Please do copy this text has it allowed to be the copy of any form of text this not just letting people know it also letting everyone warns about this has  it need to be starting spreading humorous   has soon as possible  e thanks, guys.

Hello everyone
It Ashley please take my own warning sign has this serious warning to everyone on Facebook please be aware to be keeping on changing your password I have now caught this man on skype he is acting like a silly man to me I am now taking further action to the action fraud please be aware to start changing your password very soon has this scarface hackman is going to be hacking Facebook account warning warning warning warning it already to be spread on the internet like my blog and of course I am going to be talking on the video tomorrow morning please be aware that this is man is hacking facebook.
I am reporting him early some point Monday morning so please do start taking further action if you have or not aware of any form of facebook scammer hacker I am on;y doing this keep everyone warm in case I am going to be changing my new password something else very soon please do be warn this guy is from united state of American trying to developer a hacker systems added that hack any form of facebook just like companies personal friends please be aware of this than is everyone have a goof weekend he is hamming and self-hamming every public right and every public facebook account to stop the from chatting with them and also please do not give out any personal details and I am not here to be jokes lies I am here that I have ham for my good of god save please beware of making a shout to everyone on your facebook about this hacker is still on case rolling stone friends watch out for it every friend is safe do not give out anything to anyone at all.
I am completed no jokes no lie I got hi I found him I am now taking further action to the action fraud if you have seen sort know any other hacker please take yourself to this website below link
So please take any notice of hackers playing silly behaviour behind their own back stringing everyone to be hacked please do not give out any form of bank details any form of anything be honest even I managed to found him it does not mean that I am not allowed to get involved it means yes I will I am going to be getting him into lot of trouble believed me I know who this person is I know who this guy will be in this some of my own good achievable people anyway. Please be aware tell your mum and dad to make sure that they change their own account on facebook if this man who will be named by his real name Ahmed Raza is claiming to be hacking everyone facebook account oh no please be aware with this message ton other share this like and comment something about this guy is on the move for the government call down to be call out for this tempted hacker on the computer behind his own computer systems acting silly enough has it he will do more further action requested so please be aware that he is 25 years old he is behind the challenged world hacker so start changing your password very soon indeed start spreading to let everyone the reason for this guy okay.

Hello everyone

 this guy is claiming to be world top scammer I have now achieved my final goal he or she will be going to court  yes it his the best thing ever happen to me well done Ashley Davis now this guy name Ahmed Raza Claiming to of one of the top world PayPal hacker claiming to be hacking FB like hacker FB stand for facebook also claiming to be hacking or web store he or she  is liar and  who is now chatting with me I am claiming to report him or her for telling me to be spending a single $200 through my unemployment bank account please do not attend this bad scammer I am dealing with it and the PayPal  customer services please do not go to his or she web site been so he is claiming for troubles in his own country thanks, guys.

Just warn everybody that I will be taking further action to the government very soon I am still been letting everyone do not please be going back to the fake Paypal money adder they all going to be ripping you off by $200 dollars $100 dollar believed me stay away from him this scammer has he has put me in lot of anti-virus issue please stay away from him he will be sort very soon so I am calling the government very soon indeed.

just a huge quick before I am taking further action this guy really a scammer please be aware that this guy will be spoil from me and the police from the American united state do to  not attend to his own  Paypal money  adder, please

It a big warning to every one of the world American and UK please does not attend any form of scammers at all thank you for reading my message has a good week I will inform you more soon indeed guys.

now I am not putting up with this bad behaviour  I am not happy with this guy not doing he told but I am never going   quite for him has i a asking him  to be given out the details instead guys this guy will be found very soon indeed when the details start coming together soon everyone I just hate searching for those ideas that affect people's behaviour  on the computer system I will not totally rate any of hacker on the internet  as soon s I am found you are giving me your life to me I will be giving my answer to the government has I am calling the be government tonight  I will be phoning them up to see if there willing enough see me taking this guy down to the poor lift of is own yes that agreed with every public he is going down people safe world for people to have their own laptop or computer back without anti-virus keep updating but it life until i can sort him out then the midlands police will be sorting him out as well PayPal tried but they told em to take further action on him  guys do not panic about the system you got he is getting stop from me I am not having his behaviour affecting the public at all but i remind you all keep safe on the internet update your software all the time guys yeah good people be really good to each other respect each other share you are going to be caring for autism.

try and not get stress has I am  dealing with this person very nicely to an end of everyone stressful life anyway guys yeah

please start changing your password to something that you remember for good and write the password down on paper or somewhere to be protecting everybody facebooks things that go for companies and manufacture and all of the whole wide world thanks, guys.