Display Behaviour

( Display Behavioural )

today in this image will be talking about the ways that bullies are not understanding their own respects I thought that bullies as now stop it hasn't at all so here is the ways to get them understanding about why bullies are been nasty to the victim why they are doing this for nothing to something fun and pissing other of for no reason at all  so I been bullied at my old school years ago months ago I wish I could have something that I really could say back to the person who was bullying me at my old secondary primary school  so here are the few ways that sometimes that will affect the issue for the person who has been bullying me this how I did it very nicely. 

1. I have to stick up myself and stay strong and just walk away from the  issue so what I really was done was very good of me been a grown up young kid through the year has a grown up teenager then grown up young man like a grown up would do in real life I just walk away from this Ignore the person who bullied me best of time. I just come away has much had I can do so this is what the kids or young adult with autism and autism should e doing right off the start without fighting back or getting in trouble for themselves.  

2.they are been rude nasty they been rude nasty because they got nothing better do than play bullies and let the school colleges youth clubs university foster care homes  childhood homes Homeless people daycare centre nursery centres those I mind is that anyone can just all automatically bully someone they don't feel like they haven't got any friendships at all. So the biggest problem is that bullies are just been a biggest annoying bullies they are very alone because they got no friends in themselves like when I been bullied I can read their mind that I said you haven't got anywhere to live well the matter faction is that they need to stop bullying someone other guess what the real truth guy won't be very happy at all I shall be working towards the biggest punishment when I shall be coming to school and college any form of education placement anywhere in the world you better watch better understand better leave that person alone because you about to start the challenge from the truth guy no one is going to be bullying me at all because I shall be sticking up my own life and this is where my life will be coming to the bullies life and we know that been bullied isn't what they accepted at all time.    

3. I wish I could really do something about this when I was a victim and I wish I could tell my teacher or headmaster in the school because the bullies are not been stop at all it been going on so many years and now I am here to be giving the right training this should able to stop the bullies bullying others anyway so I give you few listening to this problem solutions what might be courses the bullies that bullied me at my old school or secondary school best of my hard mental health life time they didn't think about my mental health. 

Here is the possibility for the bullies to be bullying them all time every day every month in the year week daily what every they are ready to start bullying the victim for no reason no understanding no manager to another mental health issue when they are kept bullying that person or that person can't do anything much then just go to the toilet to get bullied but not contracting on the toilet side of this than listening to and contracting on the bullies instead.   


Jealous some time when someone is calling names or bullying them in a bad way they are jealous about that they might have a ugly face well what is the problem with having a ugly face to sexy face what is the point kids teenager to young adult  old adults that everyone is different if I had a very bad ugly face then point is that just the way I been born to have them kind of things there is no way someone will every say a simple thing to me unless they are very jealous in something they do not care about at all. 

( Let me give you some for example about jealousness and not so many ways of been jealous ) 

1. In next few months I am going to be an eBay Internet Millionaire are you thinking about jealousness side of this because I made up all these good ideas for autism no that might be true but it is true from me been so I been making up some few ideas in mug designs clothing designs wood designs sticker designs and so on so on. 

2. I have a wonderful face do you think this is true or not really much true but false and a fake we do not now who might have a sexy face we all are different we born to be different we are born to be having different faces we are all been born to be like this and there is nothing that person can't do at all that the way the brains works that the way the body works for them all the time they are going to be like this all the time for the rest their life now on.   

3. I am jealous about that my support is getting paid I am not getting paid for what I am doing that jealous but I do not go and bully my support worker unless they are getting on my nervous all the time.  

4. I am jealous because my manager Heidi gets to go down to London head office but I do not go and give here punch and shout at my own nice manager Heidi do I no answer is no one should be doing things that make them jealous all the time. 

5. I am really jealous that other Rich  Internet  Millionaire get to have lot of things that jealous from me as a young man but guess what I do not go and stolen any their money systems because we do not now where they are so that me looking at their website been so jealous because   they are Rich and famous for all the money they work for to developer that to make it happen.  

