Challenge Behaviour Advice

I just like to point out for many young people if this part is so upsetting it is true that no one should be a single bully no one should be reacting on other what they are doing in life been so I am not joking no one in the worldwide should be reacting to be a bully instead respect be nice to start showing some manners to your love's one's schoolmates please if you could do that it will mean lot to other as well as manners respect other in classroom home anywhere in the world. 

other things if you see my name that is my name but it only showing the example I have to use my name been so I might not be allowed to use other names so please be aware that it example for me acting like bully on my blog so it basically like a drama role play bit in why  me telling the story on blog, okay so that is the only example for you which i am ntoa  single bully this example. 

This is everyone's responsibility whether you have autism or not. This is the best way to fight for autism in a peaceful manner not get in the involved situations that don't get you anywhere more than it will take you to somewhere that is called trouble been a troublemaker does not take you anywhere when you are been one of them. When you start out a trouble maker then you are taking your behavioiur onto then bullies react on the victim in the way of been nasty horrabile not so nice at all  then you will be ending up getting into a lot of  trouble don't forget that I didn't get into trouble for been a bully I was a victim for been been bullied at my old school so I kept it out of the way let the staff deals with the bully instead but sometime it hard to get out of the situations when been a single victim not a bully there is nothing you can say more than me saying stay calm for it and walk away is the  best of your behaviour anger reacting on the bullies in the schools toilet so my best advice is the answer tips tricks to help you to stay away as much as you can do it for your behaviour, anger I can understand that bullies stop the victim from staying away it happen to me around about  9 click to around about half 3 in afternoon, evening time  I kept  wanted to go the toilet but the bullies kept stopping me from going to the toilet so my good strong advice is.

I like to also sauy to everyon e incldued young people that if you are struggling to try to say something or trying to keep away from the bullies my advice is try and keep yourself calm be brave stay strong as much as you can stick up for yourself stick up for other as well as going to see a teacher donlt every be shy or scared or angry that you can't talk about it jsut say tp yourself you can do it I had the same problem is been very brave but never gone and tell the teacher about the bully been bully fron of me while having a porivate time goimng to the toliet who want to get bullied in toliet that is for havig a private time no does be honest.

1. I have to stick up for myself, stay strong and just walk away from the situation. In this case, this will be very good showing maturity and that which separates my actions from a young kid,  a grown-up teenager into a  grown-up young man. like a grown-up would do in real life I just walk away from this dreadful time while bullies are bullying the victim and Ignore the person who bullied you just walk away from them inform someone about the bullying as not everyone understands autism getting bullied by a person who did the  action.

2. When people saying things to  other  people different part of the bodies the one thing that need to understand they need respect, other people, different faces when I have look at people different faces so  people need to start to grow up special kids teenager young adult young ladies whoever they got autism or not they need to grow up  about what kind of faces that someone has got I do not understand why there is kids teenager young adult young ladies have no respect when it comes bullies display behaviour same thing as been a bully in school college care home university foster care home they do not realize that they are saying something other about other person faces I can give you a example if you like to see what kind of reaction you might take out of me when I show you my face which I can tell you that I will tell you if it ugly or beautiful faces  that some bullies will not understand that  everyone is different they might be to have a  face that they can't do anything about it but respect different people faces so when you go out different part of the placement you go you have to respect how the person faces look like been so I am sure that no one is should be calling other names when it comes to saying if they are ugly or not ugly towards them been so they might be thinking it assault which is assault from what I heard when I was at school ugly faces to me I said to my bullies they got ugly face which is not nice but they have to get it back some time so it teach them the lessons for saying to them in the first place if the person who is been bullied been called that name ugly faces then that show the other person they can't handle the respect more than been nasty for change it shows that the person has not understood about how respecting goes in life so I am not sure but I handle it well when some one has called me ugly faces that not does mean anything to me been so I was very strong to stick upon for myself

