teenager young adult to be able to hold the knifes properly in the right without them cuts there own finger of  och that will hurt them to much indeed so cutting the pastry up is something that you have to learn how to keep them in straight line to make a perfect straight lines pastry then when you dome that then it time to be able to shift it into pasta bake tray ready for the mints to be put in the pasta bake tray.

So this is me preparing for my pastry so for some of you might make pastry from scratch some of you will buy pastry to make it from the pastry that the shop defiled used with to be able to use the already made pastry believed me or not I like to use the pastry that is been already made by the shop anyway as it is easy to less time customising be honest so I am getting my pastry ready to be put in the pasta bake tray after I put my pastry on the bottom of pasta bake tray then I put in my brown already made brown mints on top then I then start punting another layer of pastry on top of my mints to make it looks like my own homemade pie so easy if you have the already made pastry less stress less hassle stop the stress by having the already made pastry sheets so also I cut up the pastry nicely careful been using the sharp knifes can hurt autism kids teenager young adult young ladies on the cut pastry up so they need to be able to ask the staff to give them the support help them out bit on it if they are scared using the knifes cutting the pastry up by the way. 

So this is me putting in the brown mints into the pastry then after I done that I will then layer another pastry sheet on top of the mints that how it goes when making your own homemade pie indeed so cooking mints is fun cooking is fun been so you are learning how  to doing it with support without support so it good for autism kids teenager young adult to be able to achieved there cooking skills say to them that well done for making your own homemade pie like me I made my own homemade pie for the change been one thing I like about my cooking skills that I am confident to be able to cook my own homemade pie without support that good news from me anyway when I don't have the support it shows that I am very confident in doing my own homemade food without buying the shop homemade food instead making your own is cheaper better taste nice indeed so I am very proud of myself for making homemade pie. 

Chicken Dippers 

Well in today session which will be talking about the turning on the oven  this is me turning my own oven why been so I know that every oven is different so you need to make sure that kids teenager young adult young ladies does fully understand about who to turn the oven on safely carefully other wire they will be burn to tears like I was the last burn to be brave not to cry about it but burn to be able to quickly run the cold tap and then put   my finger under the cold tap but this is where you have to be careful when cooking been so you will not when you can burn yourself without been careful about it okay careful that the way it should be done in real life, not silly life thanks.

so when using the oven they need to be fully aware what a single unsafety to safety risk for them be able to take cooking session in or care homes or any education placement so my ways of learning  how to be safe is having  safety gloves on at all time do not risk not having any sign of safety gloves when  cooking like I learned my mistake when the oven is hot it means that i never use a single safety gloves yes it all does happen in the minute of time when not having any safety glove on at all so kids teenager young adult young ladies needs to be able to cook there own food no matter what they are bad at cooking they need to be able to keep learning how to cook food all the time if they choose cooking session f they choice cooking session then they have single choice to be able to learn how cook so they can do it at home show parent they can which all autistic disabilities non disabilities student can they will be able to learn how to cook using the safety oven gloves as well making sure that you are teaching them how to be able to turn on out the chicken on the temperature in the oven to be able to warm the oven first before sticking the chicken in the oven so when the oven hot warm then with the safety gloves without burning safely put in the chicken then read the packages on the back of the chicken dippers packages then it should say on their 18 minutes for the chicken to be cook then temperature 200'c temperature on the oven so make sure that you make sure that they follow what on the packages not through memories other it will not cook other wire's so never tempted to get them learning how chicken without back of the chicken packages at the back under enough the information advice okay.

so after you put your gloves on you need to then careful put the chicken dippers in the oven so they can cook other wire's do not eat them while they are not cooked at all  other wire's what will happen you will be ill from pink poison chicken so that not good enough so it not far in your life which will be not good to be taking a single risk of pink to white chicken okay be careful when cooking the chicken  other wire's I am not joking you will be in hospital for good then you will be in the hospital if you keep poison  yourself all the time been you can't understand learn how to cook your own food but then you will be in hospital having food that you been given but please make sure that you are aware of from different to not cooked to cooked food okay.