6. I am really really really Jealous that Girlfriend is loved and likes Justin Bieber  But I lie One direction for an example this is not anything to with any celebrities or anyone to be having  a go at me it just an example okay guys. 

7.   My Girlfriend is jealous because I can do things that she can't do the thing but that is nothing do with going up and punching anyone bully anyone that unacceptable behaviour in yourself all over the country.  

8. I am not happy because I am really jealous that my girlfriend is going to her Nanny and Granddad but that not stopping me from seeing my low nan and granddad  if I want to and I am picking on my girlfriend because she might have the best nan and granddad. 

9. I have a bike but my girlfriend might not have a bike well what is the big deal from me having something that my family bought but my girlfriend doesn't have because she can't afford a bike that is not right that is stupid thing for kids or young adult teenager will say to each other for no reason at all that unaccepted behaviour saying things like that kids and young adult and teenagers.  

10.  I am going on holiday but this person might not able to go on holiday because a family in she or he house can't afford to go on holiday so that person seems to be jealous all the time about things like holiday issue.

11.  I could be jealous at something like other people drawing I could say I am so jealous that I couldn't draw  like that but you don't steal anything eve it good painting or drawing the image of something for example country bird kitchen in 3D or 2D image. 

12. I am Jealous because some of you might be working already got yourself a job but does that bother me do I go up do you and say some names and course bullying you all out there no why should young adult and kids and teenager have to be a right biggest bullies when they haven't got any friends because they been bullying some one or calling names isn't on at all. 

13. I am also very jealous  that a young kid or teenager or a young adult could go on X factor but this is an  example as well I am really jealous about that I wish I could go on X factor and smash the world top records on the planet Earth. But I do not go around thinking that I am pissed of and angry and I am upset that I can't sing like a young kid or Teenagers or Young Adult.

14. I am really got to be jealous that David Cameron gets to next prime minster but I do not go up to him or I do not go up and say that isn't allowed to be a prime minster at all anyway guys. that he is been voted because he known what he is doing because we haven't got enough money in the United Kingdom  that the problem issue but he does not what my ideas or cleverness ideas he doesn't until I email him about the good ideas that might help him to bring more money into this country so everyone get fair share and have fair share in money so we can one trading market systems for used to spend what every we want he give he own private one but he does not understand how many I am thinking been so the country sis o big it bigger than my head.   

15. I am jealous because Celebrity gets to be famous I am still working towards to be famous with this autism blog.  But I do not go around punching people or school friends of your own friends anywhere like colleges youth groups university residential care homes foster care homes childhood homes anywhere in the world.  because they might do something wrong or they have done something they shouldn't be doing at all. 

16. I am so cute and jealous that I wish I could ham for an internet millionaire and break the money code on the internet  but I do not smash my own things up because I can't break the code so I can less know that it hard to do it than it is smashing your laptops in school college youth groups university residential are homes depending the equipment typed foster care homes childhood homes homeless homes  or even I do not even going around smashing windows because I am jealous that I rich guys can break the code the rich guy can do it but I can't do it because I haven't hard the guidelines in place for me to learn how to break the money code on internet like other rich guys and of course other annoying scams would do by ripping used all of nothing they think of used and out money life history.  

17. I am jealous because I can't build a website I am very jealous that some people can build a website but I do not go around making fun of other talented people if they can do a thing that we can't do them simple as that everyone. But if you welling to learn how to build the website without getting jealous for nothing then go for a course or go to college that might be suitable for you to learn about how to build website developing the  technically coding into this as well.  

18. I am also jealous that I am not making any money but I am just going to keep trying until I can make that sort of money with my own branding that why I am not making money but I do not go around sending out an email that is abusive to others life talent expert money guys. 

19.  I am jealous because people all over the world are making money on the internet and making a killer but I am not making any money on the internet but I do not go around and thinking that I am internet millionaire not just yet but young adult and kids teenager need to be understanding why bullying some one and then saying that the think their dad or mum are making a killing on the internet because they got more money not the person who is the victim.  