3, if  someone said to someone else that they dad or mum is s a wrestler or another person said to the person who is getting bullied or batted to death by someone who does not realize that they are facing nasty to not be  a nice person then they are not the right person to be making any friends with the girls or boys so bullies does not show you that you are stronger or fitter than them does not means that they can e harder than other  it means be a nice one to another start taking some bad behaviour to good behaviour been soon I have change my behaviour since I went through to much hell of behaviour issue when In was at school get bullies by some kid in the selly oak trust school toilet where kids six form goes for a single toilet not in the toilet that gets everyone into lot of bullies in schools toilet which does not need to happen so if the teacher gets the blame for that then yes they so is your teacher in school colleges university will get the blame for all the shock I have to give them the shock so they learn not be so unprofessional  start taking some action when it comes to dealing with bullies when you think that no one si is  next to toilet making sure that they are not in toilet stopping the bullies well let face you are wasted on my own time talking about teacher should be having a any teacher outside of the toilet making sure they are not going in for fighting smoking bullying someone broking toilet seat sink walls throwing toilet papers in the toilet without they been court into bad behaviour in the bullies thrown things inside the toilet unless they there going to the toilet not making a lot of excises up for no reason another to even rind the the teacher to say kids and kids say miss or sir I am popping into the toilet I am not going to do anything stupid sir or miss I promises I will not be doing anything that I am going to be broking the rules for no reason another miss or sir I am promises.

I will not react on what I did last time so see why I have react saying those things been so kids have no glue what so every in life when it comes to bullies too stop the bullies from happening if the teacher could lease be honest that they are going to be doing the job properly wherever it in school college or university this will goes to carer if they are been bullied by someone else then  they have no reason to submitted the answer from them if they refuse to answer then they need to lease answer the annoying submitted question for change been but they still  constantly refuse then well don't react leave them until they are ready to be able to talk to them why they refuse to talk to you at this point at this moment but if  but then if they been told that they been told by another person in school college university  they bene bullying inside the toilet but not having there private thing done get sort out then they are wishing them  the good chance to get into trouble which is not good for them but they need to understand about why they are in trouble for it been a such  silly negative behaviour when it comes to silly bullies does not take them anywhere at all in life wherever they think it good fun thing to do when.

 I do not think it fun of anyone who think it fun  to be bullying anyone in school colleges care homes or university or foster care homes childhood homes any form of  childcare shell I say when  it comes to bullies no one is watching out for them been so nothing more nothing less when it comes or  refuse not caring not bother at all you should be care it your job you should e watching out for bullies if you have security guard in  place then they should be watching out at all time no more like living in  world of no more bullies to stay to a nice person not the nasty person who want to be nasty or who want to be nice is the answer for kids teenager young adult young ladies that is it they even stop been a bully to a victim or they are just not worth a single nice friend or they are no worth a student t in college or kids in school anymore so basically if you think worth a hassle trying to refuse when teacher teacher assailant should be watching what they are saying about leave bullies alone until victim is ready to talk about it no it should be another way around it should be teacher or a teacher assistant should be outside of the toilet door ore outside of the school gates or outside of the classroom indoor in the hall ways or dining hall  where they all post be watching out for bullies fight behaviour in any ways like I day behaviour and bullies could happen any time don't make victim of the kid teenager young adult young ladies to come tell the the teacher about the way they are been bullied inside the toilet getting beaten up in toilet or in classroom or outside of the school college universities gates so why is it down to the person who really can't understand why they re bene bullied or beaten up for no reason another when the problem is down to the teacher to be able to deal with it professional calmly way not a angry way shouting them until they go death like a death bat come on teacher they are not there to be shouted unless you want  lose your job get bad  cv report that I heard so many years ago what kind of  job does it take when been a teacher is hard for them or not hard for them well think about that if you think it very tough job then I guess it  will be by the way I agreed with that one but then is hard to do it properly professional not unprofessional at all when it comes to picking up those issue inside the school outside the school or colleges university  if they had teacher or head teacher outside of the school principal outside of the college gates.

