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I am not sure but I do not understand what is going with services I like to advice on having rules in place so they don;t break the rules I will be popping down when I am able to see who is going to be the first person get to me in school colleges car homes so I will be asking those question below those question means a lot to me in my past experience in my last placement  so here is the chance that you will understand what I think about rules is what I think about my last placement rules okay let get dive into this rule issue that I am facing with my new college but they said they will be talking to me about it but I am not allowed to mention any names whatsoever at all but I will mention about the rules that they should be telling the student to follow has I follow the rules when I am there I am looking like I am a person who will be showing the example to do them which case I will be showing them what a trust respectful person I am so if you think that is true then that good I am glad that you do so everyone the services and the public glad to hear that from your point few through my blog 

so let get cracking on the first thing that we need to do when we are setting up education systems and placement to bring in kids ot student into any placement this how I think I will do if I had college or a  school that will be trained properly professional in the right of laws that I am not never will break laws if I do I think rethink again which that how it should be done by anyone who break the laws in first place they need to rethink recap what they break laws on.

well if I had a company which I am not joking it will happen I need to be able to plan it out first then start setting up ready for action so let em take you through it right now 

Well my kind of ways to setup education placement is telling the student or kids at schools or colleges that they will be told to follow the rules if they don't follow the rules that I mention which I will mention few rules not a lot but I will try my best to mention has many has I can before I chat with my friend on facebook for a short while so let em try my very best to explain it very clearly to those who does not understand me if you can't understand me I will ask my support worker to help me with it be honest.

1, I will ask the kids student in schools or college to respect others in school or colleges them show them the rules that been mentioned on the walls or door or a notices board or a some sort of walls which I do not know how my old college doen it by the way so I can't say anything been so I am not at my old college I am at my new college which I am proud of some ways another 

2, I will be explaining to tem about the what rules are been more important to get them to show some manners in schools or colleges below si the full list full fact.

1, respect other in any ways another  to show other  they are been respected by student or kids if they refuse to be respecting other  then they will have the pay the consequences in schools colleges if they still refuse then my advice ask them they will have to leave schools or colleges  that how simple is that can't follow the rules that the services has been defiled for the kids teenager young adult young ladies then they will have to lose their placement has I leave most of the placement that I been into I have to pay the consequences for my behaviour but then they don't fully understand why they think I am threaten but I had the reason to do so been so the school wasn't having anything based on picking up mental health issue to be able to deal with that but no they think it all do with my bad behaviour me threaten them with the my knuckles  to teacher that I am not able to name them at all but I have threaten them with it but you now that is not my own fault for it in the first place they need to understand I was going through to many health issue but that in the past now be honest everyone 

so see how they should be having rules be follow them other wire's if something goes wrong in the college well who si going to be there to deal with not other student not security guard unless you are have them at school outside of school next to the toilet so yes it is what I think that the way the apple crumble goes be honest it life we need to be follow the rules in some way another if we follow the laws then we will be following the rules in service placement that how the rules re there to be making sure they follow before they lose their placement  then parent will have to say what they think about the college school rules which we are not going there  forget start defining rules inside the college / schools university care homes foster care how many who   specializing autism service thanks  start listen to what the truth comes from my mouths thanks. 

So my respect you is that when I am famous which I will be but not sure when it will happen soon is that we will be respecting em when In am famous then I will respect you ahs my fan simple as that okay I hope that everyone did understand me if not then I will repeat sound of joy again until everyone understand more than I will be explaing front of you anyway in nice respectful manners so do me favour we will be bringing attention to service when I am able to get around to contact them to see if I can come down to help with given out good rules that many people should be following I will be doing a training based on respect if you didn't hear what jeremy corbyn did say on video that we need to start respecting if we don't then what is the point having a new politics in the first place fi no one is respecting other help other out please help respect instead of  been a nasty person i am not a nasty person at all telling you right now everyone.   

rules are therefore to help anyone at schools or colleges to be more understand less of the unrespectful person they are well if  find that no one is respecting then I will have to complain to the prime minister say that I think after I am going around to different part of the schools colleges has not been listened to what I am trying to do they will agreed with that been so every schools colleges needs to be making sure that they are follows the rules very serious if you don't make any rules how can they follow them understand them well no communication more than lack of communication is what I am will be looking into as well rules for schools college you better prepared for tj chance that I may not award anyone school or colleges if they don't have the chance for them to follow the rules but I got one more thing to tell you message below read now please.