20. I am jealous that there is more funding in London capital than United kingdom that what my autism is all about and that might be why young adult and kids and the teenager hasn't had the biggest opportunity in there not able to make the friend of there own age at all time.  but that does mean that I shall abuses and give the physical to the government unless the government understand what I am coming from anyway guys. 

21. I am jealous because famous people get more money than we do why not they give used more and we can be happy no that doesn't work that way guys they keep the money for them self but I am still not understanding why that would be guys explain to me by following me on twitter or Google plus.  

22. I am very jealous that years ago I didn't have a girlfriend but now I am not so jealous that I have a nice lovely girlfriend the best girlfriend in the world she is my favourites all time that me been autistic guy guys. So does that mean that some one else might be  bullying because can't have a girlfriend because they seem to be been nasty not control there own behavioural issue with anger comes to it as well guys that also goes to young adult and kids teenager think about that one few minute and hours and weeks and days? 

23. Young adult and kids teenager older adult might be jealous because another person might be clever at something but another person ,might not be not clever at anything at all.

24. young adult and kids teenagers might be clever at maths but another person said that I am not that clever but does not mean that the person who is clever got to call names to another person who is not so clever at maths but trying there best to begin lot cleverness in themselves so that is why never make fun of other people if you are stupid enough to do so anyway.  

25. I might be clever now since I am clever at my drawing but years when I  was been bullied about that  ha ha ha ha Ashley you are not so clever drawing that called calling names to me if I am not clever at drawing but that all example not real life but just an example of leasing get the young adult kids and teenager to understand about bullies.   

Here is some shocking news that was disappointed me all the time with school youth groups colleges university residential care homes which I am really shocked about       kids young adult teenager behaviour wherever I go somewhere there is all was some one calling some one other names all the time this what I accepted to see them in court for this one.  I am moving on to next topic with physical threaten to teacher from pupils behaviour  in school college more likely.

When I first was at school this is what happen  I see a young man name Daniel Steven who been touching my private bit that was shock news yen that sexually abuses from my friend Daniel Steven I didn't want to be touch but he did touch me that was really making teacher at selly oak trust school really angry and even head of the year was really angry enough to shout and scream at Daniel Steven.  So if young adult and kids teenager think that they can get way with touching some one without asking them first then what is the matter with the teacher not doing there job right and looking under enough the tables to think that person is getting touch without the there permission.

Other thing is that when I was at my old primary secondary school my old college the fist  thing I see is  bullies calling me names who think that I divers to be call names does other people divers to be calling games no is the answer behaviour affect behaviour will now stop everyone you will be ending up in a bad way where no one will care about you unless you think about respecting other in  the works placement  school college university youth clubs residential care homes childhood homes anywhere in the world will now respect professional expert they will respect you back like a young kid or teenager young adults older adults simple has that guy.  

Well displaying behaviour  is basically when kids are having problems of their health issue that they been through such a long time in the year enough to get on their behaviour start next   and living in their life in a bad style not good style in autism behaviour in classroom or outside of the classroom health will affect the main problem in kids behaviour in school environment

 Misbehaviour is that they are bored and they are bored because of there life not having the enough socializing life with friends or they are bored because in school kids and college student have nothing better in  playground or outside of the school or colleges  so  that  what will be with kids they need something to do that they like  football back of the school field games they might like to see outside of the school playgrounds something they can do while they are waiting for the next bell to ring for lessons or registrations time. 

Kids are missing behave because they are tired and they just fed up with the school works ben so hard not so easy to get things looking for the best of their educations future lifetime. Or kids will miss behaving because the want some good attendance from the teachers. 


Liked I say kids misbehave because that they have problems in life that could  their health effecting them  the bad way that they been the biggest issue with NHS . 