4. So let me tell kids teenager young adult young ladies that if I said to you if I was a bully but which I am not but if I was then I will tell you that I am going to be an entrepreneur soon so if I said that to someone they might think I do not care but then if they said to that someone dad is rich then that is not nice to be saying things  that someone else is poor so it not nice to in- respect to someone been so someone dad is rich with lot of money which of course I am never going to be mention anything about it to anyone been so you might react on that but I have to do to so other so it gets them understand why they will be telling  you or someone that you don't like the person about if their dad is rich or not is  the away forward to be taking them to next live in been a bullies to victim I can giver you example to a person Ashley Davis for a example Ashley Davis has been saying things about he another friend saying that he friend know bit about trading stock or he few friend know how to I make money online Ashley James  Davis friend might know  where to the money comes from on the internet Ashley Davis friend s show Ashley James Davis how it all works then Ashley James Davis come to action think you what I am going to be a bully not  a respectful person instead Ashley James is going to be a bully through the school years goes into the toilet and  then start taking out of a kid that he does not like at all or the look of the kid been so that kids has got autism but then  Ashley James Davis be honest does not understand about autism but then does not care about autism kids so basically see what I mean by Ashley James Davis can been a  bully sometime but then the kids teenager young adult young ladies needs to start taking some understanding why bullies is a serious in the way they are course bad behaviour in-between them take  action so teacher please be more specific do something about stop me  making me feel like my school days is going to be ending up going to be visiting the school if I end up seeing that no one seems to be in outside the the toilet then well what we will I say about watching out for bullies no more watching for other things other things is nothing more than be watching out for bullies your job is for watching out for bullies does matter where you work part of the childcare it matter that you will be working to make sure that they are not been in there with excuses they are going to b a bully if they are going to be a bully towards a victim then that goes for a been assaulting someone they don't really care about basically if they love doing it then they are not really loving been in school or colleges or university care home they need to be gone somewhere that someone can handle them really well better been so might have the right training for handle bullies in any form of ways.

5.  if someone said to another person that they can't  sing that is called bullied when you bully someone you do not like then what is the point bully them you might as well stop the bullies teacher do something give them the warning don't everyone think that they are been bullied when they are been bullied so no more messing around anymore teacher been so I am telling you that I hate my old school teacher when I am not joking when they are not doing there job properly they know who youre by now that goes for all teacher need to be watching out when the bullies start kicking of with the bullies start to kick off at any time could happen in the morning afternoon it could be happening around few hours anytime in schools days the bullies could start you don't know when that could happen it also call name calling when they start bullying someone that teacher needs to be watching out special when they re not been doing the job properly you got told by me well done Ashley telling the teachers.

6, someone said to someone else that they can't speak English that is name calling been so that also classic as a bully so no kids teenager young adult young ladies should be telling each other  if they can't speak English at all which is not good idea for bullies to be bully the victim so calling name on someone can't speak English  is not the way forward it will not take you to have many friends from 0% of friends will be gone for kids teenager young adult young ladies.

So I had someone who was around about between the age of 16  above age calling me  names  as well bullying me after that person who kept bullying me more than few hours it wasn't nice when I have to be bullied from no reason been so I am not happy with the way the teacher at my old school as been not looking out for bullies in the toilet so I was very angry about that teacher wasn't in the toilet to be watching to make sure that they have no excuses from the kids  in schools so I kept been bullied morning afternoon part of the evening before.

 I went home to my parent house so I was very upset when I went home ending up having a  ago at my parent for no reason at all but I understands that I need to go to see the teacher about it if been bullied but I was very strong stick up about didn't get upset when I was at school I was very stronger that strong that I couldn't get any stronger than I was doing before so please teacher when working with kids teenager young adult young ladies  in six form please make sure that every teacher has a teacher outside the toilet keep opening the door to make sure that no one is getting bullied or hurt in the toilet that my good tempt to be having a each teacher taking turn in  watching the toilet kids or teenager six form adult watching over them what they are doing in the toilet more likely that many kids will be bullied in toilet not outside on the playground but that also will be included playground bullies will need to be watch at all time no matter if you think they fine they will not be fine at all they will be bullied if the dinner time staff or teacher not watching them at all but he ahs got away with at first then next one he wasn't getting away with anything at all so he got told now he is gone I hope no one else will start doing the same bullies does not take them anywhere in life bullies will be learning there hardest biggest mistake in there life never before wherever they continuing bullying they will be taking them even longer they.

learn there hardest biggest mistake in history they longer it last  them to be also learning there mistake from not to be a bully to be battle the victim to tears try upset another person for no reason what is the point bullies goes to bully victim no point at all it does make any one better more than bad not good onside the the there feeling special when they are having autism or a difficult time with personal issue at home or in school or they might be going through mental health crises best of time which has to happen to me I went through mental health then getting bullied from a kid who I do not think I trust been so he wasn't a nice kid at all my old school.