My message to everyone 

I will be starting to prepared for visited to schools colleges but not my own been so I am at that college to be learning make new  friend with respectful student not respectful student at all so let me tell you I will be award the best schools colleges for best rules that not goes for school college it will be going for residential college residential school in uk which I will be award them for the best rules that will get kids student understand follow them before they ending up breaking the rules  also I will be given out certificate to the best award health safety from the professional health safety who has been inspecting schools colleges safety rules as well safety if they were fire in the schools colleges.

 But my award will be different to other award certificate out there it will be designs with my logo on it as well as it will be award to be the best service on the planet whole of the worldwide but that is what I will be doing that what I like to ahm for it with the good chance of success with my ecommerce store making money with my brand  so my best award certificate and also you will be reviews a grant from no scam no more of this refusing fro  the government at all I will be looking into something that will give out my keep promises to myself award to schools colleges so I need you to be telling them when I do come I will be coming checking to see how well the school colleges been layout also how well the school colleges been set up professional  properly schools colleges rules okay.

So get back on track talking about the rules we need rules we will be listen ton whatever I mention on this blog if not them ou are breaking my advice rules has I know that no one is going to be force on if they want to have rules but end of the day we all are human been but what about if I like to see everyone following the same rules in services then we will be honest why should we not follow same rules what happen if we have different rules not the same we will be breaking different kind of rules in school colleges university foster care home and childhood homes adult services homes with autism so if we all have different rules in different service but stick the rules that been made by the manager boss principal  we will be following the same rules in different ways of the different ideas of everyone but do not never say to yourself that you are going to let school colleges kids student from breaking any rules unless you really want to be a bad person from doing it be honest.

Description: here is a example for the trophy that might be personalized that will turn into my own trophy so if anyone who has bad services you have the long away short road to be able to get this trophy so you better watch out you better don't  better not start crying you will be not award to get my trophy at all so please come on improvement is that the word of my own mouth  start doing it right now get something sort out right now before it to late to say you are not up for the trophy placement at all. 

so think what would you have a trophy or non trophy for been a best school colee best University best care home I mean adult care home I like to see all services across the uk start taking some serious action also I will like to see best teacher that can teach not refuse teaching I will like to see best behaviour before anyone get a worldwide biggest trophy that will be coming out of my own  pocket okay so start improving been so I will be contacting school college not my own university I will give you the list of ideas thing that you need to start taking further action from em below are the list for you all.

   1, Best teacher that can follow the rules from the header teacher that can be sensible about teaching lessons as I see many teachers cross glove what a bad teaching some teacher will be doing when it comes to lessons time.

2, I will accepted  a good placement that deals with without calling the police no one should be calling the police unless it very matter issue with serious crimes if the crimes is a serious matter crime in student like stabbing then yes you will have to call the police if the crimes is related to terror crimes then you need to be calling the police to get army force police that with guns okay those things  serious but other things teacher should be  able to challenge them so let me give you a few things that teacher does or headteacher shouldn't be calling the police on at all.

1, would you call police if they have been naughty no you will have to challenge that issue if they been naughty in schools 

2, would you call the police if they been bullying I do not think so thank you-you have to challenge bullies I do not understand why headteacher teacher have to complain that they can't challenge bullies if I have seen the bullies I will challenge it I say they will have to be pay consequences  the  for their behavior action in schools 

would you call police if they been calling names no you will not be calling  the police for that at all they have better things in life to do than worry about name-calling in schools 

If the service can't challenge the behaviour of kids well let me say do me a biggest favour bag your stuff leave the build I said so that the way the life will be for me if you can't challenged leave the building say goodbye to challenge behaviour kids teenager young adult young ladies  and the rest of your employees as well if you are up for the biggest challenge in huge massive behavior anger swearing kicking of then I chest that you continuing working with them ben so you are a stronger stuff people can challenge it without calling the police for telling the behaviour thank you.

Hey everyone 

I thought about if I could a challenging behaviour documentary to teach services what art of lacking understanding about not to be able to challenge it at all is that going to be making any feel like doing it no trophy if you are continually calling the police. 

If you can't challenge that kind of behaviour what every form of behaviour you will challenge it then I chest that you leave the building say goodbye don't ever go back to the same job again okay you heard me right services 

anotyher one if you csan't challegnesome beahvioiur which might be setting upo a alrm atention thrn i chese tjhat you stop all things you are doing and bag your stuff leave the building been so you are not able to challenge it more than pranking calling the fire people to come out to do the alarm if you don't know the alarm at all you will need remember it I can't understand why people do not know the there own alarm code at all it so annoying me already when they need to be able to turn the alarm of without calling the fire service.

I have rules that will be coming soon based on my kind of challenging the teacher kids so my rule swill be related to rules that everyone will be following so you will need to follow them if you break those ruels you will be auotmcailly get the trohpy oif you okay so let see what will kind of rules that will be given today. 

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