Hello everyone thanks for stopping by to my advice to advice on mental health below is some quick advice on how you could tell NHS what are you facing it is anyone from young people with disabilities anyone who issue with mental health those who can't really explain what the problems I will give you the right advice does anyone one in te world give you that kind of advice where it comes to affecting no I guess you all out there are thinking well Ashley has the expert in real reality advice when it comes to faces those things.

let get the start right now but all those advice are nice sweetie short advice so it does not surround by too many information pieces of advice  for you all to keep one thing to tell NHS if the are not well g enough to understand themselves at all. 

Mental heath affects your social life that first advice from me has I told them the same thing about when I was having mental health crises.

 1,Mental health is affecting your social life biggest time as well it is affecting your freedom going  with friends families grandad nanny step dad sister brothers  girlfriend boyfriend. 

2,  Mental health is affecting your education biggest time which means it is affecting your education placement at all time because of the mental health is destroying the education side of things more than not getting me better at all.

3, Mental health is affecting your activities at all time which is stopping you from going to do those activities whatever activities is you are doing right now.

4, Mental health affecting  your groups like youth clubs  scouts it all also a margin problems when it comes to mental health affecting placement in education youth clubs. 

5, Mental health affect parties clubbing pubs it also the biggest no for Mental health needs to be sort out stopped right now before they have their life destroyed  destroyed for goodness sake NHS those are the annoying part anyone life when you're not doing the right at all more than wasting parent government police CQC time so please stop wasting those poor people who have to work more hard to lease get you NHS to understand so I  am here to make sure you understand for those poor mental heath condition affecting their life biggest time.

So do you feel the same in such a pain when it comes to me  not having my mental health sort out indeed other wires they are facing the same issue like I was in 23 years ago? 

So those advice is no better than you every seen anyone else telling you about those advice will give the NHS more aware more understanding about how you are been affected by so  many things in life time it suck I mean it suck when going through the mental health crises not going through the mental health crises at all I'm sure those advice will give you the idea of how to tell the NHS doctor why they are affecting your life biggest time not having the life that you think it is not going to get you any better than having a good advice fro me the real truth about autism guy so basically I will be given more advice in minute when the time comes it is annoying for you to be able to get your life back with those advice indeed.