1. Respecting their friends from the main bullies who is bullying the victim  in the toilets or community where they might be bullying in the car park under bridge to the car parks where car parks their top layer of the car parks or if they been bullied in school or college toilets then they are might be in their most of time messing around the school or college  toilet where they should be  security next to the toilet all the time or a member of an outside toilet door so that where it will stop the bullies if the teacher security guard did something about in the first placewhat hell going with the lack of teacher security guard protecting the bullies so that goes for police officer.

2. friends  are friends they always protected another person who is getting bullied in school or colleges community-university youth clubs scouts  residential care homes they always going to be bullies  happening in somewhere and some days and what every the hours and mood they might be in they might be peaking on someone that person didn't do anything wrong at all.

3.  There is always more likely that kids adults six forms get in involved because the staff are not their to see over the bullies in the school because the words that we all  call is  not been professional but unprofessional works and paid wages they shouldn't been given extra bounces if the teacher in all over the world and police also they should been given so amount from not doing what they been asked to do so but leaving up to the bullies to carrying on bullying the victim all day long until they felt sick or can't breathe all well not surprised because no one is doing their job right at all so been a single biggest huge massive bully is something that every parent teacher carers need to be watching out for at all time does not matter if you think they been bullied because you can't pick up the emotional feelings then well I am not surprise  been so there is lot of those going around all the time so if they can't be bothered to be able to understand why they been bullied because they might not be able to express themselves at any time wherever they might be feeling down in the dumps or they been sick when it comes to been bullied been so they just eaten that is the last result that anyone want in there life been bullied liken I was I been bullied.

 when I was just eaten special I wasn't been beaten up to death been so they now my anger is very scary that will scares the bullies out of the toilet been so I was been bullied I had enough with bullies been bullying to tears to death enough to be crying like baby they say to me fi you think bullies is tough then the think that I was tough back on the bullies staying strong at all time makes me feel that they wasn't been bullying me but they was messing around in the toilet at the same as picking up me on my head poking me in between my side of the whips which was little bit hurt but I stay strong about it I shouted at the bully who was me no reason another I said have you go  a single problem have you got a single problem I mean biggest massive huge problem have you go a single problem also they were calling my mum fat ugly  from a bully which I can't name  the bully person who was bullying me in the toilet but I can say that if anyone who think that calling name is the best thing it make you feel happy not guilty for name calling is wrong it not nice it will not take you anywhere it will not make you feel like everyone going to like you that is not true it fact lies that no one should be doing in first place calling name to someone  else parent is lie and thieve from calling names same at bullying them beaten then up why is me have to be thinking that bullies never ends in story but they  constantly doing the same thing over and over again been so it not good been bully then thinking about bullying someone it will show bad report which school report will be like school report sheet which I am sure everyone know at school colleges report are in the way of reporting someone in the school or college of they own bully behaviour action that should be took as a serious matter of caution when  bullies think it clever smart and funny about doing the bullies action in the toilet outside school colleges universities gates so it no answer from me no one should be bullying any other victim that what I call victim is someone who is been bully not a person who is been bully themselves.

so taken some time to be able to understand why bullies is not good thing when I was been bullied show me as a bad thing that called bad negative behaviour sign when it comes to displaying behaviour in  the way they are exactly thinking about it first then talk in the groups about been bully then afterward they find someone with a orange hair then start bullying someone who =got a orange which to me I think having an orange hair is not a bad thing it suit lot of kids teenager young adult young ladies a good chance been they been born to be having orange hair if they want to change the look fear of there body then do not think they need to be calling name one you have an orange hair that looks grab rubbish that is horrible colour that does not suit you at all so see what I am saying about name calling as well as bullying which is an assault that could lead you to be schools colleges suspended excluded is that what the kids teenager young adult young ladies want to be able get those are bullied to get what it takes which yes I can tell you that it not nice when you think about but well you have to pay the congruence's for your own bully behaviour action in schools colleges university  unless you have something wrong with you then why are you bullying someone when you need to be showing the whole schools colleges university  that you got a problem why you are doing that to be  in- respectful person you can be at any time in the day  so if you can't see what the problem is that then tell talk about it not keep leaving  it to yourself so everyone else can see what your problem is all about then so they can sot out then you still have to pay the price for what you have done in the first place.

