Five minute wounder

hello new topic will be coming out it all about five-minute wonder I am surprise that many young people are wonder why they might be walking around scrapping the floor wearing the path or wherever at hope there is always going to be a last minute in five-minute wonder so I can give you the best answer why many people are walking around nothing to do has we know we can call each other five minute wonder which their is a point  to  this question why does young people messing around going around like a if they are not finding anything to do it all because boredom means that they walking around like a five minute wounder 

Finally answer is that one there is nothing to do they will be walking running around the floor pathway like a five-minute wonder so my kindly friendly that I will be helping  the community out with you setting up my own youth project called real truth about young people project what that means that it about young people how they should be coming to youth club not in gangs hanging out o the street doing naughty things like crimes wire's 

So I am giving up my time to be able to plan a out a good youth project for every young people special when it comes to getting mental health sort no one is listening to me about picking up mental health stop fake stop thinking you now anything about mental health stop wasting my time I am really stress last few days because no one is listening to me about picking up mental health if you are not interesting in my blogspot then don't come to my blog for the sake of it leave and move to 50% of lies let them keeping making thing worse for you okay everyone.

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