so oven is a danger thing for putting your hand without gloves on so please make sure that your teaching them how to be aware of the oven you can show them it should be done with symbols so they can understand about it be honest other wire's they are not able to be learning anything if they doing it unsafely on the cooking food for themselves while they enjoying it careful learning them skills to be able to tot take them to biggest highest achievement in session when  cooking food make sure that they keep cooking until they say yes they are proud of themselves for the hard work in cooking there own food or learning how cooking works so one way another is  get them to be more understanding not lack of understanding about how it all works thank you so much every one teacher in school colleges university specializing autism disabilities non-disabilities.  

So this is me checking my chicken is cook or not so if you check to make sure that they are understanding if the chicken is pink then it is pink means that when you need to be able to put the chicken back in the oven leave it for a few minute to let it get the crisper outside when the chicken is finally cooked then they will you it all ready to start eating yummy yummy yummy so let get them checking it inside the chicken by cutting it up then if you think they are ready then you will then start serving yourself meals with something nice goes with it to make a nice lovely meals what about that then nice meal with chicken  and chips beans chicken and veg salade chicken and beans potato  you can have chicken and homemade chips chicken rice salad or chicken rise veg something like that they make a good meal be honest so chicken is always a very big task for kids teenager young adult young ladies other i can tell you will not be getting any better than feeling more il yourself which why many bad parents who can't even cook is done the wrong thing by poison there own kids for no reason when it comes to pink chicken white chicken.please don;t every tried to pions someone who never piosn yourself without checking the pink sign to white sign in the chicken thanks also have fund eating enjoy waht you cook in your meals okay the only thing you ened to be know si that do keep checking your chicken is always fully cook nro fully cook like I do all the time.

Washing sink out  

So keeping your sink tidy is also part of your task routine as well as part of your skills for living in your own place so with autism they need to be able to keep their sink tidy at all time like me at the image I been keeping my sink tidy throughout the year months I been at my new care home it is so amazing what things you need to keep on top of thing is going to be making you very busy doing the task so cleaning is not just one day or months or year thing where let me tell if I want to clean my sink one day then after one I will clean it again no it does not work like that at all you have to keep cleaning all the time yes it bring thing cleaning for many of us who face boring jobs like cleaning after yourself or other but it good that you keep the place tidy indeed so you can have a tidy house bungalow flat so when you think that autism kids teenager young adult have no sense of keeping themselves clean well they are not interesting but you now that they have to do it when you supporting them they need to be able to keep everyday sink clean wrap down the sink side bottom left  and right of the sink so it all nice clean so basically it very important that autism young person get the have the support by helping them out cleaning to get the job done very fast when the services supporting the young adult with autism or if kids at home want to learn how to clean up that cool that goes for anyone with autism if they want to learn how to be more independent then they need to start learning how to clean up after themselves all the time other wire's they are been lazy that no good like me I am on my hand feet cleaning my bedroom bathroom kitchen to keep things tidy afterwards okay so teaching them means that they will get older they will be able to keep the sink tidy like always.

So in this image is me cleaning my bathroom sink so basically every support you give to the young adult or kids teenager will need the support for helping them to be able to get the bathroom cleaning done so when they need to clean the bathroom you are there to support them teach them some education on cleaning how cleaning works so I understand that cleaning is tough job but end of the day you will be proud of yourself for keeping your bathroom clean has bathroom is worse thing when keeping on top of the bathroom kitchen is not that much worse but bathroom is because of  the germs come back no magic wand then it does not go away it comes back all the time so you have to be able to support them to keep the cleaning to make sure the bathroom is nice and shiny not yak muggy at all so if I keep my bathroom clean then I shall tell you that keeping your bathroom make you feel less stress free  things to do then you can move on to something else afterwards indeed so cleaning bathroom is something that autism kids teenager young adult needs to be able to do if they want to be able to live on their own if they don't do any of the those then it all do with not given them the right support for them to be able to understand about how bathroom works but like I say keep tidy make it looks brand new bathroom not muggy yak bathroom so easy teaching them how to clean up after themselves indeed so not hardship to be able to support them with the understanding why we need to clean up so teach them how to clean up explain clearly calmly how to cleaning up works for them been so they have  autism.