So let me tell you when I been bullied at my secondary school it was not a good start of the school morning, afternoon, evening,  when someone who came up to me and start been a bully I said why are you coming up to me or following me wherever I go I said stop even thinking about following me so this kid kept coming back to me said nothing he had  much to say but that was for a few hours but then  when I was in the toilet he came up to me then start to be nasty rude bully me when I am trying to focuses   on contracting doing my toilet doing my personal thing in the toilet but then he was doing he personal toilet then he was after he done that he kept poking me smacking me hitting me in at back where my bags was then he kept swearing been horrible nasty not a nice person at all when he was bullying me in the toilet as well he was bullying me  when I was passing by the school hall so see why I have been bullied it not a nice thing at all when I get bullied it shows that bullies does not achieved no more than they be paying the  price for what they done in the first place so please do me a single favour stop the hate stop the bullies stop name calling show some respect get on with your life for the change been show your loves parent teacher granny nanny that you can be nice person indeed thank you other wire's you will be taking as you will not having any liking you at all simple as that well so come on everyone start be more respectful person to show that you have respect not show that you got no respect at all does not matter who you are what every you are doing in life respect each other show  lot of good caring respecting person you can be all the time if you are a nasty bully then you are not going to be gaining anything between your friend to others who been a victim so basically my school friend stick up for and be my body guard who tells the bully to stop the bully,  hate, name calling,  so they did they had a ago at the person who was a bully at that time when I was at school which sound to me I had body guard security protection from another person at schools while that person is not getting way  with bullying me in the toilet so I had a few group of school kids six form who stick up for and told the  person get out of the toilet right now I said get out of the toilet now they did swear at him but I am not allowed to say it on here been so it might be a not a nice thing for me to be swearing so school kids told the bully get you what out of the toilet in the way of swearing violent in the toilet at him so see I had few schools kids who said leave Ashley alone right now leave Ashley alone right now it goes like this with a slash out anger at the person get out of the toilet stop the bullying so I heard lot of anger in school toilet so if that the case then you need to see why some will defiantly slash out shouted very allowed until he has  manage  to get  out of the toilet I though that is a strange thing for kids at secondary school shouted at him to stop him from getting more serious about bullying me in the schools toilet so how cool was that going to be stick up for someone why has been bullied by another bully in small groups or large groups so yes if you think it funny that someone is been bullied in school colleges university then it best that this small larges or x larges of groups of gangs need to grow up act they are more grown up act the they should be been good person  not the bad person at all so please grow up start taking some responsible in your own bully action the way that you are displaying your own behaviour towards the victim please that will be great thanks life will be better without been a single bully I like to say for those who has been paid the price task it will show you that you have done the damaged now the damaged has been done the times up to the bully to rethink what kind of behaviour does teacher need to be reacting on them so I though teacher if you can't react on the bullies very quickly then you are breaking the head teacher ground  rules okay simple as that if you can't be bother refuse to follow the ground rules then you are not likely to be good teacher in schools colleges university I understand that sixth form student need stop be telling the teacher but I will say this again  if there is a single problems in schools colleges university   toilet that where the most of the bullies will be then why are you standing around thinking oh my god I forgot to be sorting out the bullies been so the bullies continuing bullying someone in the toilet more than 4 hours they could be spending few hours in the toilet messing around and bullying someone in the toilet punching kicking hitting which is genes law for hitting kicking smacking in the whole of the country.

list of fact things being a bully 
1, Being a bully is not going to be taking you anywhere at all it will only take you ben a prisoner in jail this could happen to anyone that will show that you can not understand why you are a bully please stop making life hard for each other in schools colleges university  care home out in the community.

2, Being a bully will take you some place that place will be in jail for so long that amount of  time you waiting  will be up to either 12 months or 12 years  in prisons 11 months or 11 years in prisons 6 months or 6 years in prisons 7 months or 7 years in prisons 8 months or 8 years in prisons or even worse out of it could lead to rest of your life in prisons which that will lead to non social life non job or volunteering or education or seeing your parent unless the police have rules in place I am not sure or with the long months or long year waiting for release is could be 15 years for some of the damaged and crimes that some people will ending up been doing over the years bullies will be more likely ending up in prisons without education social life parent visiting friend visiting depending the police rules safety in prisons but the years moths could be lasting  up more than decade  it depending on type of crimes bullies in school college university  care homes that they might be doing so please kids teenager young adult young ladies think before you react on those things now I told you will have to rethink where would you be rather be in prisons without anyone talking but instead the police or would you be talking to someone that you love the most in your lovely life that you always going to be talking to to them now and then not all the time  unless you had a single problems with something so please don't think keep continually thinking the same behaviour bullies what you been doing over the mon this years that you been hamming for them to make it happen when start thinking about the way they arte thinking about when they think about doing then they know that they need to stop thinking what they are going to be doing so yes that true they think like of they care or dos not care about what goes on with the bullies in any form of services so kids teenager young adult young ladies need to watch out what they are doing by more attention by not doing those horrible nasty things that will affect your life's for every and every after all.

