Hello everyone 

I have some good topic this is going to shock you all when parent wants to complain about the service so before you ending up having parent complaining you better improved your service before there CQC coming after you well yes that true I will be talking about the CQC coming soon topic. 

Yes that correct everyone we will be talking about the CQC which believed it or not I bet everyone service loves seeing  CQC when it comes to improved service better than every before so let see how can I improved your service better instead of the lies who can't improve your service believed me or not  it is a strange thing for you all to be having CQC  telling you what do to what if I could do the dame which I might do be honest my job is make sure that every service get outstanding service in my own opinions thank you all of you out there so let see how I can advise you to start doing it right now before the worst comes to worse nightmare.  

So give em few more day it might be tomorrow night I finished my education skills then jumping right into my CQC I loved CQC especially when it comes to complaining about service I been through you now who you are be honest. 

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