so here is another image of me cleaning my toilet telling you now that cleaning after yourself is not hard job it easy job I mean come wherever you got sensory sensitive issue you still need to get them cleaning the toilet so what make a different to cleaning toilet to been lazy leaving the toilet like it never going to get done like magic no in j person is  going to be coming to their private bathroom to be able to clean up the toilet seat and inside the toilet that impossible for anyone to be able to do anything like that even I have sensory sensitive  issue I still have to have no choice  what every in cleaning up after myself no excuses for kids teenager young adult not be able to clean after themselves so that means that if they can do it then they haven't got any single problem with at all they can continuing cleaning all the time make it shiny.  

So here is me in the image mopping up my floor supporting the service to be able to get the young adult parent at home  with kid teenager learning how to mop up we all should know by now that moping up is easy task to do it where you mop the floor in your hallway to make it shiny nice clean so end of the day when you finished moping you give the place clean nice so this also part of  the living on  your own is how to clean up after yourself if you can't-do that then there is a single problem again if you can't-do all of them they are a single problem again we can go on about single problem when mopping up our hallway because many of us don't do that I can tell you that teaching autism to know how to mop is so easy all it take it boil hot water use what every you  got then mop it up with the spray that you put in the mop bucket so it not hard for anyone who wants to learn bit about independent skills to be able to mop up your own hallway if I can do it then so can you so done dusted when you finish moping your place look nice fresh nice so when you put in the effort in cleaning you will now that your room bathroom room kitchen is all tidy you will be able to say well this look clean and tidy I am always  saying to myself my flat at my care home look really clean tidy I am, so impress how I can do so much cleaning as well blogging at the same time it made going for me but it keeps me busy all the time. 

so this is me cleaning my bedroom I been learning all the time how to clean my own bedroom like I say I clean my  bedroom feel fresher again so it could that support worker does help them to clean their room if they want to have their room  nice shiny like my own in the image so it always good for cleaning your bedroom mopping them up so it give the room nice smile and look at the smell in the bedroom so just think to yourself or say to your kids teenager young adult if they are going to be living in their own place they need to think how she'll i keep my place tidy course buy some things for it to be able to keep the place tidy so keeping your own place tidy stop all the germs dust coming back but that all need to be keep on top of it be honest never stop doing it keep doing it all the time cleaning is a good way for exercising your own body so you will be able to keep cleaning while your exercising yourself while you are  learning how to clean up after your dust messed muggy yak on the floor so that good way to be able to keep cleaning keep exercising 
yourself through the day every day. 

So this is me mopping up my kitchen it looks so dusty and muggy floor in the kitchen that need to mop that what I am doing is mopping up my kitchen to make it shiny clean so all those things you have read about it all about learning how to mop your own place up other wire';s if you leave someone who wants to come around stay for night you will need to learn how to be able to do this take your time in achieved it so much people you can't leave it last minute that no good be honest so if you want to be able to support your own kids teenager young adult doing it then why not show them how it all works so mopping is big thing for learning how to mop your own kitchen floor, by the way, as I keep mopping all the time to keep it all nice clean be honest everyone it does not matter how clean it is you need to understand that it all do with keep on top of it other wire's you are wasting your own breath and time for it so I am keeping on top of my cleaning wherever you think it dirty or clean no excuses from the kids teenager young adult thanks, son if they got excuses to not learn how to clean up after themselves when they are not willing enough to be living in their own place at all.  