So my main keywords that will be stopping you from doing that thing is below this page  so see what will happen when you continuing been a bully not a bully you will be gone for good where you will stand for is prisons jail court you will be sentence to jail for a whole longer than you might think it might be just for day or two or three day four days five days six days well it could only ending if you stop been a bully for good for good rest of your own life change the behaviour of your bulling to someone to be more nice respect to other anywhere in the world wherever you go in life whatever you are doing that makes you want to think that you are been respective to other in the community or you do not respect other in the community or if you at school, colleges,. university, care home, Foster care homes, childhood homes, so any where in the world that kids teenager young adult young ladies will need to start learning there lesson if they got a  is a single problem then they speak up and talk out talk about it more than keeping it secrets  instead of keeping as a single secret like keeping secret  for magical wind to make us cash that look lie over night cash so please make sure that if they got a single problem then they need to be able to talk to a trusted  adult advice to be able to get adult advice that they know what they talking about when it comes to bullies and bullying issue with the kids teenager young adult young ladies.

Many reason I am lsiting those reason it can happen to yiur sons and daughter if that happen then they need to understand they can;t do what make thm to pay the consequences for the action they took in first place.  

  •          daily life routine
  •          social life
  •          education lose
  •          school lose
  •          girlfriend boyfriend lose
  •          university lose placement 
  •          care home lose placement 
  •         foster care home lose placement 
  •         childhood home lose placement

1, At home you will get this daily routine  is where you might need to be doing something life cleaning tidying up room cleaning bathroom if that case then stop been a bully stop thinking that you think it worth doing more than going to jail for it where you will be not cleaning  up the but in the  police station up at all you will not be able to do anything more than been prisons  or jail court for it.

2, Social life social life will be going out and about in the community  with family friends taking dong for with friend or family or on your own having fun out the community nice safely not hurting anyone instead keeping everyone in the community  safe sound so if you thinking about what I said look at the main up above where it saying jail for life or months or years to come then that how it will effect your life in the negative bad way, not the good way  of having a single social life in the world that goes for adult  kids teenager young adult young ladies.

3, Education is the place for educating every kid's teenager young adult young ladies where they need to be educated not be a single bully at all time wherever they been bully more than few months or years which is not good enough for them send home been so they been a bully it not worth a hassle or messing around when it comes to them been bully not bully so kids teenager young adult young ladies adult has got the longest waiting time to be able to think what they been doing when it comes to losing your education placement which leads to non understanding why they been a bully to be able to lose there placement one of my friend who bullied me as lose he placement because of the way he was been a silly bully in year 7 year 8 year 9 year 10 year 11 six form in my secondary schools which that lead to him losing all he hard working school works also leading to him none certificate in the lesson not been a good person at school so that how it goes for been bully lose your placement just because of the things that you kids teenager young adult young  ladies does not realising  at that time why they been  a such an annoying silly bully in school, colleges, university, so which will stop you from going back to the placement in any way another you will be having a bad report from that place that will show yo that you are a bad person, not a good person at all.

Here is the advice that I will be given you from me as a good advice when it comes to explaining to the kids teenager young adult young ladies what they are been doing when it comes to being a bully in the services at any time in the day does not matter what the excises is all about they need to be able to understand them straight away before they react on the when they tart thinking about been aa single bully in schools colleges university placement so let me give you  the single explaining on this below this page.

