Class Advice

Class advice coming  soon I will be given out some good ways to deal with class behaviours class achievement some advice tips and trick will be maintain a good achievable when dealing with more than one group in same whole classrooms so my straightly    is based on the behaviour side of things when it comes to dealing with challenge behaviour I don't know why I love talking about challenge behaviour it came to my behaviour in school be honest I am going to be talking about my behaviour in my two school I was in so that will come last but class advice is given advice to teacher about how should dealing with challenge behaviour work yes this should come under display behaviour but I am separating from display behaviour inside the school are not in class so I am going make up some other new topic separate way from display behaviour because I rather not be put in display behaviour which display behaviour is based on outside of the classroom but don't worry if this is not under display behaviour you me by now I have to many topic to talk about I do not know where to start that makes me stress. 

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