This is me mopping up my bathroom I loved cleaning but before I didn't like cleaning has my family didn't help me with it and work in the team has a good family but I have to submitted I been cleaning over 19 months in my new care home it is so good to be able to think and say to yourself that my bathroom is dirty muggy yakky what would be the best ideas for when you are feeling stress unhappy about your bathroom been so muggy and dirty yakky well the best ways is you need to be able to put in the effort into cleaning keep it going everyday it is not a last minute done it all the time that you need to be able to keep on top of it every single day it not a magic wand where the magic is going to be doing all the hard work for you need to lease put in effort into hard work other wire's if not then you are wasting time on cleaning you might as well as a dirty muggy yukky bathroom so when I first start doing cleaning it came up as I need to think what shall I do first the bathroom or the kitchen I started doing bathroom first as that the worst part about it when bathroom is so muggy yukky  dirty  germs all over the place that the first task I need to be able to clean then change the way I feel when the bathroom is muggy yukky dirty bathroom so does cleaning up make you feel better yes it does it make me feel better when  I finished cleaning my own messed up and Yukky bathroom with germs all over the toilet seat sink so yes it does make you feel less stress inside yourself when you finished cleaning up you will be happy about that as you clean up after yourself so that is one of the good things about cleaning up and then say I am very happy about it I can guarantee that if cleaning my own bathroom up that does make me feel better than it will be same as you lot of out there cleaning make you feel better when you finished the hard work you put the effort into so with autism they can make some form of effort into cleaning if they refuses then well what can I say about the word refuses if they refuses just let them suffer with dirty muggy yukky bathroom they will understand realise one day another they will think hard about how they are not learning how keep on top of the cleaning side of things if they refuse to be able to clean after themselves.

One thing I like about cleaning is that I don't have to put with been with parent that get me doing all the slave work that right everyone no reason why parents can't stop slavering kids teenager young adult with cleaning all the time so why is all wire's me having to be cleaning up I think me cleaning up personally is goes to show how parent sometimes can be very annoying to their kids which are okay but that might be promoting them to understand get them to learning how cleaning goes but promoting them all the time is not good enough at all but one thing I am happy about when cleaning my own messed I do not have to worry about it aftward in the day been so I clean up my own dirty dusty messed of my yak all the time I say, everyone. 

I really do think after my parent been annoying through the year getting me to all the cleaning but no one else shows that I am willing young man but not to worry it past tenth so I am happy cleaning my own place so that all go to shows cleaning your own place make a single different so what makes a single different to when I am in my care home to living in my own place it means lot  is getting away running away from my parent from getting me do all the housework well that make a single different when I move in my own place be honest where I can be able live in my own place that what I am doing by the way so we all know that parent is always going to be pain but they love kids teenager young adult really good be so that my parents love me but I am glad that I do not have to put with the pain that kills me so much they been getting on my nervous over past tenth ago which is annoying but that what parents are there to be annoying which is no it another way around kids annoyed the parent instead god save you all out there if you are not able to afford to move in your own place at all I also like to say if the they refuse to not cleaning after himself then don't force them at all just say if to them do you want support worker to help you to clean if they refuse then don't bother at all just left them to suffer one day they will learn their lessons but if they don't learn their lessons then you can't-do nothing about it they will have to be spending in that place longer as they think they are not ready for it so never force them if they don't want to keep them self-clean also don't force them to help them out at all it not going to make things better for you and the  employees or if they are helping out on anything.


My first Education in history 

Well everyone I have to say that welcome to my life of lacking of education to start  refresh year in  2017 for my first education   Solihull college I will be updating more of this regularly  base when I have the time for it but now it the time for my first talking about my first education since I was at home with my family 9 to 5 months or even longer possible 7 years I have been waiting for a college that can suit my needs very well.  