But it does not mean because they are not going to get anywhere in school or college behaviour they are not going to be  able to go on doing their education stuff and I had such a lot of my life last few year since staying home was not because my behaviour was going to take my next anger to be send home they where  doing it to piss me of and they was doing to get the police involved in taking my two old college to court for what they are been doing last past tenth and no education is not more like not having any forms of one to one to support for my future so believe me do not worry about how the parent going to get school kids or college student the teacher are there to get paid for something that what you are doing the wrong to the bad job teachers and I mean how I am upset  you all out there but I was been going to many different placements and they are been a bad teachers at my old college and not teaching the right sorted of education to my life independent skills and that why I am at my new placement best for my life future that will take my happy life from the next level in educations side of the this people.   


( Anti-Bullying Behaviour )

Hey everyone I am about to little bit a story about myself about that when I was bullied 

Hello Welcome to my bully story part of  display behaviour in my story I am going to be telling you a little bit about myself first then I shall be  I am Ashley which everyone knowns that when it comes to getting to know my own name twice in the blog is means that I am just starting off saying my name first. 

Well when I was at school which two different tops of school one was primary school which was called ( Dame Ellen Pines school ) I was been bullied since I was started school and then  finishing school so that was a stuff time for me going through the problems with bullies special those kids who liked to go around about bullying me at my old primary school another school was a secondary school another special need school that some of you might hear of those school anyway.  so it wasn't very nice for me to get bullied by some one who thinks it cool and very cool do in school and me tempo to stick up for myself from bullies which very proved to myself and I think should be proud of myself for sticking to myself from kids been bullying me all through the day year moths weeks it wasn't very nice for me to get bullied it makes me feel like no one is there at first to try to stop the bullying happening but the kids who was in my class and also kids who wasn't in my class decided to stick up for me all the time which is very shocking for me to see those kids sticking up for me been I was bullied all the day either when I come to school I was getting bullied anyway.

So please be aware that bullying is need to stopped if the teacher does not pay close of attention I do not care if the training in  making them stop dealing with bullies but the fact is that teacher really needs to understand that when it come to the truth guy going to be sorting those problems then the matter is that the school sociality isn't working well enough at all.   So what can you say about been bullied isn't a good thing but the mine problem when dealing with bullies is that they might be a problem with them that does not mean that they have to be sent home or they might be just doing it because there is nothing do in school or college youth groups and in the community so why is bullies is so bad for victim to get hurt when you guys are not doing the right things by lease go up and then stop the bullies if the school teacher does not stop the bullies then it is not the kids fault that they have top get involved they are helping the other victim but they are doing the right things by helping their friends from stop bullying which is called.  

1. Respecting their friends from the main bullies who is bullying the victim  in the toilets or community where they might be bullying in the car park under enough to the car parks where car parks their top layer of the car parks or if they been bullied in school or college toilets then they are might be in their most of time messing around the school or college  toilet where they should be  security next to the toilet all the time or a member of a staff  next to the toilet door.  

2. friends  are friends they always protected another person who is getting bullies in school or colleges community-university youth clubs scouts  residential care homes they always going to be bullied happening in somewhere and some days and what every the hours and mood they might be in they might be peaking on some one that person didn't do anything at all. 

3.  There is always more likely that kids get in involved because the staff are not their to see over the bullies in the school because the word called not been professional but unprofessional works and paid wire's they shouldn't been given extra bounces if the teacher in all over the world and police also they should been given so amount from not doing what they been asked to do so but leaving up to the bullies to caring on bullying the victim all day long until they felt sick or can't breathe all well not surprised because  no one is doing their job right at all. 

4. It is serious that everyone does the job right to pay off the hard work from dealing  with those things sin the school or colleges youth groups scout groups. 

 Behavioural Fights  

Coming soon for behaviour fights in the community for many reasons one watching too much of WWE wrestler that fight but it does not mean that fight will be happening in  school colleges because too many WWE is fighting they been trained to do those things anyway.  so that is coming soon more on after I update few other on this blog 

Also coming soon there will be more based on challenge behaviour if you are the people who can't challenge behaviour well I will tell you little bit about my experiencing  at midland mencap which is enterprise hub it was called mencap but it now change to enterprise hub so I will tell you how I managed to cop with the challenge behaviour