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Make sure that you copy and paste the link into your new browser okay so you don't miss coming back to my blog please stop going on street for those young people come and join one of those activities for the change make the most of your life be honest contact them they are happy to talk to you, young people.

Well  I am back now everyone I want to promote this hackers website it seems to be fun and it really is going to stop the boredom for every kid and young adult teenager all over the country.
Hey guysIt Ashley here againI am just wounding if you any of you all out there want to join in Ackersand the price will be £8.50 per personIf you have 10 people it will be £85.00 If you are interesting in join me in a 10 groups please do let me now as soon as possible that would be great thanks guys.

So if you are interesting then that goes for the young adult if you are a young adult with learning difficulties and disabilities  that do not matter with the hackers at all there is no problem anyone who has autism only who has ADHD. Spectrum disorder personality disorder  its really does not matter if you a young adult with any kind of faces that does not bother me at all and the hackers guys it going to be fun for anyone all age  but with my group it needs to be  above 18 years old only for my group been so I am 23 years old. 

If you let me now for those who just follow me on twitter if you are defensible interesting do let me before Tuesday 29th August thanks so much for your attention everyone. Let me now by twitter or there is a contact form at the top please do let me so I now that you are interesting but if you are a school or college university youth groups then you need to contact by their website link below this page.

( Hey everyone )

Hey everyone 

new youth project has just launched already in Wolverhampton so please make sure that you sign a membership before you can get anywhere to be bale allowed to get access or you can phone them to see about joining in the youth project for those who want to join or volunteer please visitor our website on this link below thanks everyone I am looking forward to south Birmingham kids to be able to travel to Wolverhampton soon looking forward to chatting with you all down there very soon indeed about how this youth understand about challenge behaviour.

Another youth club in selly oak for young people age between 6 to 25 years old if you want to join  then get your booking ready to start booking visitor around the stone house youth project thanks everyone.

Just letting everyone that I will be looking into some few youth club that every young people needs to get of the street right now start taking some more thinking where shell I go she'll be on the street damaged crimes I will be serious taking further action where I will be setting up my own in the new year. 

here is the link to the Birmingham city council website to found your youth club

Here is another youth club called all saint youth project for young people with learning difficulty disabilities fo those are bored to tears still living in the boredom world here is another youth project that you will be able to try out and look tutor around the youth project click on the link to found out more further information.

Mencap is another youth project that you might like to found out more about either volunteering membership sign up just click the link above then you found more about those clubs in west midlands that are not to fair to travel no excuses awkward for not able to sign up for those youth project stop the boredom together but my main ham is go for the way youth club they accp[eted all ages in that club i am in that youth it fun lot of things to do at the way youth zone.

solo is another one they do disco and much more i am still looking for many youth club in Birmingham local areas to be able to travel down without issue hassle.

More acivities will add in this page so just give em more time i will add more activities for young people.

If you are interesting in joining the sea cadet contact them make sure that you ask them about the medication which I did anyway click the link if you are interesting joining the sea cadet.

This is another youth project in Birmingham contact them about the young people

If you are looking for local Birmingham youth project then check out the light by phoning this company for young people between 13 to 19 years of age if you are looking for young people youth project to get your kids of the annoying street boredom moaning  complaining this might be a right youth project it not fair to town centre at all.

if you are looking for a midlands mencap then check out the link to page which will have a video for the age groups I will have to found out about the age groups then contact them they will get back to you on ASAP.

Another youth club you can get in touch with them check it out get in touch with them

check another youth groups called JLGB so looking for a youth club then this for you and young people only

I have find another youth club for kids but you need to contact them to find out about age groups if it on page then i am not looking that another youth club for young kids.

there is another youth project in hall green so if you want to contact them by email or phone number

there is also another youth project for young people not sire waht the age you will need to look into this yourself

there is basketball club in Birmingham check out the website for young people contact them about the age groups

there is hockeyb for young people please check out contac tehm about the age groups or just look for more information there website visiting link below

there is another youth project in Birmingham you can check it out phone them up more about it for young people.

there is another youth club for young people in sprkbrook you  need yo see the email phone number give them ring to get your child in youth project something everyone can do

another youth project in Birmingham

Another youth but you need to find out more about has the website is no good for looking for information more than emailing them okay.

also for young peoplefancyu learning how first aid work then contact them they will help ypou otu with gettting your child into this routine

young people another youth project

another youth in birminghma for young people


there is also a another youth club contact them you wil be able toget into this youth club  young people

are you looking anothe youth club in Birmingham for yong parent then don't look back i hae a single youth club that every young person cross unitd kingdom should go below is the link to click on the link below then contact this person onthe wbesit finding ot more information about acivity