stop bullying another person that does not include been a nice to nasty person from thinking the way you are thinking about been a single bully then get on with been nice to someone that can be nice to you instead of been bully why not they lease stop the bullying together then they need to be able to get on with been more less of the nasty side of the things to been a nice person instead been so that does show some form of respect to other so they don't get bullied when they are been through lot of bullying situation that they are not able to handle been so the been bullied two many time so they need to stop it right now before they lose anything that they will be saying goodbye from the services they been into that something that you need to be saying is saying them if they been kick out of the service then they need to understand they shouldn't  be doing those things at all so I am sure that they will be able to listen to the words of mouth and start taking the right action for not been a bully as well be a good friend of someone who want to be making friend with someone who does not need to be bullied or they need to stop the been a bully before they lose any friendship in anyways another that will really upset them from another friends that tried to stick up for them so teacher need to be able to say those things like if the another person is trying to stick up for a friend or someone who is been bullied  because of the person who is been bullied need to stop right now before you will lose your own education life when you lose your education life it will show that you will not be a able to achieved more than you have been doing by been a single bully instead of been bully why not them changing the way they thinks tart taking some understanding not be a single bully that it should be mention in classrooms when it comes to doing bully session in the schools given them rules for not been a bully instead of been  nice to each other respect the way they are feeling at this time.

or you can ask them to see what they done to the person who been bullied ask them or force them to apologies to the person that been bullied so they need to be force other wire's if they don't then they need to do sooner enough so the person be much better inside without the feeling emotional when they are feeling down in the dump been so they know they been bullied or hit smack kick in the private where it does really hurt but then they need to stop doing those things other wire's they are thinking they acting like gangs blood or gangs man gangs person gangs but don't say those things been so they are not very good words for it say to them they shouldn't be in the group of gangs unless they in group of friend not acting the way they been acting like bully so please do not say those those words are stupid silly not very nice  words for this who act like those gangs who acting like what up blood in the way are been bullies  what dude is okay words but then it still not the way I will be saying it I will be saying what up mate or what up those are better than what up blood what up dude been so I do not really say those kind of things to anyone what up is better word that take them somewhere when it comes to what up what matter are you okay things like that will do teachers please don't every say those words at all if you are not or sensible about it when it comes to doing it so the best thing for that is not to say any words that not sensible from the kids teenager young adult young ladies words that not worth taking part in the gangs words that do not mean to anyone at all.

I will talking  about a challenge behaviour there is so many reason why I think abot tacking the behaviour in school college.

challnege behaviour is something that people have to put with alll the time I can say that is hard to tackle that behaviour it hard it stressful but one thing i submite is that it can be a hardest jobs that teahcer parent have to face so much in there lifes but if you think about the problems they should be able talk about ti without causing the behavioir to Trigger the behavioir is something that parent teahce rhave to understand they have problem themself as well as you might have priblem with issue with the behaviour if they communciate with you talk about why they causing the behavioir then my best advice will be talking to them why they are doing it in action not  think first about waht they are miss behaving then you need to take it has they even donlt care about waht the safety or danger of others in the class at home so my advice is will  be lsit fo them bealow how you can try managed that behavior get any worse.

List of my  advice

1, Is talking to them calmly say what up to them if you wre there mates say what wrong shell not going any further on the behaviour elt talk about withot causing behavioir to any other in classroom or at home.

2, Talk to them friendly nice kind respect them having problems themself try keep them time to process that information before ending up making things worse think about what you going to say to them okay.

3, Don't approach them more than 5 time after 5 time if they still having time to think about waht they nbeed to say then let them get abck tou you on ASAP which could take them one day which omne day will lead them to talk aboutb it why they misbeahving in first place why they are doing that for what kind of reason why they are doing.

4, If you force them to talk thenm you will cause lot more worse on the beahviour than you will solve the matter issue this goes fornparent teachers try not force them to talk if they are still thinking about at this minute hours it might take them longer to process information through there own mind.

I want to go back talking about how long it could last in the way of behaviour it can last upto more thna few hours and few days depending on the how you tackle the behavioir in school, colleges so it will all depend on the behaviour fo the kids been in school college student so please be aware that you might see some behavioitr on different occasions in schools kids or college student.

I like to say I will be looking into bring more advice based on challegen behavioiur very soon so keep your eye per on my challenge page. 

I like to point out that challenge behaviour is what  make kids teenager young adult who they are when they swearing it means that they might have a single problem or they might be getting some attend from you so you have to watch out for those kind of behaviour in any  environment wherevery they in school or care home college they always going to be time where they start swearing because they have another ADHD having a  autistic moment.