Let get cracking on my first day at Solihull college

well has everyone is aware that my first education in history has been a long history long tough hard life trying to find a suitable for colleges placement that will cater for my needs but not to worry Solihull college has cater for my needs so if you want to check out the website then type in the google search Solihull college you will see the first top search ranks on google you will then see the first website that say Solihull college I like to talk bit further down the line about the negative past side of things when I was a kid around about age of 18 I think I was able to go college been law has been changing which I wish they can stop changing laws it annoying young people to tears annoying other people,e to tears but they have to change the law to make sure they get strict on things but that the way it all goes be honest so I like to say that after all my hard life I went through trying to find the right suitable college for my education I do not have to worry about the past tenth but like I say I think it time that all college still need to understand the student through the colleges need to be aware of what kind of student can be met there needs other wire's if they don't then I will be coming to you say if this student has spoken to about the way they are not been met  then I am sure that someone else will meet there needs be honest.

 but let go back  to the talk about my education for my first time in my hard life i managed to get into college which is one of the best things that happen to me in my first 2017 education going a college that can meet my needs so I am very proud of myself for taking a good wye look at what college can meet my needs what college needs to be able to improve their placement to be abler to think why I haven't been met my needs at my old college which Derwen college residential college hinwick college I went to which was another residential college which both college has not met my needs cater for me so yes that how it works but it works the way they need to be met if they don't meet their needs at all then well what can you say about it nothing much be honest but I want to get straight stick into my one of the best college in the world called solihull college so when i start going to college on the first of 19th and 21 which was tuesday 19th to 21 thursday september I find it very interesting but then.

 I had worked very hard on the first day at college already It gone very quick this year's 2017 already ti went fly by this year since I start college september it goes so quick that I do not know where the time goes be honest everyone so it been great learning my first education in history been so I had wait for a long decade years ago to be able  to find a suitable placement for me to start boosting my brain up very quickly so I can get learn something new skills from the college that will suit me which they are catering my needs very well pair to other two college they know who they are that Derwen college hinwick college so they know who they are when catering for someone else needs not an acceptable way to tell use that they can't cater anyone needs at all so it is strange thing fore em to eb waiting for a long time to be able to get the suitable college but now I am in the right college I have learned so much like maths traveling training that si can be done professionally   properly and smarter way the maths teacher were nice traveling training teacher were nice at college I am so happy been at solihull college where learning begins with first session of maths traveling training course that I am doing right now until 12 or 8 months course this course last that long which is ba good idea the if other college does the same thing as solihull college long months course not a one week course ot two week course or six weeks courses be honest 12 or 8 months course that will get people learning the better than not learning the long months courses so they can get the better certificate  for them to be able to get qualified person with outstanding certificate for the best person working hard for them to achieved that qualified certificate. 

So with the better understanding about why kids teenager young adult young ladies are at school college university is that they need to be able to understand if they want to get into a single job if you don't get into job without going to college then the boss manager principal will not accepted you at all until you been to college to learn those things other wires what is the point having education system in place for those who needs education in life exactly so no messing around get them into school or college university.  

So education is what we all need to be able to get a better job I am not going to get a job but I will be able to get own my company which will be very good for em with going to college I will be very please happy about that I will be able to own company some point with college helping em with it as well so I am very proud of myself for getting into college for the first time since september so glad that my life's been boosted up thanks to solihull college to save me from struggle with empty brain no education has been boosted me since i left two unprofessional college I love  been at solihull college it a great college it has got cartoon where you can buy drink food for a cracking price that does not cost the student any money at all so what a good start and good way to start of the september going to college learning new basic skills in maths traveling training so cool it is everyone you need to try solihull college it a good college very professional about it and also it one of the best college out there that know what they talking about telling you all I will be doing so well at solihull college I mean so clever I might be even going to be able to start building my ecommerce store with a  student who will be helping em with building it coding it so I been at solihull college for 1 years from now then it took me 5 months to be able to understand trust friendship with other student in college so that how it all works out annoying for em been taking em forever to be able to decided where merry making friend or not make new friend  if no start making new friend this how it all goes you don't make any friend in school but then moving to either university or colleges you will be able to make new  friends at either both of them so it very upsetting me straight over the year when i am a kid but now I am adult i am able to make new friend in college with good hand of social skills from traveling training lessons so I will thanks solihull college for the best college boosting my social skills / traveling training skills thanks to them